Misty Continent beginner's guide | Tips and Tricks

Misty Continent beginner's guide

Are you looking for a guide to Misty Continent to get you started? Then you've come to the right place! Take advantage of our advice and tips to get off to a good start. This strategy game requires a little knowledge if you want to explore the cursed island in the best possible conditions. With our Misty Continent beginner's guide, you can learn more about the gameplay. But that's not all, as you'll also discover how to save and use your resources wisely to stay ahead of your opponents.

Misty Continent beginner's guide - accumulate as many resources as possible

In all mobile games, resource management plays a very important role. In fact, it's the basis of the gameplay in this type of game. That's why, in our Misty Continent Cursed Island guide, we recommend that you accumulate as many resources as possible, as early as possible.

When you first start playing the game, you'll receive a number of free resources fairly easily. The first few buildings will cost you very few resources. However, the further you progress in the main storyline, the more expensive it becomes to build.

Misty Continent beginner's guide resources

The key to your salvation therefore lies in your ability to save your resources and spend them wisely. At the start, the game is fairly generous when it comes to resources. But little by little, you'll find that they become increasingly scarce.

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Create a powerful, balanced army to get started in Misty Continent

Resources are important, but so is your army. In our Misty Continent beginner's guide, we can only advise you to create a powerful army as quickly as possible. In this game, you'll find a PvP system that involves real players. They can attack your domain (and you can do the same).

Misty Continent beginner's guide hero

Starting the game entitles you to a few perks. Once you've completed the tutorial, you'll get a bit of a break, as other players won't be able to attack your domain for a few days. But don't rest on your laurels! Use these few days to prepare yourself for what's to come.

Don't make the mistake of waiting for the players to be able to attack you before you start gathering troops.

Don't neglect Misty Continent's daily and side quests

It may sound boring, but Misty Continent's daily quests and side quests allow you to obtain various resources. What's more, they're a great way to familiarise yourself with the game's mechanics. Among the tips and tricks in our Misty Continent beginner's guide, we want you to understand just how much of a boost these quests will give you.

Players who want to get started in Misty Continent should complete these quests every day. Also, complete the main story quests to unlock gems to place in your artefacts. In this way, you'll gain in power and make your domain much stronger.

Misty Continent quests

The territory, a key element in our Misty Continent beginner's guide

Misty Continent is a strategy game that requires you to expand your territory, among other things. This allows you to unlock new structures and collect more resources. You'll need to raise the level of your town hall to unlock a new area. Next, you'll need to purify the structure in that area and lift the curse hanging over the nearby hero. Don't forget to collect all the resources in each new area.

Expanding your territory is essential to getting the game off to a good start. This is one of the main tips in our Misty Continent beginner's guide. With a large territory, you can build your base and optimise it efficiently. If you wish, you can group all your buildings in a small part of your territory. But our advice is to take advantage of the space available to organise yourself better and simplify the management of your kingdom.

Now that our guide has given you a good understanding of how strategy games work, don't hesitate to check out our Misty Continent tips and tricks!

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