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Soluces Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery: Answers to course questions

Soluces Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery answers questions

Dear Apprentice Wizards, welcome to another tip article Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery! Stuck on a question? Here you'll find information on all the lessons you'll be taking at Hogwarts and answers to any course questions you may have. Each year you spend at Hogwarts unlocks access to a new subject taught. So, as you progress through history, new courses appear, with new questions. Some of the questions are quite easy if you know the history of the famous wizard inside out. But if it's been too long since you've delved into thehistory ofHarry Potter, it's normal to have a few gaps!
So become the most powerful wizard of Hogwarts with all the answers to the questions Harry Potter ! 🪄

Tips: answers to Potions course questions 🧪

In Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, in first year, you have access to 3 courses: Potions, Spells and Broomstick Flying. The Potion class is taught by (charming) Professor Snape in the Dungeons. You'll have to hang in there because he'll be rough on you. Yes, just like in the original story, he hates you!

soluces Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Potions Course
Potions course questionsGood answer
What type of cauldron do first year students need?Pewter
What condition can be cured by a soothing potion?Shock
What is the best way to express juice from sopophora beans?Grinding it
Which ingredient is not used in the Shrinking Potion?Rotten egg
What is in the Amnesia Potion?Water from the river Lethe
What ingredients 'seal' the bite of a werewolf?Money and Dictam
In which potion is sisymbrium and tree snake skin used?Polynectar
Which one is an ingredient of the Polynectar potion?Powdered bicorn horn
What kind of potion is Weedosoros?Poison
What potion is used to get rid of the Doxies?Doxycide
If I wanted to use an age potion to make myself much older, what should I do?Drink more
What is the effect of the Bright Eye potion?Keeps you awake
What does the fire protection potion taste like?Glazed
What does the hair-raising potion do?The hair stands on end
What does Amortentia smell like?It depends
Which 12th century wizard created the remedy from which Pimentine evolved?Linfred of Stinchcombe
Who wrote Potions and Philtres Magiques?Arsenius Beaulitron
Who wrote the Advanced Potions Manual?Libatius Borage
Before Dumbledore, who was the director of Hogwarts ?Armando Dippet
What is the name of the poltergeist at Hogwarts ?Peeves
Who previously held Severus Snape's position as Potions Master?Horace Slughorn
Who is the headmaster of Slytherin House?Professor Flitwick
Which House of Hogwarts does Professor Snape oversee?Slytherin
What potion would make Rowan feel better?Peppermint
What ingredient from Snape's potion stash did he ask you to get House points for?Pickled slugs
At what age can you get a transplant permit?17
How many stairs are there at Hogwarts ?142

Soluces Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery: Answers to Spell Questions 🪄

Spellcraft classes are also available from the first year in the East Tower, but can be taken throughout your progress at Hogwarts. These courses are taught by the tiny Professor Flitwick.

tips Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Course spells
Questions during SpellingsGood answer
What does the Lumos spell produce?Light
What is the effect of the Stupefy spell?It stuns
Which of these spells can summon an object?Accio
What kind of spell is Flipendo?A curse
What is Alohomora used for?To unlock a door
Which of these spells is not for cleaning?Confringo
In what situation would you use Cistem Aperio?Opening a locked safe
Which incantation should be used to increase the power of the Bombarda spell?Bombarda Maxima
What does the Vermillieux spell at the end of the wand do?Red sparks
Recurvite can eradicate the invasions of which magical creature?Bandimon
Why was Arresto Momentum originally created?To slow down the fall of a canopy
Which spell book contains the Leg-Lock spell?Spells and counterspells
Who invented the spell of Allegiance?Felix Labeille
Who is the teacher of metamorphoses?Minerva McGonagall
Who is the astronomy teacher?Professor Sinistra
What is the name of Rusard's cat?Miss Moth

Tips: answers to Flight on a broom course questions 🧹

Broom Flying is an essential course when you are a wizard's apprentice and especially when you want to become a Quidditch champion! You will have the opportunity to take these lessons from Year 1 with Madame Bibine at the Training Ground in the Castle grounds.

soluces Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery course flying on broomsticks
Questions about broom flying coursesCorrect answer
Who is the flight instructor?Ms. Bibine
What is yellow about Madame Bibine?His eyes
Where do the flying lessons take place?The training ground
What do you have to say to get your broom into your hands?Get up!
Which Quidditch ball is the biggest?The Souafle
What object do you need to catch to end a Quidditch match?Le Vif d'Or
What is a flash of fire?A broom
A Nimbus is a type of...broom
Which of these names is not a broom name?Phoenix
No spell allows a wizard to do what?Flying unaided
When does the Quidditch season start at Hogwarts ?September
In Quidditch, the Starfish figure is used by players in which position?Guardian
Where is the headquarters of the Quiditch British and Irish League?At the Ministry of Magic
What is the name of the US magic government?MACUSA
What did Rowan Khanna grow up in?A tree farm
Who is the Divination teacher?Professor Trelawney
Who is the astronomy teacher?Professor Sinistra
Who is the potions teacher?Severus Snape
Which of these words best describes Slytherin House?Ingenious
Which Quidditch team is last in the league?Chudley's Guns

Tips Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery: answers Metamorphosis course 🐸

From Year 2 onwards, the Metamorphosis classes unlock. With Professor McGonagall, you will learn how to transform lots of things. These classes take place on the Lower East Floor. By the way, there you have 2 energy points to recover!

