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How to choose your Runes Lost Centuria | Equipping your monsters

Runes Lost Centuria

Dear summoner, welcome to this new guide dedicated to Lost Centuria ! This article is about runes! If you have just started the game, you probably have a lot of questions about runage, and that's normal, don't worry. How do I get runes? What is a rune set and what is it used for? What stats should I use? How to improve runes and enchant them? In short, there are many questions that we have asked ourselves. This is why you will find in this guide all the information concerning the runes Lost Centuria in order to understand everything and especially, tooptimize your monsters with the greatest care. Let's go ! 💎

What is the purpose of a rune and how do you get one?

Runes are very important for your monsters. They are used to improve their characteristics and to add additional effects to them. There are 3 rune slots for each of your monsters.
In addition, there are 4 rarity levels of runes offering increasingly powerful bonuses:

Rune Normal
Rune Rare
Heroic Rune
Legendary Rune Lost Centuria

At the beginning of the game, you won't necessarily feel the need to equip your monsters, but very quickly you will have to think about it! Lost Centuria is a game based on strategy in combat, but also onoptimisation and the addition of adapted runes. It is therefore essential to climb the rankings!

How to get runes?

There are 2 ways to obtain runes on Lost Centuria: make them or earn them.
The best way to get them in large quantities is to make them yourself using mystic powder. This precious powder is fundamental and totally necessary to create your runes. It is obtained as a reward for completing missions in the Mission Office, as explained in our guide to getting started in Lost Centuria. In fact, this is your main source of powder, you will get a lot of it. Especially when your Mission Bureau reaches level 3, as you can complete 4 missions simultaneously and get even more Mystic Powder.

Another way to get runes is to buy them directly from your alliance shop. To do this, you need to earn Alliance Coins by completing your daily alliance quests and by offering cards to your alliance members.
You can also obtain Mystic Powder through the Duel Mode'srewards .

Buy mystical powder in the alliance shop

Finally, some missions will offer you a rune as a reward, in addition to the mystical powder. But don't count on this to run all your monsters.

Runes Lost Centuria as mission reward

How to create runes?

Let's move on to rune making. Go to your Territory and go to the Crafting Building. This area is easy to use:

  • On the left, you choose the quality of the runes you want to make (low, medium or high).
  • On the right, the type of runes desired (Energy/Fatal/Rapid, Guardian/Blade/Will, etc.).
Rune-making building Lost Centuria

Depending on your level of player, you can make runes of varying quality. Our first advice is towait until level 5 before crafting runes. This way, you will save as much mystic powder as possible and can directly craft medium runes. These give you a chance to obtain runes of heroic rarity.

So, here's a little tip to get to level 5 as quickly as possible (and therefore to get your level 3 Building): level up as many of your monsters as possible to level 5, even those you don't use regularly. This will allow you to gain a lot of XP (and crystals) to reach level 5.

Note that in the manufacturing building, at the bottom right, it says "mysterious powder" and not "mystical powder". It's the same thing, don't worry. It's just a translation confusion.

Understanding all about rune sets Lost Centuria

You now know how to make runes and collect the resources needed to make them. But you are a bit lost when faced with the 12 types of runes, the main and secondary statistics? Don't panic, we'll help you!
Very practical: a menu summarising the effect of each rune set is available in the Crafting Building. Just click on the question mark "Set effect".

Details of the effects of the rune sets Lost Centuria

How do the rune sets work?

To put it simply, a set of runes represents a bonus effect applied to your monster when you add 3 runes of the same type to it! Important point, if at the beginning of the game, you can allow yourself to focus on the set bonus, quickly you will have to think also according to the main stats and sub-stats of the runes.

For example, you'll tend to run a DPS monster with a Fatal set that gives it a damage bonus without worrying about the other stats of the rune. But quickly, you'll have to choose a rune with CRIT Rate and/or CRIT Damage to optimise your DPS monster's run.
So if you're looking for the perfect optimisation, you'll have to analyse the impact of the sets' bonuses on the monster's skill and the stats of each rune.

Rune set Lost Centuria

Important: If we advise you to apply complete sets on your monsters, it may be more relevant to do a "broken set" on heroic or legendary runes. That is to say, don't put 3 times the same type of runes if you don't have 3 good runes of the same set. This would finally bring better statistics to your monster! This requires a lot of theorycrafting, but it can pay off!

Explanation of the different runes and set effects

The different rune sets are very important to boost the skills of your monsters. However, even if we give you a lot of information, it is important to know the monsters well in order to know the right rune set to apply to them. To find out more about monsters and their specificities, go to our full article tier list Lost Centuria.

