Google Stadia tests 4G and 5G streaming

Google Stadia comes to 4G and 5G

Google's streaming game service made several promises at the time of its release, in order to convince a maximum number of users. Google Stadia For example, Google announced that it would offer the possibility of streaming its games in 4G and 5G.
Good news! Google has launched this major project which is currently in the test phase. However, this experience is limited to those who register directly in the "Stadia" application.
In addition, it should be noted that a compatible and sufficiently powerful smartphone is required. As many phones are not designed as streaming media, most of them do not have the required characteristics. Only a few very specific models are suitable.

A player using Google Stadia in 4G and 5G
It is now possible to play and stream in 4G.

How to test Google Stadia in 4G and 5G?

To test this experimental version of Stadia, simply open the application, click on your avatar (top right), open the "Tests" menu and activate the "Use cellular data" tab.
Once these few steps have been completed, everything is ready and all you have to do is launch your streaming session.

Be very careful with your mobile data consumption. Whatever your operator and subscription, Stadia streaming sessions will devour your package very quickly and without warning.
There were already devious ways of using the platform in 4G by pretending to have a false Wi-Fi connection. Those who have tried it can testify that the application is very greedy. It would be a shame to miss out on social networking and the Internet!

Displays where you can use Goodle Stadia in 4G and 5G
Streaming and Gaming are still gaining ground!

Initial feedback on the Stadia experience

Some users have tested the application and warned that with 4G and 5G connections, the image quality could be a little disappointing. Indeed, Google prefers to focus on responsiveness and fluidity.
Although there are optimisation tools, particularly for users with less stable connections, they are not yet fully developed. It should be remembered that Google Stadia 4G/5G remains an experimentaltest , which is still far from being definitive and perfect.

If the application still has some progress to make, we can underline the numerous efforts made in the last months by the development team. After the free Stadia Base subscription and the compatibility with wireless controllers, google Stadia in 4G and 5G is another good news!

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