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raid shadow legends review

Welcome to our review of RAID: Shadow Legends in which we will give you our thoughts on the game and help you understand if it is for you or not 😉

RAID: Shadow Legends, what is it?

RAID: Shadow Legends is a game that has been very successful since its launch thanks to its advertising campaigns and partnerships with major youtubers. Its varied universe and ease of acquisition make it easy for players to project themselves.

raid shadow legends logo

It is an RPG game available on mobile and PC, with a combat system at turn-based. The game takes place in a fantasy world with some elements of the Middle Ages. In this game, the goal is to collect champions and evolve them in order to defeat your main enemy.

To get to this stage, you will have to play a lot of time to get the right champions and artefacts. In addition, the game has a PvP mode where you can compete against other players. (please take a look at our beginner's guide)

Our review about RAID: Shadow Legends

Like all games, Raid Shadow Legends is of great interest interest, but there are a few things that can spoil the experience for players, beginners or seasoned players.


RAID Shadow Legends is a game that allows the player to immerse themselves in a world rich in history and with a large number of challenges.

village rsl

It also allows you to enjoy very good quality graphics compared to some games from the same universe.

For a player new to these types of games, they will easily enjoy their first experience as RAID Shadow Legends allows new players to constantly evolve thanks to the many aids provided. Moreover, the missions allow you to obtain rewards which will help you progress if you make good use of them.

The large number of champions will allow players to find the right champion and make it their favourite. In addition, each champion will find a companion to complement each other. There are also strong champions against other champions and vice versa.

screenshot galek raid

A player can easily play simply to collect these champions, even if to collect these champions, even if there are other games where this is the the main purpose.

The tabs present on the game allow a good visibility on the visibility on the different game modes. In addition, the game has few buildings which gather all the elements necessary to the evolution of your champions.

The combat system may feel like déjà vu, but it's simple enough for a beginner because the game has a system that allows you to launch multiple runs in one go, something that is not found in Summoners War for example.

screenshot combat raid shadow legends

It is also addictive because the idea of progression makes you want to play to play continuously. In addition, the number of champions, each more varied than the other champions, each one more varied than the other, allows the player to remain loyal in order to to obtain legendary champions.

Negative points

Graphically, the game is successful and allows you to enjoy the gameplay provided you have a good phone or computer. However, the game mechanics can seem "arcadey", in the movements or in the writing of the damage.

The common problem with all these games is that they all look the same. The universes have almost all been explored and the mechanics remain the same. For example, we can say that Raid Shadow Legends resembles Summoners War in every way because we find several common points such as the guild content or the different dungeons.

This common problem can spoil the excitement for some players players because there is a sense of "déjà vu".

It is true that the tutorial we follow at the beginning allows us to to follow the scenario fully in order to progress quickly, but some players find the players find the difficulty of the levels too high from one level to another and especially in the story.


RAID: Shadow Legends is a very complete game and the mechanics of the game are simple to assimilate as many games have this same mechanism. Graphically, it is a very nice game to see and very pleasant to play as the animations are still fluid and the champions are well detailed.

But there are also some negative points that may prevent even the most prevent even the strictest of you from enjoying the game, although this does not spoil the enjoyment of the game, although this does not spoil the fun.

In other words, it is a very good game with a very complete content. content. The flaws don't distort the gameplay, but they may but may bother some of you.

If you like this type of game or if you have tested it, don't hesitate to give us your opinion!

Test of RAID Shadow Legends: Our review on this mobile game

Positive points

  • Good graphics
  • Good playability
  • Well-thought-out script (you feel immersed in the story)
  • Addictive

Negative points

  • Little innovation over competitors (same mechanics/dungeon system).
  • Arcade-style animations and writing that break the game's rhythm a little.
  • Spam to buy packs is too common.
  • Graphics - 9
  • Service life - 8
  • Playability - 9

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