Blade & Soul Revolution: Official Release March 4

Blade & Soul Revolution Official Release Date

After pre-registration, the time has come for the official release of the RPG Blade & Soul Revolution on mobile. Korean giant Netmarble has announced that this adaptation of the PC version will be released on March 4th. Available on both iOS and Android, it will feature an epic adventure, 3D graphics and thrilling real-time combat. For fans of martial arts and fantasy worlds, this game should be a hit!

Good news for French people who do not fully master the language of Shakespeare. Indeed, Blade & Soul Revolution will have a fully translated version to get the most out of the game experience.

5 classes to discover in Blade & Soul Revolution

Players will be able to access Blade & Soul Revolution in about ten days. The most impatient can visit the official website to gather as much information as possible and prepare for the adventure. Choose your avatar's class carefully to play to its strengths and weaknesses.

  • Blademasters: A versatile class that can easily block attacks (2/3 difficulty).
  • Kung-Fu Masters: counter specialists who know how to control their opponents (3/3 difficulty).
  • Masters of the elements: characters who cast area spells at a distance (2/3 difficulty).
  • Summoners: a class that relies on nature and the summoning of pets into battle (2/3 difficulty).
  • Destroyers: a big armour, but especially a big axe to do damage (1/3 of difficulty).
Villages and clans in Blade & Soul Revolution
Build your team to advance faster in the game.

In Blade & Soul Revolution, it will be possible to team up with your friends or other players to fight powerful bosses. Indeed, interactions with the rest of the community will be numerous with a system of villages and clans... Everyone will have their place and the different classes should be able to complement each other with efficiency.

Rewards for pre-registration

It is still possible to pre-register for Blade & Soul Revolution. In addition to being sure to be able to play as soon as the game is released, this will allow you to win free rewards !

  • on iOS: 1,000 black crystals and Lumi, a pet.
  • on Android: 1,000 black crystals and Sparkie, a pet.

So go for it! It would be silly to miss out! ­čśÄ

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