BTS unveils Dynamite choreography on Fortnite (K-POP)

Fortnite choreography BTS kpop Dynamite

Epic Games is not letting its conflicts with Apple and the banning of its popular Battle Royale from theApp Store undermine its position. The company is continuing to move forward and has signed an exclusive partnership with the male K-POP group of the moment. BTS will be unveiling the choreography for its Dynamite title as a preview on Fortnite. Players who are part of A.R.MY and more generally fans of Korean pop can feel fulfilled. This new collaboration comes after the release of BTS World and the upcoming BTS Universe, available for pre-registration.

The Dynamite video clip currently has almost 400 million views. That's already a lot, but by revealing the choreography via Fortnite, one of the world's most popular games, the numbers should be even more eye-popping! It's a good win-win for the Korean band as well as the game.

Fortnite + BTS sounds like a winning combo.

Dynamite choreography via Fortnite emotes

Epic Games is never short of good ideas and has a creative communication policy. We have seen it broadcast, notably during the lockdown, concerts through its game. Recently, the company also signed a partnership with Marvel to introduce well-known heroes into its Battle Royale. This time, in order to showcase BTS's renowned choreography , Fortnite decided to play it subtle. Two new dance icons have been created to match the Korean band's latest song.

This sounds like a stroke of genius. Several dances have gone viral thanks to Fortnite: the Floss, theElectroc Shuffle or the Renegade dance that was all the rage on Tik Tok. Emotes are usually paid for and BTS fans are numerous. Known for being excessive, many will surely be throwing themselves at the Dynamite choreography. To be the first to get it, get up early! Sales start on Saturday 26 September at 2am UK time.

The Floss dance in Fortnite, before Dynamite from BTS.
Image: WatchMojo

Not just about choreography

While many are obsessed with Dynamite and its choreography, Fortnite will also feature other content to honor BTS. Starting at 4pm, players will be able to launch the creative mode (free mode) and find a life-size reproduction of the video clip. This map, created by the community (YU7A, TreyJTH and SundayCW), will include various challenges and mini-games. It will be available on PC, console and mobile(Android).

The advantage of this card is that it is free to access. To get the two BTS dance emotes, however, you will have to pay 800 V-Bucks (just under 8 euros). For those who don't want to spend any money, the real choreography will be revealed on video at 2pm on YouTube!

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