Woodoku tips and tricks to achieve the best score

Woodoku tips and tricks to achieve the best score

Want to beat your high score? In this guide, we reveal our Woodoku tips and tricks for the puzzle game from Tripledot Studios on mobile. So pay attention and use your strategy to complete as many lines and squares as possible to improve your personal best and surpass your friends'.

Woodoku : rules and game modes

Before we reveal our Woodoku tips and tricks, let's quickly go over the rules of this puzzle game, available for free on Android and iOS. At the beginning of your game in Classic mode, you have a 9×9 grid in front of you.

The Woodoku grid

Like Tetris, you must place imposed pieces on the board. When you complete a line or one of the 9 squares of 3×3 squares to make the pieces disappear and score points. Chain combos or eliminate several blocks at the same time to multiply the points scored.

In the Daily Challenge mode, you must place coins around gems to complete lines or squares to collect them. Once the level is completed, you just have to wait for the next day to check a new box on the calendar.

Woodoku Tips and Tricks for Journey Mode

Finally, with the Journey mode, we find the system of gems. Complete the objectives by collecting gems of different colors to complete the level. Go as far as possible by completing as many levels as possible during a given period of time and thus unlock a maximum of rewards at the end of the event.

Woodoku tips and tricks to score maximum points

Now that you know the rules and the different game modes, let's move on to our Woodoku tips and tricks to achieve the best score. First of all, unlike Tetris pieces that go down progressively, there is no time limit in Wooduko. So don't rush and think carefully before placing your pieces.

Especially since, like in chess, once a piece is placed, it cannot be moved, so make sure you choose the ideal placement. The trick is to always be one step ahead by planning your moves in order to make combos and score more points.

Woodoku tips and tricks: gameplay

However, you should always be careful not to be too greedy. Indeed, the more the game progresses, the more large pieces will be offered to you. Our advice is to always keep room for these pieces, such as 5-square bars, in either direction. As much as possible, keep the corners accessible and don't isolate any squares.

That's it for our Woodoku tips and tricks on iOS and Android. You are now in possession of all the elements to improve your best score. And if you like puzzle games, I refer you to our article on Railbound, a game that benefits from very nice graphics and efficient gameplay.

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