Early-acess Magic: The Gathering Arena on Android

early-acess Magic: The Gathering Arena

A promise was made, a promise is made. Theearly-access Magic: The Gathering Arena arrived on mobile yesterday as planned. Fans of the physical card game already had the opportunity to play on PC, but now they have even more flexibility and can continue their wild games on mobile. What's more, the Wizards of the Coast studio has thought of everything: story progress and account information can be transferred from one medium to another. Now you can progress from anywhere!

Beware though, theMagic: The Gathering Arena early-access is only forAndroid users! For those who own Apple devices, you will have to be patient... You are not totally forgotten and the iOS version will be released later this year.

It's time for a duel!

Early-acess Magic: finally a real competitor to Hearthstone?

There are currently many mobile trading card games. But, none of them have the aura and popularity of Blizzard's giant Hearthstone at the moment. That could change now that theMagic: The Gathering Arena early-acess has arrived. The game has a large and loyal community and no shortage of arguments to make. It promises epic strategic clashes with over 15 unique decks to unlock and customise to your play style. There are many mechanics to learn (Prediction, Bragging Rights, Double-Face, etc.). It's up to you to make the best combo to win.

In addition, players will be amazed by the illustrations on the cards. These will allow players to dive headfirst into the rich world of Magic and discover more about the game's history. As a collector can never have enough, there will also be card mats, card backs and a whole host of cosmetic content to unlock.

A mobile version as complete as the PC version

early-acess Magic: a cross-plarform game

The mobile version of Magic: The Gathering Arena is released in early-acess, so there might be some technical issues. But it should be as complete as the PC version, since the game is designed to be cross-platform. The same game modes will be available: Draft, Brawl and special events. As each duel is unique, Magic: The Gathering Arena has a potentially unlimited lifespan, especially as recurring patches will adjust and modify the metagame.

Finally, good news for users of slightly too old Android devices that do not have the required configurations to access the Magic mobile game. Upcoming updates will open the version to owners of older models 🙂

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