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Dueling in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery | Our Tips

Duels Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

Do you always lose your duels in Harry Potter: Hogwart Mystery? Can't seem to beat your opponent? It's not that difficult, but there are a few tricks you should know! So let's find out how duels work in HP: HM, what you can get and what different rewards What spells can you get and what spells you should use first! Follow the guide. 🪄

How do duels work in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery?

To begin with, you need to know where the duels take place in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. The Dueling Room is located in the Dungeons. To start a Duel, you need to go to this Dueling Room (at the very end of the Dungeons). Professor McGonagall is waiting for you there. Press the icon with the two crossed wands.

Dueling room Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Then start a duel by paying the required amount. When you start the game, in year 1, duels will only cost you 150 coins. However, the more you advance in the years at Hogwarts, the more duels will cost you (but you will also win more coins, so well...). Indeed, from year 3 onwards, duels will cost you the sum of 250 coins.

💡 Quick tip: Always have at least 150 coins on you so you can perform your duel as soon as possible! You can perform a duel every 7 hours (excluding quest or special event) or chain duels by spending gems.

Club duel Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Choosing your posture and spells to get the upper hand

I'll tell you right away how to get the upper hand on your opponent and win as many duels as possible, by understanding the stances and spells.

The postures: a shifumi system

In the duels Harry Potter : Secrets at Hogwarts, you can easily gain an advantage over your opponent. But to do so, you have to be a little bit clever. The duels are based on a system of shifumi in 3 positions:

  • Aggressive
  • Sneaky
  • Defensive

Each posture contains a list of spells that you unlock as you adventure and progress through the story of Hogwarts. Each posture has ascendancy over another based on a triangular system:

  • The Aggressive stance beats the Devious stance.
  • The Devious posture beats the Defensive posture.
  • The Defensive posture beats the Aggressive posture.

Whoever wins the starting shifumi casts their spell first. You must therefore cast a spell belonging to the chosen stance. This gives you a real advantage over your opponent, especially at the end of the fight when his life points are low.

In addition, from time to time, the game tells you what spell your opponent is planning to cast next. But only the spell icon appears in the picture. This way, as you play the game, you will get to know the symbols of the spells and know which stance it belongs to. You can then counter your opponent by choosing the posture that beats the one he has chosen.

Duel Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

I've noticed several times that if you start the fight with a Sneaky stance, you have a better chance of defeating your opponent. Especially if you use the Flipendo spell, which hurts a lot.

Flipendo spell
The Flipendo spell hurts the opponent a lot!

Tips and advice to increase your chances of winning

A little advice: when your opponent has very few health points, anticipate his choices! He will inevitably want to heal himself and use a Defensive stance, at the risk of losing the duel. So choose the Sneaky stance, which beats the Defensive stance. This way, you attack first and inflict the damage without him having had time to heal himself. Duel won 😉

Duel Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery
Paralyze your opponent and lower his health points!

Another important tip is that you and your opponent often throw the same stance during the starting shifumi. In this case, there is a tie and the shifumi is restarted. Be aware that in 80% of the cases (unverified statistic, totally deduced from my playing experience), your opponent will throw the same stance again. He will unconsciously bet on the fact that you are the one who is going to change and he will not want to take risks. So, easy! Anticipate and choose the counter of the posture you have just launched. You'll see, you'll have the upper hand quite a few times! 😎

As far as spells are concerned, well, I won't give you a list of the different spells available in the game. Firstly because there are many, and secondly because depending on how far you've progressed in the game, the events you've taken part in, etc., you won't necessarily have the same spells as I do. Just read the description of each spell and you will learn, through playing, which ones do the most damage, which ones heal, etc. Anyway, you can find all the spells available in the game in your profile, by clicking on the icon symbolising a book, then "Lessons", then "Potions" and "Spells".

Spells and potions
Spells Harry Potter

What are the rewards duels Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery?

For each duel you win, you gain experience and 1 energy point. Then, every 11 victories, you get a random reward among: gems, energy, food for magical creatures, a brown notebook or a red notebook. So it's worth doing the duel as soon as it's available to rack up the wins. Also, since each victory gives you 1 energy point, that alone is interesting. Energy is so hard to win!

Seasonal "Dueling Club" event

The "Dueling Club" event is seasonal. This means that it is not available all the time in the game. This event lasts 4 days during which you have to collect as many victories as possible in order to win rewards. You will not be required to pay in coins as these are tickets. You have 3 tickets that you can use one after the other without waiting between each of your 3 duels. Then you have to wait 5 hours to get 3 tickets again. Alternatively, you can decide to pay 65 gems to get 3 tickets and continue duelling. If you win, you get 100 coins, if you lose, well, you lose. 😅

Dueling club event Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery
Beat your comrades to get rewards !

The rewards you get are very interesting, and more and more enticing as you progress through the game.

  • 4 wins: you get 2 brown books,
  • 11 wins: You get 2 blue books,
  • 21 wins: you get 5 red books,
  • 29 wins: you unlock a special spell for duels,
  • 35 wins: you get 2 yellow books.

Coloured booklets are useful for making various purchases in the game. I've detailed all of this in the beginner's guide Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. So, don't miss out on this event when it's available. It won't cost you any coins, and you can earn valuable rewards.

This is the end of this guide to duelling in Harry Potter: Hogwart Mystery! I hope you find it useful and that you win all your duels from now on. Enjoy the game! And may the magic be with you.

Marjo Former editor-in-chief of Mobi.gg and a real sniper of spelling mistakes. Very good audience, laughter is my fuel. Life is a game, isn't it!

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