2 new Final Fantasy VII mobile games coming soon

mobile games Final Fantasy The First Soldier

The Final Fantasy saga continues its way and since 1987, its community continues to remain faithful to it. Throughout the ages, the different games have always kept common denominators (species names, game mechanics, etc.). However, the developers have allowed themselves a few liberties by exploring different game modes (shooting game, racing game, rhythm game, etc.). While some appreciate the originality, purists are generally more reticent. However, they will have to hang up their belt with the 2 new Final Fantasy VII mobile games that are being prepared... Among them, we will find a Battle Royale, a first in the history of the franchise!

In recent years, the Battle Royale genre has been massively explored. However, it is constantly coming up with new titles and few studios can resist the temptation. After the announcement of PUBG: New State, a new competitor enters the fray.

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier, the most talked about

A new competitor to Fortnite and PUBG Mobile?

Between the two new Final Fantasy mobile games, Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier gets all the attention. Set 30 years before the history of the RPG, you will face enemies in a Battle Royale where magic skills and FPS will be mixed. It's a daring gamble, but it should help reach a new audience in 2021.

Based on the teaser video, we can see that there will be a whole bunch of weapons (sniper, machine gun, hand-to-hand, etc.), vehicles and looting mechanics... worthy of the greatest Battle Royale! We're also very curious to see the impact of magic skills and their integration. In the video, we can see, among other things, the ability to create a protective wall or the summoning of a double to deceive enemies.

Ever Crisis, the most mysterious of the 2 new Final Fantasy mobile games

The adventure promises to be rich.

The other newcomer is still hiding his game well; we're less able to pin him down at the moment. Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis will compile all of the FF VII stories, including the Advent Children feature film and the exclusive Japanese mobile games. It will mix exploration and epic battles in a colourful adventure. This title seems to be more compatible with hardcore fans of the franchise who must be waiting impatiently for more details... The only bad news is that Ever Crisis will not be released until 2022!

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