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How to use Glyphs in RAID: Shadow Legends ?

raid shadow legends glyph guide

In RAID: Shadow LegendsIn the game, various tricks to improve your champions can be adopted. From increasing the level of the champion, to improving the equipment he owns, there will always be a tip to help you optimize.
Among all these possibilities, we find Glyphs, which allow to improve artifacts. We will explain in detail how to use glyphs in RAID: Shadow Legends!

What is a glyph?

As mentioned above, Glyphs allow the enhancement of artefacts, and more specifically, their sub-properties, in order to obtain better ones. It is important to note that these Glyphs can work on an artefact that has been enhanced to the maximum.

A glyph has two main properties:

  • rank: there are 6 ranks of Glyphs and the higher the rank, the more powerful the Glyph becomes;
  • Sub-statistics: Glyphs improve the following sub-statistics (PV, PV%, ATK, ATK%, DEF, DEF%, VIT, RÉS, PRÉ).

Glyphs were added to the game in Update 1.11, where we detailed the changes.

The different types of glyphs in RAID: Shadow Legends

There are 9 types of Glyphs that can improve a sub-statistic: health, attack, defence, speed, accuracy and resistance.

Let's take a detailed look at all the glyphs and their bonuses.

Health glyph

The health glyph improves the health sub-statistics of artefacts from +75 to +750.

health glyph

Vitality glyph

The vitality glyph improves the PV% sub-statistics of artefacts from +1% to +8%.

vitality glyph

Attack glyph

The attack glyph improves the ATK sub-statistics of artefacts from +4 to +40.

attack glyph

Typing glyph

The typing glyph improves substatistics byATK% of artefacts ranging from +1% to +8%.

typing glyph

Glyph of defence

The glyph of defence improves the DEF sub-statistics of artefacts from +4 to +40.

defence glyph

Glyph of endurance

The stamina glyph improves the DEF% sub-statistics of artefacts from +1% to +8%.

glyph endurance

Glyph of haste

The haste glyph improves artifact ITV sub-statistics from +1 to +8.

glyph of haste

Glyph of protection

The protection glyph improves the RES sub-statistics of artefacts from +1 to +16.

protection glyph

Precision glyph

The accuracy glyph improves the artifact's ESP sub-statistics from +1 to +16.

precision glyph

Improving sub-statistics

Certain conditions need to be met in order to improve sub-statistics:

  • the artefact must have a sub-statistic that corresponds to the applicable glyph ;
  • the artefact must be of the same rank as the glyph, or higher. You will not be able to enhance an artefact with a glyph of a higher rank.

There is no limit to the number of glyphs you can use, i.e. you can continue to use glyphs as long as there are resources available. In other words, it is possible to accumulate improvements.

Tuto tip: Did you know that you can play RAID: Shadow Legends on your PC? We explain how to install it: it's free and very fast!

How to use Glyphs in RAID: Shadow Legends ?

It's very simple, just choose the artefact you want to improve and press "Improve".

accessing your glyphs on raid shadow legends

Once this step has been completed, press "Enchantment" and the selected artefact can be improved.

improving artefacts with glyphs

It is important to note that the results of the improvement will be random. This allows players to estimate their needs for their uses.

How to get the Glyphs in RAID: Shadow Legends ?

Glyphs are obtained as you progress through the game in various story scenarios. You can obtain them when you raid the Faction Crypts (Faction Wars).

map of the faction wars where the glyphs are found

Glyphs are obtained randomly and each of your raids does not guarantee immediate Glyphs. In order to obtain the most powerful glyphs, you will have to complete the highest and most complicated stages.

examples of glyphs

However, it is possible to keep an infinite number of Glyphs in storage. This allows you to get all possible types of Glyphs and adapt them to the appropriate artefact.

Finally, thanks to these Glyphs which appeared on RAID: Shadow Legends in a previous update, it is possible to improve the sub-statistics of the obtained artefacts. This makes them stronger and allows champions to increase their stats.

You now know everything about how glyphs work in RAID: Shadow Legends! To get even better at the game, check out our tips 😉

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