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How many chapters in June's Journey?

How many chapters in June's Journey

To June, the investigation done by detectives doesn't seem satisfactory. You must assist her in solving her sister's murder by finding hidden clues. But first, learn how many chapters in June's Journey currently are and how you can unlock them. Are you finding June's Journey enjoyable? Discover how to play June's Journey on PC and enhance your gaming experience significantly.

How do Chapters work in June's Journey?

June's Journey: Hidden Objects goes beyond just finding clues. You join June on her quest to solve her sister's murder while solving interesting puzzles and decorating your island. Each chapter contains the next part of June's epic journey. If you're wondering how many chapters in June's Journey currently are, there are 350+, with each containing 5 puzzle scenes to solve.

how many chapters in June's Journey

Once you've successfully found clues from the current chapter, decorate your island and earn flowers along the way. This will help you unlock the next chapter in this story. 

List of Chapters in June's Journey: Hidden Objects

Let's have a look at how many chapters in June's Journey currently exist. The chapters keep unlocking as players progress by playing Hidden Object scenes. 

Chapter No. Chapter Name Adventure Scene
1 Arrival in New York Gatehouse
2 Speak Easy Belmont Park
3 Eddie Daggett Hidden Distillery
Clare's Secret Roosevelt Field
5 Havana Juliana's Terrace
6 Finding Virginia Village Harbor
7 June and Virginia Ferris Wheel
8 A Trip to Paris River Seine
9 Death on the Seine Boarding House
10 To Catch a Thief Bell Tower
11 The Good Woman of Cortona Cortona Jail
12 The Grand Unveiling Silvio's gallery
13 Mrs. Talbot's Son Bobby's building
14 What Happened to Bobby Talbot Airplane Hanger
15 Nightclub Blues Louisiana Bayou
16 The Singer and the Saxophonist Ray's Workshop
17 A Deadly Affair Estrella Hostel 
18 Unexpected Company Fortress Scaffolding
19 Virginia the Detective Garden Shed
20 Old Wounds Hospital Roof
21 A Royal Heist  Hedge Maze
22 The Great Train Chase Steam Engine
23 Russian Roulette Casino
24 Thicker than Water Police Escape
25 An Unwelcome Surprise Joseph's Room
26 Lost Love St. Ignatius Chapel
27 Chasing Nicky On the River
28 Smoke in the Air Peel Industries
29 Blasted Escape the Mine
30 Diamonds and Deeds Old Mining Office
31 Paris Revisited Silvio's Attic
32 Silvio's Lament  Newspaper Office
33 Springing the Trap Fishing Boat
34 The Sleep of Death Paris Docks
35 Jack's Big Break Practical Effects
36 June's Debut Plantation Set
37 Party Crashers Crashed Car
38 The Color of Money Studio Office
39 Desert Blues Gas Station Shoot-out
40 The Real Charlie Miller Port of Los Angeles
41 Bombay  Save Saleem
42 Who shot Saleem? Locked Out
43 In Plain Sight Saleem's Private Study
44 A Second Attack Cave Hideout
45 Brothers Kamal's Escape
46 Mistakes Charlie's Study
47 Old Friends  Stables
48  After the Storm Locked In
49 Emma Jones Broken Down Car
50 Under Lock and Key Buckingham Lake
51 Emma's Secret Basement
53 Atlantic City Auction House
54 Seeking Sonny's Sofa Threadington's Upholstery
55 Lonely Hearts Pharmacy Rooftop
56 Whistlejacket Construction Site
57 Deadly Rendezvous Themes Escape
58 Dangerous Waters Josefstadt Restaurant 
59 Interpol Train to Budapest
60 The Unbreakable Vault Escape the Vault 
61  The Truth about the Marquess Marquess's Mansion
62 Out in the Cold Lenox Lounge
63 Trail of Destruction Bascule Bridge
64 Connecting the Dots Police Station
65 The Search for Mitch Walk-in Freezer
66 Masks Rio Rooftop
67 A Labor of Love Evidence Locker
68 The Hayes Family Dynasty Campaign Office Crime Scene
