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Guide Lost Centuria to getting started | Tips and Tricks

Guide Lost Centuria to getting started

You just installed the new mobile game Summoners War: Lost Centuria and are looking to understand how it works? Welcome to this special beginner's guide Lost Centuria ! We'll explain everything you need to know about the gameplay and mechanics in order to master the game quickly. We'll also give you valuable information on how to collect as many rewards as possible right from the start, explain the different PvP and PvE game modes and, of course, give you an overview of the monsters and how their skill stones and runes work. If you're still struggling to understand the game, don't worry, we've got plenty more guides in store for you!

Come on let's go for the Summoners War guide: Lost Centuria! ⚔️

Summoners War: Lost Centuria : the basics

Lost Centuria is a real-time strategy game developed by the studio Com2uS, in which you must collect monster and spell cards. These cards allow you to evolve your monsters and spells to make them more powerful. There is also a mana cost system, a classic mechanic of card games, allowing you to launch your summoner spells and use the abilities of your monsters during the fights.

The aim of the game is primarily strategic. In order to progress in the game, to climb the PvP rankings or to succeed in the PvE single-player campaigns, you have to constantly think about how to optimise your team composition. There are a total of 8 monsters and 3 summoner spells to choose from for each of your formations (you can save a total of 5 teams). Then, each monster has a specific element and can be improved thanks to rune sets and skill stones (we explain all this in detail below). The fights are very dynamic and take place in 1 minute and 30 seconds (+ overtime). This is a short period of time during which you must use your mana points wisely by casting your spells and skills at the right moment, to defeat the opposing formation.

⚙️ A little technical tip to optimize your graphics: as soon as you launch the game, go to the "Settings" menu on the top right. Click on "Display" and set all sliders to maximum (resolution, frame and quality). Basically, they are set to medium and the difference in graphics is quite incredible.
Alternatively, if you find it's dragging on your battery too much, I'd advise you to play Lost Centuria on PC (follow our guide, we'll explain how). 👍

Quality of the graphics

Tips to get a maximum of rewards from the start

Starting at Lost Centuria is extremely rewarding! The rewards are to be collected everywhere, it is very encouraging. The objective will be to quickly summon new monsters and improve them with these precious resources. To make sure you don't miss anything, here is a short summary:

To start, go to the "Quest" tab. Here, 2 tabs allow you to discover the "Daily Quests" and the "Missions".

The "Daily Quests" allow you to earn a lot of money every day rewards. The bonus: After completing 8 daily quests, you will earn an additional 100 crystals.

Daily Quests Guide Lost Centuria

Missions" are to be carried out over a longer period of time. Think of them as achievements. Here, for each mission, a unique reward: a more or less important number of Crystals. This precious resource allows you to launch mystical invocations.


Then, when you have reached 200 victory points, go to the "TV" tab. Here, for 100 mana stones, you must place a bet on the winner of a match to win a rare summon card. To win your bets, it is recommended that you know a minimum of the players' compositions. Otherwise, you can try your luck at random. After all, you have a 50% chance of winning (and if you lose, you still win a normal card)! 😜
Note that you also have the option of spending 100 Crystals in the hope of winning a heroic card, but I find that a bit steep for the risk involved.

Now go to "Events" (on the left of your main screen). Tons of rewards are waiting for you here! Quick tip: remember to scroll down so you don't miss anything. You'll find rewards for daily logins, PvE chapter progress, quests, rewards for PvP ranks, etc.! In short, a multitude of gifts to collect!

The rewards events Lost Centuria

It's time to check your monster collection. For each of them, you will find the "Growth Quests". Many crystals can be collected here depending on the level of your monster and the skill stones you have obtained. Don't forget to check regularly!

Monster sheet and the quest for growth

Gameplay and game mechanics of Lost Centuria

Let's now go a little deeper into this guide Lost Centuria with the game mechanics. The game is based on a system of strength and weakness according to the elements of the monsters. Your monsters are defined by one of 5 different elements: Water, Fire, Wind, Light and Darkness! It's simple to understand:

  • Water beats Fire
  • Fire is stronger than Wind
  • Wind takes over from Water
  • Light and Darkness counter each other
Elements Lost Centuria

Of course, it is difficult at first to know by heart the type of each monster, but the developers have thought of everything! Here's how to find your way around: in battle, the element of a monster is visible thanks to the colour of the circle indicating its level.

