Fornite x Disney collab confirms rise of Epic Games' metaverse

Fortnite Metaverse

What if Epic Games managed to do the impossible - get everyone playing Fortnite? Some brands are already believing it, including the giant Disney, which has invested no less than 1.5 billion dollars in the American studio. If you've missed out on the tidal wave that is the Fortnite metaverse created by Epic Games, we can explain everything!

Enter the Fortnite metaverse

Since its inception, Fortnite has been known primarily as a battle royale game in which you have to be the last man standing to survive the storm. But now Fortnite is much more than that: it's a hub in its own right from which you can access a whole host of experiences.

Fortnite Metaverse lobby

With the obvious aim of competing with the Roblox platform, Epic has released a huge number of modes through Fortnite 2.0 Creative Mode, the most popular of which can also accommodate thousands of players simultaneously. These community-created games are often inspired by popular games such as Fall Guys and Only Up!

If you too would like to create a game in the Fortnite metaverse, Epic Games' documentation will take you step-by-step through the creation of your own boxfight, capture-the-flag, parkour or elimination game.

But with the release of three new Fortnite modes in December 2023, Epic Games has pulled out all the stops to bring back old players and attract new ones. These are the following three hit games:

  • LEGO Fortnite, developed by LEGO Group;

  • Fortnite Festival, developed by Harmonix (Guitar Hero, Rock Band);

  • Rocket Racing, developed by Psyonix (Rocket League).

At, we loved Fortnite Festival. In our opinion, Epic Games has succeeded in bringing back to the forefront a series of games that has disappeared from the radar and hasn't seen a new opus since 2015.

Fortnite Festival, the music game from the Fortnite metaverse

Brands attacking the Epic Games metaverse

Given the showcase that the Fortnite metaverse can represent, it goes without saying that brands are ready to invest huge sums in it. This was already the case in April 2022, when Sony and LEGO invested $2 billion in the Epic Games metaverse. A few days ago, it was Disney' s turn to inject $1.5 billion, demonstrating the extent to which the American giant believes in the potential of the platform managed by Epic Games.

This shows that Disney is very keen to establish a lasting presence with gamers after the release of the Disney Dreamlight Valley life simulation and adventure game in September 2022 and the free-to-play racing game Disney Speedstorm in April 2023.

Let's not forget that Fortnite is also fond of collaborations with many other universes, such as Dragon Ball, Naruto and My Hero Academia. What's more, many internationally renowned artists have already had the opportunity to perform on Fortnite, including Ariana Grande, Aya Nakamura and Marshmello.

Ariana Grande in concert in the Fortnite metaverse

What will Epic Games' next masterstroke be to make the Fortnite metaverse 'the place to be'? Wouldn't it be in developers' best interests to create their new titles on Fortnite in order to attract as many players as possible?

When you see how Fortnite, more than six years after its release, is still able to create a buzz and innovate, you might think that one day the Fortnite metaverse will become a must for video game studios looking to attract new players, in the same way as social networks like TikTok. The creation of modes on Fortnite has a bright future ahead of it, and we're even wondering whether Fortnite modes might one day become the future of video games.

Geeklawliet He's a farmer by nature, navigating between his mobile games and his streaming setup. When he has free time, he'll happily spend a day or two... or fifteen on Stardew Valley!
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