Haven: Forge Friendships to Save the World unveils its very first trailer!

Trailer for Haven: Forge Friendships to Save the World

Unleashed Games, the studio founded in 2023 by industry veterans, has unveiled the trailer for its first project to be released on mobile, PC and console: Haven: Forge Friendships to Save the World (or Haven, for short). The trailer reveals a cozy, co-op RPG-style game in which players must forge friendships to build their own refuge and escape the dangers of the world.

Haven: Forge Friendships to Save the World, a cozy fantasy game

The trailer released by Unleashed Games reveals the very first images of Haven, a cooperative RPG. The story takes place in a fantasy world where dark magic has corrupted the world and everything we've known until now. But creatures resembling luminous orbs will be at your side to guide you. A rather classic scenario for the genre.

Gameplay of Haven: Forge Friendships to save the world

In the midst of this chaos, you'll need to find other survivors with whom you can build a small haven of peace and protect yourself from outside threats. Your success will depend on the friendships you forge over time.

Craft in Haven

As far as gameplay is concerned, the trailer shows that there will be crafting and base building, as well as boss battles in the style of Valheim, for example. The trailer also reveals a number of characters, including an axe-wielding warrior, a sorcerer and a mage. We also know that Haven will be a co-op game.

Boss battle in Haven

Studio Unleashed Games wants to offer an experience that can be enjoyed with friends, but also with the whole family! The game should appeal to a wide audience and be fairly easy to learn.

Haven is developed by Unleashed Games, a studio of JV veterans.

Unleashed Games may have been founded very recently, in 2023, but the people behind it are no novices when it comes to video game production! Its creator, Irena Pereira, is a former Blizzard employee who worked on the development of World of Warcraft. The same goes for Brian Birmingham, Jason Hutchins, Kris Zierhut and Brian Labore, other members of Unleashed Games. So it should come as no surprise to learn that Haven was originally intended to be an MMORPG focusing on cooperation between players, with no notion of competitiveness.

Farming in Haven

A Haven playtest organised by the studio is due to be broadcast today on streaming platforms. So we'll soon know more about the game's gameplay, its characters, and perhaps a tentative release date on mobile!

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