Metamorphosis course
Questions during MetamorphosesGood answers
Students in metamorphosis practice turning which insect into buttons?The Scarab
Which property should be taken into account during a metamorphosis?The weight of the target
What does Réparifagex do?Reversing metamorphoses
What spell is used to repair broken objects?Reparo
What is the spell that makes an object disappear?Evanesco
Which spell can reproduce an object?Gemino
What spell turns an object into stone?Duro
What spell was used to unmask Gellert Grindelwald in 1926?Revelio
What can't the vanishing spell help with?Dance
What is Colovaria called?Colour Change Spell
What does Colovaria do?Change the colour of something
What is a transfer spell?A simultaneous metamorphosis
What is the purpose of the Transfer spell?Inverting two objects
How many students sleep in each dormitory at Hogwarts ?5

Tips: answers to Botany course questions 🪴

Botany classes take place from Year 3 onwards with Professor Chourave in the greenhouse on the Lower East Floor, just past the History of Magic Room.

tips Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Botany course
Botany course questionsGood answers
What feature of Mandrake is potentially lethal?His cry
Dentus Geraniums are known for their...Their fangs
What are cricasses capable of?Moving around and making noise
What creature guards the Wiggentrees?Botruc
What happens when you touch a Wiggentree?We are protected from evil creatures
What is the main purpose of the dictam?To be cared for
Which of these plants is a Category C non-tradable substance?Poisonous tentacle
Which of these plants flowers instantly?Champifleur
Where do the best quality figs grow?Abyssinia
What magic plant allows humans to breathe underwater?Branchiflora
What is the name of the witch village near Hogwarts ?Hogsmeade
Who previously held the position of Severus Snape?Horace Slughorn
Who is the conductor of the Frog Choir?Filius Flitwick

Tips: answers to Care for magical creatures course questions 🦄

The courses in the care of magical creatures are taught by Silvanus Brûlopot. You won't have access to them until you're in Year 4, so not just yet! You will have to go to the Castle Enclosure, past Hagrid's garden, where you will find the Care of Magical Creatures.

Care of Magical Creatures Course
Questions about the Care of Magical Creatures courseGood answers
Acromantula is the name of the giant version of which creature?Spider
What spell repels spiders?Arania Exumai
Musard venom is one of the only substances known to kill which invasive species?Horglup
What does the classification of a single "X" mean?Boring
What does the Fumos spell do?Creates smoke
What is the best solution to a broken nose?Episkey
Which item in the director's office allows you to consult bottled memories?The Think Tank
Who is the keeper of the Keys and Places at Hogwarts ?Rubeus Hagrid
Who is the history of magic teacher?Professor Binns
Where is Hogwarts ?In Scotland

Soluces Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery: Defence against the forces of evil 😈

The Defence Against the Forces of Evil course will not take place until Year 5. These courses are taught by Professor Rakepick in the East Tower at the far end.

soluces Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Defence against the forces of evil course
Questions about Defence Against the Dark ArtsGood answers
How long do they say the Defence Against Evil teachers last?One year
When it comes to defence against the forces of evil, it is important to be...?Versatile
What is the term for an object imbued with a fragment of a wizard's soul?Horcrux
Which of these is one of the most powerful defensive spells?The Patronus spell
What should you think about when casting the Patronus spell?To a particularly happy memory
What are some curses capable of?To cross several generations
Which of the following is one of the Unforgivable Spells?Endoloris
Which of these spells protects against evil?Salveo Maleficia
What is the incantation of the Lead Tongue spell?Mimble Wimble
What type of defensive cloud does the Fumos spell create?A cloud of smoke
Which of the following is NOT an evil creature?Fire crab

Tips: answers to History of Magic course questions 📗

It is also in Year 5 that the History of Magic course taught by Professor Binns is unlocked. These courses take place on the Lower East Floor.

soluces Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery History of Magic Course
History of MagicQuestionsGood answers
Who was the first Minister for Magic?Ulick Gamp
To which convention does the Medieval Assembly of Wizards of Europe belong?At the International Wizards' Convention
Why was the Werewolf Code of Conduct a failure?No werewolves signed it
Who is the concierge at Hogwarts ?Rusard
Who is the Professor of Botany?Professor Chourave
Where did Rowan Khanna grow up?A tree farm
Peeves thinks that food is meant to be...?Jetty
What am I a huge fan of?The jokes
What does Hogwarts explicitly forbid, but which I would love to do?Tickling a sleeping dragon

This concludes this tip article Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. I hope it has been a great help in answering all the course questions without any hitches! Maybe we've missed a question, in which case, please leave a quick comment to let the community know about new questions/answers. 💡
If you're just starting out in the game, don't hesitate to check out our comprehensive guide to getting started, we've got lots of useful tips.
Enjoy the game and have fun in the corridors of Hogwarts !

Marjo Former editor-in-chief of Mobi.gg and a real sniper of spelling mistakes. Very good audience, laughter is my fuel. Life is a game, isn't it!

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