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Update 2.7 of Genshin Impact : Hidden dreams in the Depths

Visual of the update 2.7 of Genshin Impact

After a long wait, the 2.7 update of Genshin Impact : Dreams Buried in the Deep finally has a release date. Initially scheduled for May 11th, it will finally take place on the night of June1st, 2022, that is to say 3 weeks late. Contrary to some rumours, this one will not be shortened and will last 6 weeks. During the livestream of May 20th, MiHoYo revealed the content of the patch: a new Archon quest taking place in the Abyss, two new characters, as well as 4 events. We summarize the livestream of the 2.7 update on Genshin Impact in this article.

Check out the trailer for the 2.7 update of Genshin Impact :

Update 2.7 livestream codes

As usual, the livestream of the upcoming patch offers 3 promo codes:

  • DTNUKTWCC6D9: 100 Primogems and 5 Hero's Wit;
  • LANVJSFUD6CM: 100 Primogems and 10 Mystic Enhancement Ores;
  • HSNUKTXCCPWV: 100 Primogems and 50 000 Mora.

To benefit from this, you must enter them into the game before 4am on 21 May.

The banners of the 2.7 update of Genshin Impact

Banners for the 2.7 patch of Genshin Impact

The 2.7 update of Genshin Impact starts directly with a double banner. You can then try to summon Yelan, a new 5-star Hydro character or Xiaowho already had a rerun in January. If you don't have it yet, this is your chance to try your luck!

In the second part, it is Arataki Itto who returns to the front of the stage. And the hero Geo doesn't arrive alone: Kuki Shinobu, the second of the Arataki gang, accompanies him. She is a 4-star Electro character.

Yelan's banner

New character: Yelan

Yelan will be available on June1st. The Hydro heroine fights with a bow. Her elemental rampage is similar to that of Xingqiu. She summons a die that follows the active character for 15 seconds. It will deal Hydro damage every time you perform normal attacks. Its damage will also be increased. Yelan is a great choice of character to apply the Hydro element, while boosting your team.

You can learn more about him by completing his history quest.

Kuki Shinobu banner

New character: Kuki Shinobu

Shinobu will be featured in the second part of the 2.7 update of Genshin Impact. The 4-star Electro character employs a one-handed sword and will mainly play a support role. She has the ability to heal your team with her elemental attack, however, this will cause her to sacrifice some of her health points. For the moment, she is the only Electro character able to heal. She will be able to contribute to the creation of new teams.

Kuku Shinobu will have a dedicated Hangout Event.

New Archon quest

New Archon quest

The story continues with a new Archon quest. It will take place in the Abyss and includes several characters: Yanfei, Kuki Shinobu, Itto, Xiao and Yelan. This will be an opportunity to learn more about the lore, but also to revisit old figures and discover new ones.

The events of the MAJ 2.7 of Genshin Impact

You can win Primogems and many rewards thanks to 4 new events.

Perilous Trail

New event in MAJ 2.7: Perilous Trail

The event takes place in the Abyss and challenges you. You will have to face powerful enemies in different areas. For this, you will have to rely on test characters, but also on buffs.

Amongst the rewards, you will benefit from an exclusive bow.

A Muddy Bizarre Adventure

New event in MAJ 2.7: A Muddy Bizarre Adventure

Still in the Abyss, this event will have you facing enemies. You will also have to overcome the dark matter corrupting the Chasm with your Lumenstone Adjuvant.

The Almighty Arataki Great and Glorious Drumalong Festival

New event in MAJ 2.7: The Almighty Arataki Great and Glorious Drumalong Festival

This time, you'll sheathe your weapons to make music with a rhythm game. You can compose your own melodies and send them to your friends.

Core of the Apparatus

New event in MAJ 2.7: Erstellung des Kernstücks

You've probably always dreamed of having a robot, right? Well, this event will allow you to create one after collecting the necessary resources. You can then display them in your Serenitea Pot. The item placement feature will also be available again at the beginning of the 2.7 update of Genshin Impact.

The new features of the 2.7 update of Genshin Impact

MiHoYo is taking advantage of the 2.7 patch to offer new features to facilitate your gaming experience:

  • Hints in the dungeon menu for strategies to adopt;
  • Tips on which talents to put on your characters first;
  • Preferred stats for your characters (these are based on the choices of other players).

Funko Pop Genshin Impact

Pop Genshin Impact

MiHoYo has announced the upcoming release of official Funko Pop Genshin Impact. To start with, Aether, Lumine and Paimon are featured.

That's it for the 2.7 update of Genshin Impact. Update 2.8 has been confirmed for July 13, 2022. It will mark the arrival of a new 4-star Anemo character: Shikanoin Heizou.

Hazulia Passionate about fantasy and science-fiction, I am constantly exploring many worlds in my head, in my texts and of course in video games! These last few months, it's Genshin Impact that takes up part of my days... But I also enjoy card games, fighting games, management games, manga, series, movies, etc.


I couldn't even get Ayaka. However, the banner has been extended.

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