Devolver Tumble Time pre-registration opens

Devolver Tumble Time Pre-Registration Open

Test your sanity with the opening of Devolver Tumble Time pre-registration on mobile. Let's discover together this crazy match-3 game that has fun parodying the mobile gaming industry with an unconcealed cynicism. We also reveal how to pre-register, as well as the Devolver Tumble Time release date.

How do I access Devolver Tumble Time pre-registration?

Fans of spicy humor are in for a treat with the opening of Devolver Tumble Time pre-registration on Android, the next mobile game from Devolver Digital studio, known for licenses like Hotline Miami, Serious Sam, or even Reigns: Three Kingdoms and Poinpy, recently released on Android and iOS for Netflix subscribers.

In terms of gameplay, Devolver Tumble Time is a frenetic match-3 that integrates and hijacks all the codes of current mobile games. The objective is to achieve the best score during 60 second levels by linking combos without losing your hype bar.

The currency earned will allow you to unlock a multitude of new characters with special abilities and purchase numerous bonuses that will help you achieve better scores.

Currently, Devolver Tumble Time pre-registrations are only available on Android, but the game's release date is scheduled for January 2023 on iOS and Android.

A hilarious match-3 parody

Now that you know how to access Devolver Tumble Time pre-registrations, let's talk a bit about the game's mindset, which is a criticism of a certain part of the mobile video game industry.

As always with the Devolver Digital studio, Tumble Time is a slightly crazy and satirical game. It openly mocks the business model of mobile games, with microtransactions deliberately put forward with humor, 14 different types of currencies as well as over-the-top ads, which you are strongly invited to watch.

Devolver Tumble Time pre-registration: gameplay

If you doubt the Devolver Tumble Time second degree, just read the Google Play Store description, where you can find phrases such as: "buy stuff, it's really great", "oh these ads are great!" or "fun based on microtransactions".

That's it for Devolver Tumble Time pre-registrations on Android. iOS users will have to wait before they can pre-register. And to find out about upcoming Android and iOS releases, I invite you to check out our upcoming mobile games page.

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