Ash Echoes: Tencent's new game launches global pre-registrations

Ash Echoes pre-registration

Announced at Tencent SPARK 2023 and following a closed beta in China, Ash Echoes is launching global pre-registration for its upcoming release on Android, iOS and Windows. Here's what we know so far about this highly mysterious title, which shouldn't come as a surprise given that it uses the same codes as many of the games released in recent years.

Ash Echoes, Tencent's new tactical RPG

While the game has just launched its global pre-registration, not much information is available about Ash Echoes. All we know for now is that it's a tactical RPG published by Tencent and developed by Aurogon Shanghai and Neocraft Studios (best known for Primon Legion and Tales of Wind). The game doesn't even have a proper trailer yet, just a concept trailer that doesn't reveal much about the game, let alone the gameplay.

Gameplay Ash Echoes

However, thanks to the Chinese closed beta that took place in 2023, we were able to see a few images of the battles, which are played turn-by-turn via a grid system, in a top-down view.

A futuristic world and a team of collectible heroes: Ash Echoes is riding the current trend

Unsurprisingly, the story takes place in a multi-universe world threatened by an unknown and devastating force. You play as the CEO of Ash Technology, and your aim is to counter this threat by recruiting Coordinators from different worlds. Once again, no one will be surprised to learn that Ash Echoes will be a gacha.

Ash Echoes battles

This scenario will certainly remind you of Goddess of Victory: Nikke, Wuthering Waves, Reverse: 1999, or even the story of Zenless Zone Zero, which will be released in a few weeks' time. And with good reason: Ash Echoes is based on the themes of the moment, namely a futuristic or post-apocalyptic world over which a threat looms.

Once again, Ash Echoes is heavily inspired by the HoYoverse games, with colourful manga-style characters. Is this a lack of originality or an easy way out? Perhaps both!

Charadesign Ash Echoes

We can nevertheless hope that the exploration aspect will bring a breath of fresh air, as the game's story takes place in several different universes that the player will have to discover .

Ash Echoes icon
Ash Echoes Pre-Registrations

If you're curious, don't hesitate to pre-register for Ash Echoes directly on the official website and take advantage of rewards as soon as the game is released. We'll keep you posted on the official release date, which has not yet been announced.

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