  • Red for Fire
  • Orange for the Wind
  • Blue for Water
  • Golden for the Light
  • Violet for the Darkness
Combat Guide Lost Centuria

The gameplay of Lost Centuria is quite classic, but offers some interesting subtleties. During your battles, you have a maximum of 4 cards in your hand (out of 11 in total: 8 monsters + 3 summoner spells) that you can use with your mana points. These 4 cards can randomly represent one of your 3 spells and/or 3 to 4 of your monsters. To use them during battle, you must spend your mana points according to the cost of the monster or spell you wish to use (between 2 and 6 mana points). Don't worry, your mana will gradually increase over time to allow you to carry out your other actions.

Guide Lost Centuria mana cost of monsters

And that's where the strategy lies! To gain an advantage over your opponent, the "counter" system has been implemented in this game, offering a very dynamic dimension to the fights. At any time, you can counter your opponent's action by using a counterspell (skill of one of your monsters or summoner spell). But make sure you have enough mana points to launch your counter at the right moment! This way, you can turn a fight around and gain a very decisive advantage. This counter system adds real depth to the gameplay and will require you to be reactive and know how to make good decisions.

To give you a precise idea, countermeasures are defined by shields, stun, invincibility, immunity, suppression of harmful effects, etc. All of which can jeopardise opposing attacks.

Clockwork of counter Lost Centuria

Finally, it's good to know that monocible monsters and spells will always attack the frontline monster (with some exceptions). Whereas monsters and spells attacking in zones with AoE will attack all the enemies or only target the frontline or backline!

💡 The best advice we can give you: Go and test the game and how it works in practice combat by clicking on themenu icon at the top right and then Practice Combat before you go into ranked! (Just so you don't get run over stupidly).

Monsters: skill stones and runes

A good guide Lost Centuria would be nothing without talking about the very essence of the game: the monsters! Currently numbering 43, there are tanks, heals, direct damage fighters, mages inflicting damage over time, etc. It is interesting for a beginner player to know the skills of each monster in order not to advance blindly and to understand who is useful for what. The monster pages provide a lot of information, especially on the different effects that apply! If you study this a little, you will quickly understand which monster synergises with which and which skill combats which.

Monster Guide Lost Centuria

To improve your monsters and make them more powerful, there are 3 ways:

  • Levelling up is done by collecting cards and using mana stones.
  • The addition of a skill stone modifying the effects of the monster's skill or adding passive effects.
  • The addition of runes to improve stats and benefit from the effect of the rune set.
Monster and rune set sheet Lost Centuria

To start creating your runes, it is very important to quickly unlock your "Territory" (this is done in 3 Ranked Combat victories). There you will find the rune-making building. With the ingredient "Mystic Powder" you can create normal, rare, heroic or legendary runes. At the beginning, of course, only normal runes can be crafted (the higher your account level, the more you will unlock the crafting improvements). By the way, concentrate on the first line, the "Energy" and "Fatal" runes being the most important to complete the gamebreaker rune sets for beginners These are: HP +15% and ATK +15%.

Making runes

How to easily earn mystic powder? It's simple, there's the Mission Office. Here you can send your monsters into (automatic) combat for a certain period of time, at the end of which you will receive mystical powder as a reward for the successful completion of the mission. Sometimes you even get an extra rune. Target the weak points of enemy monsters and send your best monsters to get close to the 100% success rate. A big advantage is that you can send any monster you want without fear of disrupting your training: they can still be used in all game modes.

Office of Missions

Please note that the number of missions and their rarity depends on your account level. At level 6, you will have access to 4 missions.

Guide Lost Centuria : PvP and PvE game modes

SW: Lost Centuria offers several different game modes. However, you will have to participate in PvP battles to unlock all modes. Everything is available at lobby.

Lobby guide Lost Centuria

The PvP modes of Lost Centuria

Duel mode

Ranking battles are the heart of Lost Centuria. This is where you earn victory points that determine your ranking. If you win, you gain points, if you lose, you lose points. Of course, you don't lose as many points if you lose as you win. In addition, each match allows you to win up to 3 stars. For every 10 stars you get a reward (mystical book, mana stone, mystical powder, scroll enchantments, etc.). Each battle also allows you to obtain glory medals to perform glorious summonses (1 summon costs 20 medals).

Guide Lost Centuria award of Classified Season

Your rise in rank also allows you to get nice rewards at each level passage. Ranked seasons last for 1 month, so you have about 30 days to reach the best rank level.

