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Tower of Fantasy Meryl Guide : Build, matrixes and teams

Tower of Fantasy Meryl Guide : Build, matrixes and teams

Tower of Fantasy Meryl 's Simulacra gives you access to the Rosy Edge. This SSR weapon is a frost and defense type weapon with a high Shatter rate, making it a very good shield breaker. The claymore will also be able to deal a lot of damage, and even generate a shield once its constellations are up. With our tips, you'll know which dies to choose for the best build, and also which teams to play it in.

How to get the Rosy Edge, Tower of Fantasy Meryl's weapon?

The Rosy Edge is an SSR weapon. You can unlock Tower of Fantasy Meryl by summoning on the permanent banner with Gold Nucleus or Black Nucleus. You can also have Meryl on a permanent banner if you lose a 50/50.

Tower of Fantasy Meryl Profile

If you already own the Rosy Edge, you can buy another one directly for 120 Black gold.

Finally, some world bosses such as Robarg, Sobek, Lucia or Apophis can make you loot Meryl.

How to play Tower of Fantasy Meryl's weapon?

Meryl is a defensive character, but she is also very offensive. She can break through enemy shields with her Shatter score of 12. On the other hand, she will struggle to charge ultimate attacks with her Charge score of 4.

It is recommended to use Tower of Fantasy Meryl to break the shields. You can also slow down the enemy and freeze them. Once this is done, switch to a DPS.

Tower of Fantasy Meryl's normal attack

Normal Rosy Edge attacks have a low damage multiplier and are fairly slow. To effectively break shields, prefer hold normal attacks or diving attacks. With these, you'll enjoy a damage multiplier of up to 600% depending on the fall distance.

Tower of Fantasy Meryl Competence

But it is especially with the Blizzard skill that you will generate the maximum damage. You will send blades of frost forward with Meryl's claymore.

Every time you hit the enemy, the damage is increased by 5%. But that's not all, as the skill makes you immune to control effects. However, it takes 45 seconds to recharge.

Tower of Fantasy Meryl's discharge

Frost Barrier, Rosy Edge discharge, removes all damage you take and Meryl strikes the ground to create a barrier of frost for 5 seconds. This barrier deals 503.2% ATK + 1586 damage to nearby enemies (at level 11). Enemies are then suspended and have their speed reduced by 50%. They can no longer dodge or jump.

As an added bonus, the discharge freezes enemies for 2 seconds, freezes them for 6 seconds, and reduces their weapon cooldown by 50% (which is especially handy in PvP). If you break the ice shell, you'll deal additional damage.

In short, to play Tower of Fantasy Meryl well, deploy her whenever you need to break shields. Launch her elemental skill as soon as possible and then follow up with charged and diving attacks.

Tower of Fantasy Meryl Constellations

Tower of Fantasy Meryl's first constellation is almost indispensable. It increases the Shatter rate by 15% to 13.8. As an added bonus, the Rosy Edge will restore 10% of your HP after breaking a shield.

With C2, HP growth will be increased by 16%, then 32% in C4. Once C3 is unlocked, you'll get a shield worth 10% of your max HP when you switch to Meryl's weapon. It lasts for 10 seconds and takes 20 seconds to recharge.

Tower of Fantasy Meryl's Progression

Thanks to Tower of Fantasy Meryl's fifth constellation, damage and fracture ability will be increased by 50% when the shield is active.

Finally, with 6 stars, switching to this weapon will give you an ice shield equivalent to 20% of your maximum HP. This shield makes you immune to control effects.

Activate Meryl's awakening in ToF

We do not recommend activating Tower of Fantasy Meryl's awakening. This passive is quite occasional and will mainly be used to counter Freeze damage, which is reduced by 20% at 1200 points and reduced by 25% at 4000 points. It will also make you immune to the Frosted effect and reduce the duration of the Frosted effect by 50%. Save your gifts for other Simulacra instead.

Tower of Fantasy Meryl's Awakening

If you still want to increase Tower of Fantasy Meryl's awakening, bet on Warren's fossil which will grant you 80 awakening points. She will also enjoy the Snow globes, Hykros 3D puzzles, Crown tokens, Smarty dolls or the Void Angel figurines. These items are worth 60 points each.

Which matrixes to equip on Meryl to have the best build?

King's Matrix
Shiro's matrix

As with all shield breakers, it is recommended that you equip 2 King matrixes and 2 Shiro matrixes on Meryl in ToF. The King set will grant a damage bonus of 8%/10%/12%/14% (depending on your die level) for 25 seconds when you break a shield. Shiro's set will increase damage and fracture on enemies with over 50% HP by 15%/19%/22.5%/26%.

Meryl's Matrix

You can also consider Meryl's 4 piece set. The first passive gives you a shield equivalent to 20%/26%/32%/40% of your max HP when your HP is below 30%. And with 4 pieces, the damage of Whirlwind (the charged attack) is increased by 36%/45%/54%/63% and regenerates HP at 30%/38%/44%/50% of the damage dealt.

Robarg's matrix

If you don't have any of these SSR matrixes, you can start with Robarg's 3 piece set. After breaking an enemy's shield, the enemy will be poisoned and take 45%/56%/67.5% damage every second for 10 seconds.

Weapon upgrade materials for Meryl in ToF

Materials needed to build Meryl's weapon in ToF

To build the Rosy Edge, Tower of Fantasy Meryl's weapon, stuff the following materials:

  • Icecores and Hearts of Winter (to be collected from frost ores in the open world);
  • Nano coating I and II;
  • Booster frames I and II.

You can obtain these resources by completing Interstellar Exploration dungeons, Dimmensional Trials, setting up an Omnium beacon, from password chests, or by purchasing them in the Weapons Shop.

In which teams does Meryl's sword play?

Rosy Edge, Tower of Fantasy Meryl's weapon, will be more effective if you combine it with Frigg. Her weapon gives you the benefit of frost resonance if you play at least two of these weapons. This increases the ATK of frost by 15%.

Tower of Fantasy Meryl : frost resonance

And on top of that, the fracturing ability of frost weapons is increased by 25% when you attack in Frigg's frost domain. Then add Tsubasa to your team. She will be able to grant you a damage buff of up to 15% for 15 seconds once her first constellation is activated.

If you don't have it, choose Cocoritter, which will have the advantage of generating heals. You can also opt for Samir to do more damage.

Tower of Fantasy Meryl : weapon resonance Fortitude

But if you're playing multiplayer, you can also team up with two defensive weapons to activate fortitude weapon resonance. This increases damage reduction by 25%, fracture by 60% and agro by 800%. And in a group, the damage reduction will be increased by an additional 20%.

To make up such a team, you can play Tower of Fantasy Meryl with Huma or Ene, then complete with a Support Simulacra such as Nemesis, Cocoritter or Zero.

Tower of Fantasy Meryl Image

That's it for this Tower of Fantasy Meryl guide. We hope our tips and tricks will help you master the Rosy Edge and equip it well. In short, Meryl's claymore is great for breaking shields while dealing good damage. It will also fit in with almost any team.

In contrast, Tower of Fantasy Meryl relies heavily on her first constellation and will need her third constellation to generate shields. Also, her attacks are quite slow and her best abilities take a long time to recharge.

To inflict maximum damage in Tower of Fantasy, you'll also need to upgrade your equipment. Find out how to increase your power in our dedicated guide, as well as the best simulacra in our tier list.

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