69  The Intern New England Bank
70 Taking Charge Hayes Campaign Rally
71 The Matriarch and the Manager Vivian's Greenhouse
72 Poison Hayes Estate Garden
73 Confessions Dale Zigler's House
74 The Break Ocean View Hotel
75 Hawaii Curtis's Bedroom
76 Curtis's Story  Hotel Kitchen
77 Seattle  Pacific Aero Office 
78 Out in the Wild Crash Site
79 Aerodynamics Bering Office
80 Sneaking Suspicion  Room Cleanup
81 Exposed  Hospital Elevator
82 Kidnapped Burton's Workshop
83 Two Rings Kitchen Sink 
84 Kimiko Garden Shed
85 Sisters and Brothers Secret Tunnels
86 Forbidden Kanto Construction Site
87 Heating Up Sauna
88 Cheated Estate Staircase
89 Virginia's Voyage Orchid Island Boathouse
90 Trail of Dreams Estate Staircase, Dream
91 Virginia's Vengeance Barn
92 Painting Houses Reluctant Rescue
93 Family's Secret  Irene's Room
94 The London Affair London Harbor
95 Allegations Courthouse Holding Cells
96 Reopening the Case  St. Prudence
97 Scavenger Hunt Jack's Burning Plane
98 A Dangerous Game Below Deck
99 Aftermath Rooftop Scaffolding
100 Wedding Bells Estate Ballroom
101 Les Annees Folles Red Beacon Bar
102 Ammunition  Bonfils's Office
103 The Fight  Boxing Ring
104 Beneath the Willow Workbench
105 Reunion  A Memento
106 Opportunities Operating Room
107 Fieldwork Pierre's Hospital Room
108 Under Thunder Hospital Basement
109 Diagnosis Hospital Laboratory
110 Corrupted Hidden Room
111 The Flying Circus Jack's Plane
112 The Manuscript Gallery Staging
113 Murky Fortunes Card Table
114 Showtime Barn
115 Hard Truths Eiffel Tower
116 The Next-door Neighbor June's Balcony
117 A Voice from Beyond Office
118 Heresay, Theresay Kitchen Stove
119 Flights of Fancy Apartment Building Garden
120 Motives in Motion Housewarming Party
121 Bon Voyage Overboard Rescue
122 The Hand of Fate Pub Cleanup
123 Fated  Sheep Blockade
124 Into the Fire Medical Tent
125 Together Fishing
126 A Grand Getaway Recreation Car
127 A Terrible Spill Empty Cabin
128 Bonfil's Demise Locate Keys
129 Accusations on Board Elma's Desk
130 Final Stop Decoupling Train
131 Off the Rails Restore the Party 
132 Deeper Waters Mysterious Medusa
133 Across Constantinople Outside Duyal's Apartment
134 Cornered Outside Hookah Bar
135 Unveiled Dressing Room
136 Secrets and Vows Making Lantern
137 New Directions Changing a Tire
138 Stagnant Water Track the Supplies
139 Belly of the Beast Escape the Cave
140 A Helping Hand Loading the Donkey
141 Resolucion Fiesta
142 Up in Smoke Swan Boat
143 A New Dawn Nursery
144 Falling Apart June's Living Room
145 Home Again June's Dream
146 The Treasure Hunt Garden
147 Port in a Storm Troubled Waters
148 Gaining Perspective Building a Birdhouse
149 Sisters Opening the Time Capsule
150 Until Next Time Playing Chess
151 Detective Extraordinaire Hazel's Clock
152 Fallen Dynasty Helping Avery
153 Love & Loss Flowers for Avery
154 Where there's a will Treehouse Escape
155 Strong Willed Building a Treehouse Base
156 A Very Strange Day Lost in Hong Kong
157 The Missing Monkey Dust for Fingerprints
158 Deceit Stranded at Sea
159 The Last Heist Retrieving the missing artifact
160 Monkey Business Remembering Kim Chuen
161 All Grown Up  Decorating Virginia's Room
162 Bad Press Finding the File
163 Dark Skies Laundry Van
164 The Institution  Developing Photos
165 Chosen Family Setting the Stage
166 Vegas, Baby! Showgirls' Dressing Room
167 Red Handed June's Dream
168 Defiance Catching Jewel 
169 Specters from the past Riverside Crash
170 On the Run Memory Lane
171 Tropical Reunion Making a Dress
172 Hunting the stag Jungle Path
173 Cruel Deeds Contacting Tommy
174 Holding out for a heroine Save Jack!
175 Till Death Do Us Apart Solve the Scavenger Hunt
176  The Honeymooners Fishing Contest
177  Icarus Rises Packing for Jack