Rewards victory points

Normal fights are unlocked from 1,000 points of victory in the ladder fight (i.e. silver rank 5). Here you can fight players without losing points in the ladder. Ideal for trying out new compositions in real time and with real players (in contrast to training battles against the AI).

Challenge Mode

Last PVP mode of Lost Centuria, the Challenge mode! Currently this mode allows you to take part in Constraint Battles. In these battles, all your monsters and spells will be at level 10 and a particular effect will affect the battle. This can be an inability to heal your monsters or any other original effect not seen in other modes. Each victory offers a new reward. A maximum of 10 victories can be counted, but beware, if you lose 3 times, the Challenge game is over!

Constraint mode Guide Lost Centuria

The PvE modes of Lost Centuria

Lost Centuria features a 12-chapter story mode called Occupation Combat.

Each territory must be liberated by winning 3 battles of 3 difficulty levels. Opposing monsters have special effects that require you to adapt your formation to win battles.

Occupation Combat Map

This mode is a great source of rewards (among others, 2 legendary maps) not to be neglected. Beware, you will not be able to complete all 12 chapters right away. Indeed, they are unlocked as you progress in ranked mode (I told you, PvP is central in Lost Centuria) ! Only the first 3 chapters can be completed fairly quickly in your adventure. Note that for each difficulty level of a chapter, it will be wise toobtain the 3 possible stars. Indeed, the 9 stars obtained per chapter offer you a very cool reward!

Single-player chapters Lost Centuria

Finally, another rather nice PvE mode, "Wanted" in which you must eliminate bosses who have damaged the kingdom. These fights are to be done as soon as the bosses are available (every X hours depending on the boss) to win rewards and validate the daily quest "Wanted: Win 1 time". The bosses are unlocked as you progress through the chapters of the Occupation Battle mode. Beware, here again you will have to adapt and think about your strategy.

Search mode

Joining an alliance quickly: there is strength in numbers!

At the beginning of the game, it is very important for a new player to join an alliance. A good guide Lost Centuria, can only advise you to do so! To do so, you just have to go to the dedicated menu, to choose an alliance among those of the list, then to make a request for addition ( being the best alliance, I advise it to you 😎). Be careful, some alliances impose specific conditions to enter (minimum level of the player, for example), while others, open the access automatically and without conditions.

Alliance Lost Centuria

There are several advantages. Firstly, it allows you to chat with other players and receive advice. Secondly, some daily quests can only be completed if you are part of an alliance:

  • Covenant holder: "Offer a card holder to the covenant 1 time".
  • Ring shop: "Buy a product in the ring shop once".
  • Alliance application: "Apply for an alliance card once".

It would be a shame to miss the reward of 10 alliance coins for each quest. These coins can be used in the alliance shop and can be used to improve your monsters (mystic powder to create runes, scroll enchantment, glory coins, heroic card, skill stone summoning card, etc.). Possible purchases in the shop are reset every Monday at midnight (UTC+0).

Wedding ring shop Lost Centuria

How do you get alliance coins? Well, by doing your 3 daily quests and by offering a card helper as soon as one of your members asks for one at the "Alliance Exchange Centre". The amount of alliance coins obtainable each day is capped at 2,000 (which is already quite a lot).

Alliance Clearinghouse

Guide Lost Centuria : Composition ideas to get started

Before letting you jump into the deep end and start your first PvP matches, here is a tip for Create your first compositions ! It is very difficult for us to give you a ready-made formation Lost Centuria, because at the beginning you have to adapt to the monsters you have. And not all players start with the same monsters.

Remember that each monster on Lost Centuria has its own element (Water, Fire, Wind, Light or Darkness). Make sure that all 8 monsters in your team do not belong to the same element. Try to build a diverse team as much as possible, and then refine your composition as you play.

For example, we noticed that many players were using Fire DPS in their line-up. Well, in this case, the strategy to adopt is to position a tank and a water DPS in your team to gain an advantage over your opponents. Of course, your tactical sense will be sharpened throughout your battles to come up with the best possible strategies.

Example Beginner composition Lost Centuria

Our guide Lost Centuria is coming to an end, I hope it has been useful and that you will climb the ladder thanks to it. Don't hesitate to tell us in the comments if you see any other little tips that would be useful to players who have just installed the game.
Let's go back to tryhard to prepare a whole bunch of other tips on Summoners War: Lost Centuria! Enjoy the game! 😁

Marjo Former editor-in-chief of and a real sniper of spelling mistakes. Very good audience, laughter is my fuel. Life is a game, isn't it!

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