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Nikke Modernia Guide: best teams and equipment

Nikke Modernia in Goddess of Victory Nikke

Nikke Modernia is an SSR Pilgrim class character who became summonable once her chapter was released. This Fire-type Nikke blows away any enemies with her Machine Gun and large-scale attacks as any Burst III attacker would. She’s a strong unit, so you should equip her properly and invest everything you have into her build. Here’s everything to know about the best teams and equipment for Modernia.

Is Nikke Modernia good in Goddess of Victory Nikke?

Modernia is one of the ultra rare Pilgrim units in the game, which are some of the best on the roster by default. However, that doesn’t come cheap, as they have some of the lowest Nikke Modernia summoning rates in the game. If you can acquire her, she’ll become one of your most powerful AOE battlers. This Nikke has a special skill hidden in her burst move along with some of the highest attack stats in the game, which she can self-boost through her skills. Those buffs are stackable too, setting her up with the capability to do massive waves of damage. You can use her successfully in anything, but beware of PvP, as the time it takes for her to complete bursts may be too slow for it.

The only true downfall of using Nikke Modernia is that because she’s such a heavy damage dealer, it can be difficult for her to be consistent, as her ammo is so limited. Regardless, her power is worth it.

How to play Nikke Modernia in Goddess of Victory Nikke?

Classic is the word that comes to mind when describing Modernia’s build - much like the berserker characters of old-school tabletops, Modernia’s job is to do big strong waves of damage, nothing more, nothing less.


nikke modernia battling in goddess of victory nikke


However, that makes her far from being simple. You see, she executes this perfectly through her special destructive mode, where any rapture within her weapons range will be obliterated. Because she is so strong, Nikke Modernia can be played, for the most part, without a lot of deep investment into her skills, making her a great option for budget players.

All The Skills Of Modernia Goddess of Victory Nikke

Modernia’s skills are mainly self-boosting and serve to support her intense attack kit. Because they don’t have a ton of deviation, you can level them in any order you want, but you might want to start with the first one or the burst skill. You can save the second one for later since its benefits aren’t needed until you get to later-stage bosses with long fight times.

  • The first skill High-Speed Evolution increases the Nikke Modernia critical damage and more depending on Modernia’s attack stats at the time. This skill is stackable, meaning she’s able to spam its benefits more than once during a fight. Because of that, it’s important to put Modernia in a situation where she can activate Bursts quickly.
  • Modernia’s second skill Giant Leap increases her hit rate on enemies and a large attack boost, but the benefit only activates after she's made a significant number of hits on enemies. This makes Modernia excellent for Interceptions in addition to challenges, where the reward depends on the damage dealt.
  • With the strong Nikke Modernia AOE burst skill New World, she gets unlimited ammunition for a brief time. This is where she activates her destroy mode where any enemies will be eviscerated through explosive combat. It works on both groups of enemies and single bosses, which leaves Modernia’s combat not overly niche.

Nikke Modernia best team

Luckily because of her build, Modernia doesn’t require a lot of specific support. Focus on pairing her with nikkes that can boost her attack and burst activation time, so that you can make use of her stacking abilities.



Their Burst

Benefit To Modernia

liter from nikke in a dressLiter

Burst I Supporter

Liter is a universal supporter with an excellent attack booster.

Blanc NikkeBlanc

Burst II Defender

Blanc can recover HP for Modernia which allows her to survive in strong fights and is unstoppable when paired with her sister Noir.

noir from nikke in a kimonoNoir

Burst III Attacker

Noir increases hit rate, ammunition capacity, and attack.

privaty from nikke in an outfitPrivaty

Burst III Attacker

Privaty boosts attack for Modernia and reloading speed.

modernia from nikkeModernia

Burst III Attacker

Modernia is the best AOE heavy-damage battler in the game.

Team Alternatives for Modernia Goddess of Victory Nikke

Are you missing either Blanc or Noir and need a different build for Nikke Modernia? There are plenty of Nikke options in the game for you to use.

Burst I Substitutions

Burst II Substitutions

Burst III Substitutions

Rapunzel the pilgrim from Nikke

Rapunzel is great for difficult battles 


Tove from Nikke

Tove can increase ammunition capacity


Helm from Nikke

Helm isan attacker having healing buffs and boost said attack 

Tia from Nikke

Tia has an excellent attack boost


Rupee from Nikke in a bunny outfit

Rupee can boost attack for Modernia and is a great damage dealer

Drake from Nikke in a racing outfit

Drake can increase Modernia’s hit rate


N102 from Nikke

N102 has many of the same boosts as Liter and can increase Modernia’s attack

Novel in a penguin outfit

Novel works well in boss battles


Snow White from Nikke

Snow White: Innocent Days has an AOE attacks that pairs well with Modernia

Need a refresher on what characters to use in the game? Our Goddess of Victory Nikke tier list is your first step to help.

Nikke Modernia build: best equipment

Choose harmony cubes that focus on boosting Modernia’s attack. If you don’t have the means in the game yet to boost her skills, the harmony cubes are a great help. Once you have both, Modernia will be unstoppable.


Harmony Cubes


Assault Cube

Bastion Cube

Wingman Cube

an assault cube for nikke modernia

Increases Hit Rate

a bastion cube for nikke modernia

Increases Reload Speed

a wingman cube for nikke modernia

Raises Ammo Capacity

Best Overload Stats For Modernia Goddess of Victory Nikke

Unlocking the overload gear for Modernia is truly the thing that takes her from great to phenomenal. Access to this late game mechanic allows Nikke Modernia additional stats as well as your other units, done by leveling tier 9 armor and then permanently equipping it using special crystals. When it comes to utilizing all of Modernia’s power, these are the stats to go for.

  • Higher Critical Damage

  • Increased Attack

  • Higher Hit Rate

  • Increased Max Ammunition Capacity

  • Higher Defense

Not quite a Nikke, not quite a rapture, Modernia is a very special girl whose unusual fate has allowed her to become one of the game’s strongest damage dealers. Getting her can be tough, but if you do, you won’t need any other AOE battler besides Nikke Modernia for the duration of your playthrough. Thanks to her little need for expensive support, Modernia Goddess of Victory Nikke can be utilized by players at any level. Also, give her a bandage if you do get her.

For more advice, check out our Goddess of Victory Nikke tips and tricks section!

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