State of Survival - managing a colony of survivors

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With more than 50M installations on the Playstore alone, State of Survival is one of the most successful mobile titles of the last few years. But is this success justified? Let's discover the strengths and weaknesses of this post-apocalyptic strategy game by FunPlus in this test of State of Survival. Download State of Survival on PC

Gameplay variety and zombies galore

In this test of State of Survival, I was able to take over a colony of survivors after a zombie apocalypse, develop this colony, unlock new buildings and new heroes to lead my troops. Gameplay-wise, the title alternates between production and base layout phases and combat or troop planning moments. The battles against the zombies take place in real time. They are led by heroes with various special skills. Indeed, troops and commanders can range from militia to riders for example (cavalry from SoS).

Character from test State of Survival

It's a shame that the game offers an auto mode like most mobile titles, but boss fights will generally require your attention and timing to be successful. On the other hand, you will have the opportunity to join a guild. This will allow you to take on other alliances to achieve state (your server) domination. However, PvP is quite tense and will require a lot of time and work. By the way, in this test State of Survival, I discovered that the game is not always very clear in its instructions. This confusion is detrimental to accessibility, not to mention the sometimes rough translations.

Missions SoS

On the other hand, the regular content benefits all players. This has allowed the game to build a very engaged community. For example, there are many fanmade resources available on Discord to help optimise the game and well-established discussion channels to discuss strategic issues.

In terms of additional features, the integrated translator in the chat allows players of different nationalities to collaborate more easily. In addition, each state had to establish its own rules to create a livable climate where P2Ws do not rule the roost. Some players have managed to organise themselves to create peaceful structures in states in this strategic game, which is quite impressive. But they are not the majority of competitors.

Post-apocalyptic atmosphere for State of Survival?

Like Puzzles & Survival, State of Survival follows a classic storyline but is developed with the help of very well-realised visuals, from which the overall atmosphere of the game benefits nicely. The game's graphics, which are quite beautiful, reinforce the player's immersion.

Graphics review State of Survival

Moreover, the title has, since its release, organised quality partnerships, with excellent crossovers. Among them, we can mention The Walking Dead, which seemed to be the perfect fit for the SoS universe. And what a pleasure to discover Daryl Dixon in-game or the famous Joker leading a troop of riders.

A redesigned business model

To talk about the economic aspect of this test State of Survival, you have to understand that the game can be quite harsh with those who don't put money into the game.

Heroes State of Survival to be improved

As a result, many states are polluted by Chinese farmers who crush everything and everyone in their path. They attack small guilds early on, which will prevent you from trying out this game system properly, and no one resists them for long. Players complain quite frequently about the lack of reaction of the server moderators to this problem and seek to create strong national alliances to stand up to them.

In addition, you will need to join an established and well-organised guild quickly if you do not want to be wiped off the map too soon. But regardless of the guild you join, the F2P player must participate in as many State of Survival events as possible and learn about all the progress optimization topics to be on the safe side. This is the case in many strategy games of this type such as Rise of Kingdoms or Infinity KingdomHowever, State of Survival is a prime example. To make your life easier, you can change the state of State of Survival.

Real-time zombie combat

It's a very demanding game for those who don't pay for it, and that can lead to frustration if you can't put in the hours you need. This is the game's biggest drawback, which seems to have worsened over time. On, players gave State of Survival a 6.4 rating, with over 1200 votes, and it seems to be largely because of this.

Conclusion of the test State of Survival

In conclusion of my State of Survival review, it is clear to me that this classic is getting old but remains a staple of strategic zombie gaming. Its pay-to-fast business model is punishing enough to become pay-to-win and will frustrate players who don't want to put money in. Its content and updates over the years have brought a lot of content and the hero generation system brings more variety to the endgame with each patch, all within a very active community. That's it, this is the end of this test State of Survival!

Note that this test has been made in partnership with Huawei whoseApp Gallery and Game Center offer unique rewards and cashback to mobile players. Using the App Gallery will allow you to get more for the same price, and that can only help you on this game.

State of Survival - managing a colony of survivors

Positive points

  • A successful atmosphere
  • Varied gameplay
  • Well-chosen partnerships

Negative points

  • Punitive business model
  • Time-consuming investment
State of Survival banner
  • Gameplay - 7
  • Atmosphere - 9
  • Business model - 5
Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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