Invictus: Lost Soul gets off to a slow start

Invictus: Lost Soul out of the gate

The release of the mobile game Invictus: Lost Soul developed by True Action Interactive is becoming clearer. Based on various gameplay videos released in preview, the game seems worthy of interest. The graphics are well done and the music is immersive. Moreover,this mobile game explores a unique combat dynamic that offers an appreciable strategic dimension without losing dynamism. Invictus: Lost Soul is based on maps. A bit like the game Slay the Spirewhich has, however, much more "cartoon" visuals.

If you are tempted by this fighting game, you will have to be patient. The release is still experimental and the game is only available in certain countries (Australia, New Zealand...), in order to spot possible problems. The worldwide release should, logically, soon follow on Android and iOS.

Combat with action cards

This is the main feature ofInvictus: Lost Soul. The gameplay is quite simple, since it will be a succession of 1v1 duels. But the battles are based on a deck of cards.
Each card corresponds to an action:

  • heavy attack ;
  • fast attack ;
  • parade;
  • buff ;
  • special skill ;
  • And so on.

There is a wide variety of them and it is up to you to make the best possible combination beforehand to have the best chance of winning. This also means that you are not completely free, as you are dependent on your hand and your deck.

Duel Invictus: Lost Soul

Cards also have a cost in action points. It is therefore up to you to calculate the best combo to make according to the situation, based on your hand. The duel is not only played in the heat of the action, but also in its preparation. Some decks will be particularly offensive, while others will prefer a slower approach. There is no one way to win and it is up to you to develop your own style.

A very satisfying progression in Invictus: Lost Soul

Not all cards are available at the beginning of the game. The rarest actions (which are often the most powerful) are unlocked as you progress. Some are obtained automatically, but others must be dropped or bought. While this means that luck comes into play, it also means that each player can have a truly unique deck in Invictus: Lost Soul.

Deck Invictus: Lost Soul.

While the game is mainly played solo, there will also be the possibility to play with your friends in alternative game modes: clan tournaments or customised games.

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