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Test of Eroica - a gacha with a worked scenario

Let's dive into a colorful medieval fantasy world together with our test of Eroica, available August 10, 2022 on Android and iOS. Compose your best team of heroes to save the lands of Arrier in the new gacha RPG from studio FourThirtyThree. We reveal all about this title with its neat narrative and graphics.

Test de Eroica : a worked scenario highlighted by quality graphics

To begin this test of Eroica, let's talk a little about its universe and its main character. Sei is a young man with amnesia, from a world similar to ours, who finds himself plunged into the medieval fantasy world of Eroica without knowing how or why he is there.

During the meetings with the NPCs, we learn that the continent of Arrier is under the threat of monsters that terrorize the population. Your help is needed to restore the system. To do this, you must talk to the 7 Netsivs in order to use their computing power and restore the balance.

In Eroica, the storyline is of utmost importance compared to other games of the genre, where it is limited to a few timid lines of dialogue. Here, the studio FourThirtyThree has gone to great lengths to offer an immersive game experience.

Test of Eroica on Android and iOS

The cinematics are very well done and adopt a manga style. The characters' design is inspired, the dialogues are dubbed by professional Japanese voices and the music, which switches between epic and dreamlike, makes you want to go on an adventure.

However, what surprised us the most was the very good quality of the graphics during the gameplay. Indeed, during the movements and the fights, the characters have very fluid animations and nice 2.5D sceneries, which add a depth effect and movement to the gameplay of Eroica.

Gameplay that is both accessible and complex

Let's continue our test of Eroica with the gameplay. In this gacha RPG, you have to form a team of 4 fighters among the 42 unlockable characters at the release of the game. Each one has three abilities and belongs to an element: Fire, Water, Grass, Light and Dark. They also have a role: Slasher, Mage, Shadow, Shooter or Healer.

The characters of Eroica

It's up to you to compose a balanced team to advance in the story, unlock rewards, improve your characters and unlock new more powerful ones. Our advice to start is to vary the elements and to integrate at least one Slasher and one Healer. Pay attention to your characters' preferred positions to unlock additional bonuses.

Eroica game modes

In Eroica, you will navigate mainly between the two main modes. The first one is the Adventure mode, which corresponds to the main scenario. The story progresses through successive stages, in which you go through battles interspersed with dialogues that add depth to the universe of Eroica.

The clashes take place in turn-based. When it's time for one of your characters to attack, you can choose between the basic attack, which fills your gauge by one point, and more powerful spells that consume energy. If you are a fan of this kind of game, you will not be disoriented by the gameplay, which is easy to learn, but difficult to master.

Gameplay image of Eroica

If you are not interested in the story and just want to farm the resources to get the best team, you can opt for the usual automatic mode. In combat, it will cast spells for you, while outside of combat, it will take care of scrolling through the dialogues as well as Sei's movements to the next step of the current quest.

However, by doing so, you risk missing out on the whole story of Eroica, as well as the multitude of resources to collect along the way. I think this is a wise choice from the developers to reward players who really enjoy the game compared to those who let it run in auto mode.

There may be times in the Adventure when you get stuck because your team is not strong enough to defeat your opponents. To remedy this, go to the Challenge section to unlock specific rewards and advance your characters.

Upgrade your characters and their equipment

If you like having things to upgrade in games, you're in for a treat. In addition to their level increasing with experience, you canupgrade your heroes to increase their star level if you have enough Shards of a character. Normally, characters have one to three stars, but they can all reach 5 stars.

FIche character of Eroica

You can also upgrade his abilities, assign him equipment and the hero's pre-core, which grants a passive and an active bonus to your character. The level of the 6 pieces of equipment and the pre-core can of course also be increased individually. But that's not all, as the elemental runes can increase the stats of HP, attack, defense, attack speed and critical damage.

Finally, in the Profile section, you can give gifts to your characters to learn more about them, such as their date of birth, profession, tastes, but also a secret if you reach the maximum level. You also unlock pieces ofstories between the characters, which develop their relationships with humor in illustrated dialogue phases. Once again, we note the care taken to change the illustrations according to the emotions of the protagonists.

A generous RPG gacha

As presented in the introduction of this test d'Eroica, FourThirtyThree's title is a gacha RPG. One of your main objectives is to perform summonses to obtain new fighters or pieces of equipment.

At the beginning of the game, 10 free summons are offered. They can be exchanged up to 40 times if you are not satisfied with the draw, which ensures a good starter. Afterwards, as in a Genshin Impact and other such games, several free and paid banners are available. Each one has a higher drop rate for certain heroes.

The invocation banners in Eroica

Finally, the economic system is quite similar to what we are used to see in gacha RPGs. The game is rather generous between the rewards of achievements, connections and quests, the temptation to take out the credit card was not felt during our test of Eroica.

In addition, a Battle Pass offers free rewards on each level and can be purchased to unlock additional ones.

Conclusion of my review on Eroica

To conclude this test, Eroica follows a proven model with a special care for the narration and graphics. It remains to be seen how the game will evolve over time, but we recommend this complete gacha RPG on which you may spend many hours discovering the scenario and developing your characters.

It is regrettable that the game is only available in English for the Western languages. However, the presence of Spanish in the beta version gives hope that others will arrive later, such as French, German or Italian.

This test was made in collaboration with the publisher for the launch of the game.

Eroica is available for free on Android and iOS. To discover other recent mobile releases, visit our new Android and iOS mobile games page.

Test of Eroica - a gacha with a worked scenario

Positive points

  • Omnipresent narration
  • Quality graphics
  • Beautiful combat animations
  • Auto mode management

Negative points

  • Many missing languages
Eroica banner
  • History - 8.5
  • Gameplay - 7
  • Atmosphere - 8
  • Business model - 7.5
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