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Tower of Fantasy best farm guide

Tower of Fantasy best farm guide

Tower of Fantasy offers a multitude of activities to perform every day, some of which are bound to be more profitable than others. That's why this guide will help you develop the Tower of Fantasy best farm routine. You will know which activities to do each day to progress quickly and earn a maximum of rewards, including materials to improve your weapons, equipment, Nucleus, gold and many others. It takes about an hour of gameplay per day to complete this ritual.

Take advantage of Mia's Kitchen to have a good meal in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy Farm thanks to Mia's Kitchen

You can start your Tower of Fantasy farm routine with Mia's Kitchen. Just let the adorable Mi-a cook a little dish for you. This activity only takes a few seconds and will give you a lot of experience, gold and weapon upgrade materials. On top of that, she will give you a buff that will make your exploration easier. You can eat Mi-a's dishes 3 times a day. They are unlocked at 5am, 12pm and 6pm.

Achieve each day the 4 premiums of Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy offers you to make 4 bonuses each day. This will allow you to recover :

  • 3 Type I chips and 1 Type II chip. They are used to open Type I and II password safes;
  • A lot of EXP: this is a good way to quickly increase your adventure level;
  • 5,400 gold to replenish your coffers;
  • 3 Black Nucleus ;
  • 1 Gold Nucleus ;
  • Weapon improvement materials.
Tower of Fantasy Farm thanks to the premiums

The bonuses consist mostly of defeating some enemies or giving resources. It will take you about 5 minutes to complete them and get a good number of rewards. By completing your bounties you will raise your mercenary level and get additional rewards .

Make team donations

Realize team gifts

By being part of a team, you will be able to make daily donations, but also weekly quests. This will earn you merit points to spend in the store, but also raise your team's honor points to win rewards, including dark crystals.

Digging through garbage and boxes in Hykros

Digging through the garbage in Hykros

Well, we admit it, said like that, this farm activity in Tower of Fantasy does not give you the desire, but it will nevertheless allow you to collect improvement materials for your vehicles. You will then be able to increase their level more easily and earn dark crystals in the process. All you have to do is go to Hykros via your map and then search through all the garbage cans and boxes you come across.

Spend your vitality every day for an optimal farm in Tower of Fantasy

Activities to spend your vitality in Tower of Fantasy

You can accumulate up to 180 points of vitality. Beyond that, this resource will be lost. We advise you not to waste it. You recover 1 point every 8 minutes. We detail in this Tower of Fantasy farm guide the different activities you can do with your vitality.

Spacetime Domain

Spacetime domain in Tower of Fantasy to farm gold

This single player challenge will allow you to farm gold in Tower of Fantasy. This dungeon costs 30 points of vitality.

Dimensional Trials and Interstellar Explorations

In these two dungeons you can get your hands on weapon expansion kits and weapon batteries. You will need a lot of these to level up your weapons. Each of these dungeons requires 30 vitality points.

Put the omnifocal beacon to farm in Tower of Fantasy without doing anything

This activity simply consists in putting a beacon where you want it (in exchange of 30 vitality points). When you go to pick it up 24 hours later, you will be rewarded with a random prize. You even have a small chance to win a SR or SRR simulacra. However, be sure to place your beacon in a well-hidden place, as other players may pick it up before you.

Joint Operations

Joint Operations is the most time consuming and difficult activity. However, they allow you to get more rewards, including a small chance to win equipment, and even SR and even SRR simulacra.

You will be able to open 3 chests, each one will cost you 30 vitality points. However, you can be satisfied with opening only the last one, it will be the most interesting anyway. There are several Joint Operations, each one is available on a specific day and offers different rewards .

Joint operations in Tower of Fantasy

In addition to that, these activities will reward you with Energy Crystal Dust, which you can use in the Cristal Dust Store. It is recommended that you buy all the available Booster Modules and Advancement modules there every week. These will increase the level of your equipment. You can also buy equipment and gifts for your simulacra.

The higher the difficulty level you choose, the more rewards. We've put together a guide to help you gain power in ToF.

If you are new to the action-RPG and are low level, focus on the Space-Time Domain to earn money. Then, for a good Tower of Fantasy farm routine, we recommend you to do at least one Joint Operation, two events to earn upgrade materials and once the Space-Time Domain. If you are in a hurry, set at least one Omnium beacon.

Accomplish challenges for farm in Tower of Fantasy

If you still have some time to devote to your daily farm routine in Tower of Fantasy, you can achieve several challenges:

Training camps

It is recommended that you complete the two training camps available each day. These very short activities allow you to earn weapon upgrade materials as well as training points.

Training missions for Tower of Fantasy farm

With these points you can buy gifts for your Simulacra in the points store. This will raise their awakening points and unlock their attributes. The higher the difficulty of the training camp, the more rewards you will earn. And even if you fail, you will still get gifts.

Void Rift

Void Rift is a more muscular challenge, where you must defeat a powerful boss in a group of players. If you succeed, you can earn Base chips (to summon dies) and random dies (SRR, SR and R). You only have 3 tries per week.

Frontier Clash

The Frontier Clash is a race against time. By defeating the enemy waves, you will win equipment. You also have 3 weekly trials.

Hidden daily quests

Finally, to complete your daily farm routine in Tower of Fantasy, you can complete several hidden daily quests such as :

  • Open a surprise case with Hopkins at the black market;
  • Playing the game of tongs in Navia on the island of Cetus.

These two activities will allow you to win gifts to offer to your Simulacra.

Open a Hopkins case

You can also buy every week gifts and materials to repair your weapons at Claude's at the port of Banges.

That's it for this guide to the Tower of Fantasy farm routine. By doing these activities you will earn a lot of daily resources and have no problem upgrading your equipment and earning EXP. This will also fill up your weekly mission bar, which offers many rewards.

Tower of Fantasy weekly quests

If you have time left over, you can always try to complete a few levels of the Forgotten Fantasy, compete against other players in the Apex League, progress through the Vortex or continue the story quest. You can also explore the open world of Tower of Fantasy. Use the interactive map to locate the game's collectibles directly. To go further, find out how to collect as many Tower of Fantasy dark crystals as possible in our dedicated guide.

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