Fortnite custom skins are officially coming to the game

The officialization of Fortnite custom skins arrival

Want to stand out from other players? It will soon be thanks to the arrival of Fortnite custom skins. We reveal what we know about this upcoming feature announced by Tim Sweeney and we review the skins already available in the battle royale of Epic Games.

Fortnite custom skins made official by Tim Sweeney

It was in response to a tweet that Tim Sweeney, the CEO of Epic Games, confirmed that the Fortnite custom skins was indeed considered by the studio. The question of the Internet user also included another important point, namely whether it would be possible to test his skins in the creative mode 2.0, which we told you about recently.

If Tim Sweeney's answer tells us that the arrival of Fortnite custom skins is indeed planned, he says that this addition will not be available in the near future. Nevertheless, he did not express himself on the second part of the question and we will have to wait to have more answers.

A monumental number of skins already available

Until you can create your own Fortnite custom skins, you have a wide choice of skins to get you started in your battle royale games.

Since its release in 2017, Fortnite has added a considerable number of cosmetic items to customize your character's appearance. Some of the rarest skins include skins available at the maximum level of each Battle Pass, such as Black Knight, Omega, Ragnarok, and Dark Voyager.

The rarest Fortnite skins

Even rarer, the Galaxy skin was only offered with the purchase of a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or Galaxy Tab S4 tablet, making it undoubtedly the most expensive skin in the game.

Apart from that, Fortnite is full of partnership skills, visually related to the Marvel, DC Comics, Star Wars or Rick & Morty universes. Recently, players were able to discover a Fortnite x Dragon Ball collaboration with unique rewards to showcase their skin style.

That's it for the upcoming arrival of skins custom in Fortnite, but did you know that Epic Games' battle royale was preparing a new creative mode in Fortnite 2.0?

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