The Pathless returns to iOS after being withdrawn from the Apple Arcade!

The Pathless returns to iOS

If you're an Apple Arcade subscriber, you'll be aware that the Apple brand doesn't hesitate to withdraw certain games from its paid catalogue. This was the case with The Pathless, the game that accompanied the arrival of the Apple Arcade in September 2019, and was withdrawn in October 2023. Today, the game is back on the iOS App Store and available for less than $10. If you've got an iPhone, we highly recommend this little gem of an indie game!

The Pathless, a gem from the creators of ABZU and published by Annapurna available on the App Store

If (like me) you have a soft spot for independent games with an original gameplay proposition and an impactful DA, then I highly recommend The Pathless.

Boss in The Pathless

Created by Giant Squid, the studio behind the superb ABZÛ, you take on the role of a hunter, expert in the use of the bow and accompanied by her eagle, to fight the forces that threaten her world.

The Pathless is an open-world action game with extremely easy-to-learn, highly enjoyable gameplay. Using the bow is particularly intuitive (unlike other AAA games...) and the sensation of hurtling through environments at top speed is exhilarating. The game feel is clearly there in The Pathless.

Playing larc in The Pathless

As well as the archery battles against monsters and bosses that punctuate the game's progression, you'll also be solving puzzles with the help of the eagle, as well as discovering the secrets of the island where the story takes place. In The Pathless, there are no Fedex quests or directed narration. You're on your own as the world opens up to you, and you'll have to decide which path to take. Let yourself be carried away by the superb environments and original AD!

Flying in The Pathless

If you've enjoyed the games published by Annapurna (Flower, Journey or even Outer Wilds), we urge you to try out The Pathless, out today on the App Store for less than $10.

The Pathless returns to iOS after being withdrawn from the Apple Arcade in 2023

The Pathless was one of the games that accompanied the release of the Apple Arcade in September 2019, and which Apple communicated extensively about to build up the hype around its new service.

But for some unknown reason, and without any notification being sent to owners of the game, Apple decided to remove The Pathless from its AA catalogue in October 2023. From then on, it was no longer possible to launch the game.

Puzzle in The Pathless

We know that, unlike certain services such as Xbox Game Pass, Apple reserves this right without informing players in advance. Here's what it says on the Apple support page:

Games can sometimes leave Apple Arcade. If you download a game before it leaves Arcade, you can play it for at least two weeks. If you try to launch an Arcade game that is no longer playable, you will receive a No Longer Available message.

Apple adds that games that disappear from the AA can then be found on the iOS store if developers wish to offer them, as is the case with The Pathless.

Apple Arcade The Pathless

The removal of the Apple Arcade doesn't just affect Giant Squid's title. Many games such as NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition, Ocean Horn and Warp Drive have disappeared from the service after several years of exclusivity with the developers. What's more, subscription services such as Apple Arcade are often behind the purchase of the port (in this case to mobile), even though in some cases it wasn't even envisaged by the development studio.

Of course, we know that we don't own the games we play on subscription services - that's the deal! Nevertheless, we regret that Apple is leaving its users in the dark by sneaking titles out of its catalogue without warning. Beware, you could well have titles on your smartphone that are no longer available and cluttering up your storage space!

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