IconName of the setEffect of the setUse and explanation
Energy RuneEnergyPV +15%.This set allows you to increase the maximum health of your monsters by 15%. Good choice for frontline monsters and for those who have skills based on their maximum health points like Khmun or Rakan for example.
Rune fatalFatalATK +15%.This set allows you to increase the damage of your monsters by 15%. It is a good choice to run your DPS at the beginning of the game.
Quick RuneQuickMana cost -1 (1 time)It gives you the possibility to reduce the mana cost of your monster by 1 when you first use it. I don't recommend this set, because its impact is very low and will be much less efficient than any other set.
Guardian RuneGuardianDEF +15%.It increases your monster's defence by 15%. This is a very good set if your tanks take too much damage and don't last long despite their high hit points. Furthermore, Copper does more damage and will be able to ignore the opponent's defence if its own defence is high.
Blade RuneBladeCRIT rate +20This set increases the critical strike chance by 20%. Ideal if your monster already has good damage bonuses, but lacks crit rate. This is an important stat for Fynn, for example, who applies a freeze effect to his target if his last attack is a critical hit. Overall, this is a good set for monsters single-target.
Rune willWillImmunity (pause time 90 sec.)It adds a positive immunity effect to your monster at the beginning of the game. Pretty strong in meta where you run into a lot of damage over time or Poseidons!
Rune rageRageCRIT damage +25%.It increases the damage of critical hit attacks by 25%. Not to be confused with the critical hit chance. This set is very strong when coupled with the right runes with sub-stats ATK and CRIT rate.
Rune focusFocusAccuracy +30%.This set increases your monster's accuracy by 30%. This reduces the chances of opposing monsters resisting your attack or the application of your negative effect! This effect counters the opponent's resistance stat. Very useful on AoE monsters that apply an effect like Hathor, Baretta or Perna.
Rune EnduranceEnduranceResistance +30%.It increases your monster's resistance by 30%. This has the effect of improving your chances of resisting an opponent's attack or harmful effect. This effect counteracts the opponent's Focus statistic.
Vampire RuneVampireLife Drain +20This set increases the life drain effect of your monster's attacks by 20%. This is an ideal stat if you play without support or if you want to use support buffs. This set applied on a Khmun would make it practically invincible! This is a very good set for DPS single-target, especially if they already have a vampiric spell.
Violent RuneViolentCard return rate +30%.The chances of your monster returning to your hand are 30% with this set. We do not recommend this set outside of the main stats and exceptional sub-stats on the runes that make it up. To master your card return strategy, play with a Konamiya in your deck instead!
Rune destructionDestructionDestruction of MAX HP (30% of damage)This set allows you to reduce your target's maximum hit points by 30% of the damage you inflict on it. It is an effect which can be interesting to counter a Mikene for example. But at first sight, it remains very situational, one will often prefer another set bonus.

Main statistics and sub-stats of the runes Lost Centuria

Each rune has several statistics to take into account when optimising. Indeed, there is the main statistic and the secondary statistics, called sub-stats.
The main statistic of a rune is always expressed in percentage (%) and only influences the attack (ATK), the life points (HP) or the defence (DEF) of your monster.
The biggest source of optimisation therefore lies in the sub-stats which can have an effect on all the statistics combined. They can provide "flat" improvements, i.e. by adding a direct bonus (+50 HP), or an increase expressed as a percentage (DEF +3%).
Finally, in general, the higher the level of your monster and the more good runes it has, the more relevant it will be to equip it with runes providing percentage bonuses.

Rune statistics Lost Centuria

Rune enhancement and enchantment Lost Centuria

Now you have a set of runes on your monster, so you have to improve these runes and enchant them. We'll explain how to do this right away!

Improve your runes

Improving a rune allows you toincrease the bonus brought by its main statistic. To do this, you will need to consume other runes. The number of runes needed depends on the level of enhancement, the rarity of the rune you wish to enhance and the rarity of the runes you are going to use as enhancement material. You can upgrade a rune if one of your runes is of higher quality than the other two or if you want to optimise your set further and you have a lot of runes in stock. However, at the beginning of the game, we advise you not to overuse them!

Rune enhancement Lost Centuria

Enchanting runes

Enchanting a rune influences its sub-stats, either by increasing the bonuses they bring, or by adding a new sub-stat if your rune does not yet have 4! Please note that a rune can be enchanted up to a maximum of 4 times or 5 times for less common runes. Each enchantment costs you scrolls of enchantment and mana stones. You must therefore think carefully before performing an enchantment because you cannot preview the effect of the enchantment, it is random! Furthermore, the number of applicable enchantments is limited and can vary depending on the runes. At the beginning of the game, we advise you to enchant only rare (green) runes that can be useful and with good sub-stats. These cost only 2 scrolls per enchantment, compared to 5 for heroic runes and 10 for legendary runes.

Enchanting runes Lost Centuria

As you can see, improving your monsters with rune sets is very simple! This will give you a significant boost if you have difficulty winning your battles. However, the key to Summoners War: Lost Centuria lies in the optimisation of each rune as you progress. Indeed, perfect optimisation is impossible at the beginning of the game. So, improve your runes in moderation and carefully select the ones you want to enchant.
This guide on runes Lost Centuria is finished, I hope it has been useful! I take this opportunity to invite you to look at our article on the best compositions of the game, it will surely be useful to complete your knowledge.
Good game to all and good climbing in the ladder! 💪

Marjo Former editor-in-chief of and a real sniper of spelling mistakes. Very good audience, laughter is my fuel. Life is a game, isn't it!

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