178 Covert Operations Bootlegging Booze
179 Hostile Negotiations Fixing the Boat
180 A Better Future Phone Booth
181 Training Day Final Test
182 Across the Pond Getting Equipped
183 Spy Game Only Way is Up
184 The White Cat Cracking Zivko's Safe
185 A Swift Descent Escaping the Avalanche
186 A New Bond Finding Bruno
187 Manhunt Breaking Bruno
188 Troubled Waters Building a Sled
189 The Cat's Hair Diverting a Projectile
190 Zivko's End Card Game
191 Reconnecting Cooking a Meal
192 Eastern Promises Uncovering Evidence
193 Torn Capturing Saeed
194 Lovers and Traitors The Only Way is Down
195 On Shaky Ground Sleeping Alone
196 Love and Duty Prepping for Airdrop
197 Bizzare Bazaar Helping Nathaniel
198 True Colors Making Drinks
199 Jack's Journey Gatecrashing a Party
200 Separations Nursing a Bullet Wound
201 Breaking Point Leaving Persia
202 Like Mother, Like Daughter Relaxing at the Spa
203 The Whole Truth Unlocking a Puzzle Box
204 Subversion Investigating Icarus
205 Going Rogue Rosa's Car
206 London Calling London Paddington
207 Tick Tick Boom Defuse the Bomb
208 Checkmate Playing Chess
209 A Diamond Rises Premier Photo
210 Homecoming  Orchid Estate Lounge
211 City of Dreams Coconut Clean up
212 Priorities Preparing Cocktail
213 Artistic Vision Life Drawing 
214 Bad Advice Find the Witness Statement
215 Case Closed? Tidying up reception
216 Double Trouble Making a Picnic Lunch
217 Kiss of the Devil Gaining Entry
218 On the right track Getting that ball
219 An Expert Opinion Wiretapping Duke
220 Tell it to the Judge Escaping a Maze
221 For Science! Museum Auditorium
222 Museum Mayhem Reconstructing a Robot
223 Fires and Firings  Searching a Crime Scene
224 No smoke without fire Finding the Curator
225 Bearers of Good News Testing out the Lab
226 Shoot for the Sky Prepping for aerial stunt
227 That's Tinseltown Help Buster
228 One Milkshake, Two Straws Tj's Office
229 When the Smoke Clears Preparing a Bath
230 The Regal Roaster Save Lucy 
231 In Hot Pursuit Going Over the Evidence
232 From the Ashes Defuse the Booby Traps
233 Mansion Matters Entertaining Miss Divine
234 Out with a Boom Fight the Fire
235 New Beginnings Grill Burgers
236 People Power Rescue the Baby Swans
237  Strength in Numbers Print Flyers
238 Deeds Not Words Tend to the Injured
239 Viva la Revolution Barricading the Factory
240 Voyage to Virginia Save June's Hat
241 Following the Breadcrumbs Deciphering a Location
242 End of the Trail Gathering Evidence
243 The Price of Freedom  Bidding Farewell
244 What Makes One Happy  Learn to Dance
245 The Four Detectives Sorting the Agency Mail
246 It's Greek to Me Examining the Fake
247 Digging up the past Dismantling the Tent
248 Meeting the Master Wine and Dine
249 The Lost Treasure Rescue from the Well
250 To Catch the Thief Finding Montana
251 The Collector  Forging an Invitation
252 Gatecrashers Cheering up Elpida
253 The Switcheroo Displaying a Statue
254 Faith Restored Setting Up a Shrine
255 Until We Meet Again Picnic on a Boat
256 Reunited Helping with Dinner
257 Brother's Blues Setting up the Stage
258 Grit in the Oyster Stringing Pearls
259 The Brothers Talbot Retrieving the Saxophone
260 He Ain't' Heavy Dressing Up Mrs. Talbot
261 The Basket Taking Care of the Baby
262 Bringing up Buddy Giving Buddy a Bath
263 Where's Mommy? Minnie's Lab
264 Dolly and Monica Drinking Games
265 Dollface Fixing the Doll
266 Maternal Instinct Who Did This?
267 Johnson Family Values Making a Mobile
268 Hot Pursuit Escaping the Bathroom
269 A Need for Speed Saving Snakebite
270 Into the Woods Scaring Off the Wolf
271 Sisterhood Drawing Game
272 Do the Right Thing Baking a Pie
273 Big Brother Fair Games
274 A Place to Call Home Tapping a Maple Tree
275 No Place Like Home Making a Scrapebook
