3 new games announced by Devolver on Netflix Games

Three new Devolver games on Netflix

During the Netflix Geeked Week 2022, we could learn about the arrival of 3 new Devolver games on Netflix Games. Let's take a look at these three titles that will join the SVOD platform's games catalogue.

The three new Devolver games on Netflix

Like every year since 2020, the Netflix Geeked Week has unveiled many announcements. But the one that interests us today concerns the arrival of three new Devolver games on Netflix Games.

Reigns: Three Kingdoms

After the Game of Thrones version, Reigns will have a new variation. Reigns: Three Kingdoms will place you in the heart of the three kingdoms of medieval China. More precisely, you will play as the ruler of the Han dynasty and will have to negotiate with the different factions and create alliances to remain on the throne.

Reigns Three Kingdoms, one of three new Devolver games on Netflix

If you are not familiar with the Reigns license, the gameplay is very simple. For each stage of your adventure, you have to make choices that will of course have their own consequences. It's up to you to manage your decisions as best you can to stay at the head of your kingdom for as long as you can.

Terra Nil

The second title of the upcoming Devolver games on Netflix is Terra Nil. This city-builder takes a diametrically opposed side to its competitors. Indeed, in this game from the developers of Broforce, the objective will not be growth and industrialisation. You will have to build an ecological city and rehabilitate the ecosystem around you by taking care of the fauna and flora.


Long time mobile gamers will recognise the heritage of Doodle Jump with our latest game. Poinpy is a colourful arcade game in which you must progress vertically to climb as high as possible, crushing as much fruit as possible to make juice.

The gameplay trailer above suggests dynamic gameplay and various bonuses that will help you progress.

So much for this announcement of three new Devolver games on Netflix Games. While we don't have a release date for Reigns: Three Kingdoms and Terra Nil, Poinpy is available now on Android for Netflix subscribers. And if you're interested in checking out some new Netflix Games, check out our article on Relic Hunters: Rebels.

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