A Rabbids mobile game to learn to code!

Rabbids Learn to Code

The Rabbids are not so stupid after all! Despite their crazy appearance and their crazy faces, they have more than one trick up their sleeve. In Rabbids: Learn to Code! they even introduce you to computer programming, an art form that is still very obscure to many. Available for over a year on PC, the game is now coming to mobile!

Rabbids: Learn to Code! is available for download on iOS and Android. While it doesn't claim to be a "serious game", it still seeks to educate a young audience, while remaining in a good, good mood. As you can see in the game's trailer, it's hard not to smile while watching these little monsters, each more clumsy than the next.

What is the target audience for Rabbids: Learn to Code?

This educational game is aimed at a young audience, mainly children aged 6 to 16. They will be able to learn the basics of coding with the help of mini-games. Ubisoft also wants to make the game accessible to as many people as possible. It is free and available in several languages (French, English, German and simplified Chinese).
If someone had told us that little rabbits could give people a vocation as developers... we certainly wouldn't have believed it!

Mobile game Rabbids Learn to Code
Fun mini-games to teach you the art of programming.

Of course, older children can also get involved in this adventure and code with the Rabbids. But keep in mind that the target audience is really young.

A space adventure that allows you to learn to program

Well, the scenario remains a bit unsurprising. The rabbits are still a walking disaster. They have invaded a space base and you'd better get them out of there before they break everything. The aim of the game is to get rid of them thanks to the instructions given in lines of code!
What is interesting is that the app allows you to learn the basics of programming and algorithmic logic. Indeed, it introduces the notions of sequential programming, loops and conditions. Its objective is to familiarise as many people as possible with digital practices.
When Rabbids Coding in media libraries and schools? 🐰

In short, it's not Among Us, but remember that every rabbit is an imposter to be eliminated. A cat is a cat and a Rabbit is a Rabbit, after all! 😅

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