276 Handsome Gentleman Caller  Dress Fitting
277 Casablanca Nights Building a Ham Radio
278 Rush Suiting Up
279 Need for a Lead Making a Pit Stop
280 Got a Crash on You Cheering up Minnie
281 Three Cars, One Crash Rescuing Luis
282 End of the Road Turning up Bumpers
283 Dearly Beloved Relaxing in a Hammam
284 All Aboard Playing the shell game
285 A Rock and a Hard Place Escaping the Shed
286 Runaway Groom Finding the meeting point
287 Best Laid Plans Catching the Train
288 To the Rescue On the Trail
289 Through the Valley of Death Calming Jack and Youssef
290 The Last Leg Creating the Wedding Table
291 Escape to Paradise Building a Sandcastle
292 Paradise Lost Investigating the Body
293 Everyone's a Suspect Snooping Around
294 The Moving Finger Searching Dicky's Villa
295 Murder, he wrote Setting Up a Picnic
296 Athena United Opening the Briefcase
297 The Missing Heiress Saving a Dog
298 Good Sleuth, Bad Sleuth Finding Sydney's File
299 Two Suspects Chasing the Stalker
300 Grand Opening Creating a Scoop
301 Northward Bound Setting up a Bedroom
302 Boksun Blues Cooking a meal
303  Off his chest Opening the Chest
304 Cat among the pigeons Showing the Evidence
305 True justice Getting to sleep
306 Playing with Fire Inspecting the scene
307 Poker Face Forging an Appointment
308 Wake the dead Changing newt's bandages
309 Beaten to the punch Fixing the Faucet
310 Poison Pen Examining the scene
311 Character assassination Searching the mailroom
312 Love Hate Fighting the press
313 A fork in the road Doing the right thing
314 You've got time Breaking the code
315 The Split Packing up the agency
316 Departures and arrivals Parachuting into french guiana
317 Date with destiny  Setting up the telescope
318 Bait and switch Escaping the brig
319 The morning after Fighting the current
320 The Chacal Preparing the boat
321 Picking up the pieces Checking the crimescene
322 Shifting Gears Escaping the backyard
323 Glass half empty Sitting through receipts
324 One more day Entering the basement
325 Caught in the act Drawing the suspect
326 Dead end Escaping into the night
327 A fateful reunion  Searching the room
328 Minnie undercover Sabotaging the missile
329 All together now Navigating the vents
330 Out with a bang Escaping the ship
331 On a dark desert highway Searching the radio tower
332 Silent as the dead Tuning in to the radio
333 Tall, dark, and loathsome Searching the apartment
334 Twists and Turns Saving Cecil
335 Time's up Trailing the killer
336 Homeward Bound Arranging a picnic
337 Don't get too comfortable Getting comfortable
338 Take the bait Climbing down to the alley
339 No rest for the wicked Making fake blood
340 The end of the line Performing first aid
341 When things get personal Restoring a photo
342 Deep in the heart of texas Figuring it out
343 Radio Interference Stopping the attack
344 Up in flames Escaping the flames
345 Lay the blame on me Playing cards
346 A price to pay Fixing the phone
347 Past and Future Stabilizing the plane
348 Hard time Doing the laundry
349 The Verdict Getting June discharged
350 Family Matters Clearing a path
351 Missed Connections Checking the book
352 A mother's secrets Looking into records
353 Old dog, new tricks Readying the boat
354 The dragonhead Finding a place to hide
355 Fish out of water Casting off

This concludes our guide on how many chapters in June's Journey exist. Keep in mind, that new chapters keep getting added to the story so you never run out of content in this game. Good luck with finding your next clues, detectives!

Ayesha As an indie RPG enthusiast, I believe life's too short to miss out on epic adventures. In my free time, I relish the enchanting worlds of fantasy novels and movies.
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