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Errol's Guide - Artifacts and masteries

errol raid shadow legends guide

Welcome to our new Champions Guide from RAID: Shadow Legends ! This time, we're going to take a look at the champion Errol. In this guide to Errol, we detail his skills, the artefacts to use and the masteries to choose from. But that's not all, we explain how to get this champion and where and how it is useful in the game.
To learn everything about Errol, follow the guide! 👇

Who is the champion Errol in RAID: Shadow Legends ?

Errol is a legendary attack champion belonging to the "Sacred Order" faction. He is very popular because he is a rare champion to obtain and very powerful. He is also very useful in the game. The Errol champion belongs to the strength affinity.

Champion Errol from Raid: Shadow Legends

His skills are very interesting for all players of RAID: Shadow Legends. With this guide to Errol, we'll take a closer look at what they are for!

How to get Errol on RAID: Shadow Legends ?

The Errol Champion is obtained as follows:

How to obtainPhoto
Antique Glow
Void Glow
Legendary Glow
legendary brilliance RAID: Shadow Legendsthe glow of nothingness RAID: Shadow Legendsantique shine RAID: Shadow Legends

Errol's guide: the different skills of the champion

Here is the list of skills that allow him to be so versatile in all the content of RAID: Shadow Legends :

sword Raid: Shadow Legends ErrolBlazing SwordAttacks an enemy and has a 30% chance of scoring a critical hit.

Level 2: Damage + 5%
Level 3: Damage + 10%
Level 4: Damage + 10
Brisheaume Errol Raid: Shadow LegendsBrisheaume Attacks an enemy 3 times and has a 30% chance to deliver a critical hit. In addition, each strike has a 50% chance to ignore the enemy's defence.

Level 2: Damage +10%
Level 3: Damage +10%
Level 4: Damage +10%
Level 5: Damage +15%
Level 6: Cooldown - 1
Errol negation Raid: Shadow LegendsDenialSteals all buffs from the targeted enemy and attacks that enemy. Has a 30% critical strike chance on that enemy.

Level 2: Damage + 15%
Level 3: Damage + 15%
Level 4: Damage + 15%
Level 5: Cooldown - 1
Aura Errol Raid: Shadow LegendsAuraIncreases the attack of allies in dungeons by 35%.

As he is an attack type champion, all his skills will be based on the attack he has thanks to the artefacts. He is therefore very useful in all the content of RAID: Shadow Legends.
Moreover, this champion combined with other champions will allow to form a team capable of defeating many opponents.

In which locations of RAID: Shadow Legends, is Errol useful?

The rest of this guide to Errol is about where he will find his use in the game. Well, it's simple, he'll find his interest in almost all the content available in RAID: Shadow Legends !

Arenascore 7
Minotaur's Labyrinth score 8
Ice Golem Peak score 8
Castle of the Fire Knight score 4
Campaign score 8
Dragon's Denscore 8
Spider's Den score 5
Clan Bossscore 4
Keep of the Forcescore 10
Dungeon of the Voidscore 8
Spirit Dungeonscore 4
Dungeon of Magic score 10

The strategies to be applied in the different locations of RAID: Shadow Legends will be different from each other, but Errol will fulfil his role perfectly whatever happens.

In order to make it as effective as it is, it will need to be fitted with artefacts that will give it an advantage on the battlefield.

The different artefacts to be applied to Errol

Let's continue this guide to Errol with the different artefacts that can be assigned to him. Depending on where the champion is used, the artefacts will obviously change. We will therefore give an example of the artefacts to assign to him for all the content in which he will be useful.

Clan Boss
Faction War
2 attack sets
1 speed set

These two sets are valid for all contents of RAID: Shadow Legends. The attack set allows him to increase the damage caused by his skills since they are based on attack.
The speed set allows him to assign speed to make Errol play faster.

Here are the details of the different artefacts to be attributed to him:

Type of ArtifactProperty
Weaponattack artefact Raid: Shadow Legends
Headsetlife artefact Raid: Shadow Legends
Shielddefence artefact Raid: Shadow Legends
Gauntlets critical rate artefact Raid: Shadow Legends
Critical Rate
Pansier attack artefact Raid: Shadow Legends
Attack in
Bootartifact of life
Ring attack artefact Raid: Shadow Legends
Amuletartefact critical damage
Critical Damage
Banner precision artefact

Of course, these artefacts may vary according to theexperience of the players and their needs. They remain indicative for new players using the Errol Champion.

Errol's guide: masteries to apply

To understand everything about masteries in RAID: Shadow Legends, I invite you to consult our guide to masteries.

The masteries to be applied on Errol in this guide RAID: Shadow Legends
The masteries to be applied on Errol

Thanks to this guide from Errol, it is possible to use this champion in all the contents of RAID: Shadow Legends

Finally, don't hesitate to consult all the other guides of the different champions that we have made! And to go further in the optimization of the game, you can find all our tips!

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