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Nikke Rupee guide: best teams and equipment

Nikke Rupee in Goddess of Victory Nikke

Nikke Rupee loves shopping, but beneath the glitz and glam, she’s quite a capable warrior. As part of the Talentum trio, she and her fellow squadmates keep the economy flourishing with their many businesses. This burst II Iron-type attacker is both a good buffer and destroyer of enemies. Like her fashionable closet, we’ve got the best Nikke tips for you to accessorize her powers.

Is Rupee good in Goddess of Victory: Nikke?

Rupee stands out from other Burst II units she is more DPS than support-based, so if you already have a very strong supporter such as Rapunzel or Red Hood, put her in your team as additional Nikke Rupee attack power. Her buffing specialty is boosting that of Iron-type allies, so if you have units such as Maxwell, Liter, Laplace, Sugar, or Snow White, they can go really well together.

She can boost units of all types with her burst move as well. When it comes to her own buffing abilities, Rupee is good at taking care of herself thanks to being able to stack her attack boosts. You can use her in boss fights thanks to being able to do core damage and in anything else thanks to how universal she is as a DPS. 

nikke rupee battling in goddess of victory nikke

While Nikke Rupee is very strong, using Rupee poses a risk because she is a burst II with very little ways to defend herself. Normally, characters like Centi are used as the burst II because they can defend themselves and the team. If Rupee dies in a fight, you’re stuck being able to use your burst chain unless you happen to be using a second burst II character. Because of that, you need to pair her with a healer that can keep her alive or revive her or a character that can be used in emergencies.

How to play Rupee in Goddess of Victory: Nikke?

If you have already gotten Nikke Rupee but not a good burst III DPS yet and find you are lacking manpower in battles, she is a great substitute who will not become irrelevant even as you get other units. When starting out in the game, you may find there are certain units that become obsolete as you get into harder content, such as the mass produced Nikkes. If you happen to get Rupee, she’s one to invest in from the beginning because of her high attack damage and will only get better over time due to future upgrades. This is also a great idea because Nikke Rupee doesn’t really rely on any specific units or team composition in order to perform well, making her easy to use for someone that doesn’t have a lot of SSR units yet. 

All The Skills of Rupee Goddess of Victory

Rupee is very vanilla in terms of being a DPS which makes her great for general story content, but that’s definitely not all she’s good for. Because she’s able to stack some of her skills, she can handle herself well in long fights. 

  • Rupee’s first skill Prize is the main reason to pair her with other Iron-type units, as she will boost all their critical power once Nikke Rupee meets a certain threshold of performed attacks. This move also boosts how much she can stack skills.
  • In her second skill Mileage, Rupee raises her own attack. This is one of the the stackable skills that only improves the longer you’re in a battle.
  • Single Payment is the shining star of Rupee’s power, as it boosts power for everyone on the team and depending on many rounds you’ve had and how much you’ve stacked, can deal a ton of damage to the enemy. 

Nikke Rupee best team

Since Rupee provides a boost for other Iron-type Nikkes, your best bet is to pair Nikke Rupee with any that you have.

Nikke Their Burst Benefit To Rupee


Liter from Goddess of Victory Nikke

Burst I Supporter She can protect Rupee’s HP and boost her attack. Liter also provides the opporunity to have shorter cooldown bursts


Nikke Rupee from Goddess of Victory Nikke

Burst II Attacker A damage dealing unit that simultaneously provides support to the other team units


Laplace from Goddess of Victory Nikke

Burst III Attacker Benefits from Rupee’s Iron type boost and has similar stacking skills that work in long term fights


Maxwell from goddess of victory nikke

Burst III Attacker Maxwell can provide an attack boost for Rupee, which will make her final move perform better

Red Hood

Red Hood from Nikke

All Burst She can act as a burst II if Rupee dies and is a high damage dealer

Team Alternatives for Rupee Goddess of Victory

Burst I Substitutions Burst III Substitutions

Rapunzel from Goddess of Victory Nikke

Rapunzel can revive party members, which is important if Rupee is the only burst II on your team and also another Iron type.

Snow White from Goddess of Victory Nikke

Snow White  benefits from Rupee’s Iron type buff and can boost her own attack. Also has pierce ability.

Milk from Goddess of Victory Nikke

Milk is able to give Rupee a buff depending on how high her attack is.

Sugar from Goddess of Victory Nikke

Sugar boosts her critcal rate and do decent damage while boosting anyone in the team with a shotgun.


Pepper from Goddess of Victory Nikke

Pepper heals units and targets enemies with the highest attack. She increases the opportunities to stack as well.

Julia from goddess of victory nikke

Julia benefits a lot attack wise by being on a team with Rupee.

Nikke Rupee build: best equipment

Since so much of Rupee’s utility comes from her high damage output, she needs a cube that will support that. As far as quick reloading goes, she can do it on her own very well due to using an assault rifle, which doesn’t need to be charged, so something to increase the speed would be able to make her knock off HP points faster. This also allows Rupee to very good at wiping out damage circles on large bosses.

  Harmony Cubes  
Wingman Cube Bastion Cube Resilience Cube

the wingman cube from goddess of victory nikke

Increases the number of bullets able to be used and reduces reloading time

Bastion cube from goddess of victory nikke

Using this cube will guarantee that Rupee minimizes the amount of misses at an enemy 

a resilience cube from goddess of victory nikke

Allows Rupee to reload her weapon faster

Best Overload Stats for Rupee Goddess of Victory

If you play Nikke for long enough, you can turn the gear on your Nikke Rupee into overload gear, which maximizes the benefits it can give. Rupee is one of the few units that is worth making this long term investment for because it is added stats. 

  • Raised Critical Damage
  • Increased Ammo Count
  • Strong Hit Rate
  • Higher Attack

You won’t find anyone in the Ark with a bigger heart, wallet, and urge to kill raptures than Rupee of the Talentum squad. While she can be squishy depending on the battle situation, she is in general, a very capable warrior whose minor flaws can be fixed by a healer. There’s no burst II better than Nikke Rupee to make an investment in. Careful though, you might get pulled on a shopping spree! 

Interested in the other Nikke units mentioned? Our Nikke tier list has you covered for anyone who caught your eye!

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