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Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List: the Best Fruits in June 2024

Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List

The meta in the Roblox Game Fruit Battlegrounds is constantly changing. With the addition of new fruits like the MagmaV2 and fruits getting buffed and nerfed, finding the best fruits is the key to making sure you win most of your PvP battles. We’ve done our testing, gathered our information, and created a comprehensive Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List. Find out the best fruit to use in this ranking! Without further ado, let’s get started!

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Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List: the ranking

Here's a summary of our Fruit Battlegrounds tier list, with the various fruits ranked from tier S to tier F:




DragonV2, Ope, Venom, Nika


MagmaV2, IceV2, Dough, Dragon, Paw, Phoenix, Leopard, TSRubber, Barrier, Magnet, String, Lightning / Goro, Gravity, Magma, Quake, Light / Pika


Flame, Darkness, Falcon


Gas, Smoke, Bomb


Ice, Rubber, Sand



To find out more about the game, take a look at our Fruit Battlegrounds code article!

Tier S, the best fruits of the Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List

The S-Tier in this Fruit Battlegrounds tier list consists of fruits that you should always use if you have them. They tend to beat out all other tiers and are generally considered imbalanced in the current state of the meta. 

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DragonV2, the best fruit of the Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List

DragonV2 Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List

Rarity: Mythical

The DragonV2 is an upgrade of the Dragon and is currently the best fruit in Fruit Battlegrounds. It has a one-shot combo that’s extremely easy to pull off. It has massive AOE damage, both of its two forms have high damage, and its special weapon acts as an initiation for a combo but can also be used to extend it.

It is quite hard to get and can consume a lot of stamina if you want to dish out larger combos. But, it still is undisputed when it comes to just raw DPS and overall viability.

Ope, A Fruit with the Strongest Ultimate in the Game

Ope - Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List

Rarity: Mythical

The DragonV2 and Ope are generally tied when it comes to crowning the best fruit in Fruit Battlegrounds. What differentiates both is the need for higher skill to be able to pull off most of the high-damage combos on the Ope. 

The Gamma Knife is the strongest ultimate in the game, thanks to its stun, high damage, and knockback potential. Plus, you’ll be able to use the fruit in more handicapped situations thanks to moves like Wreckage, which have an extremely high range.

Venom, The Only Fruit That Bypasses All Blocks After You Transform

Venom in Fruit Battlegrounds

Rarity: Mythical

In this Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List, Venom is the only fruit whose moves bypass all blocks after you transform. Almost all your moves have an excellent stun, and the fruit also has one of the best DPS figures in the game. Almost every move can be chained to combo into another move and moves like Venom Road deal a plethora of damage over a very large AoE.

Its only considerable con is that you won’t feel very powerful in your base form, and you’ll also be plagued by poor damage output as well. 

Nika, A Great Fruit For Seasoned Players

Fruit Battlegrounds Nika

Rarity: Mythical

Nika is one of the best fruits of the Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List, but has one significant drawback: starting combos on this fruit can prove to be extremely difficult. Almost every move has an extremely long startup, and most moves can feel impossible to hit before you transform.

However, once you do land them, the fruit has amazing stuns, excellent AoE damage, and can absolutely pummel most fruits down in PvP. It is also not an easy fruit to fight against, thanks to its heavy CC and emphasis on range with good hitboxes to complement its moves.

So, while you can around 800 damage for a single combo, getting that combo started still remains difficult. 

Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List: A Tier Fruits

The A-Tier consists of great fruits that you can’t go wrong with if you use them. Some of them were S-Tier fruits at some point, but were recently nerfed or changed.

MagmaV2, the Fruit with the Most Effective Combo

MagmaV2 - Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List

Rarity: Legendary

The MagmaV2 has one of the best combo potentials in the game. It is a valiant upgrade over the Magma, and its 1,2,3,4,5 combo is the most effective combo in Fruit Battlegrounds. Our biggest gripe with this fruit is its extremely long cooldowns and how moves like Meigo can be punished if you end up missing up, which means that this fruit can truly shine in its potential when played by a highly skilled player. Let's move on to the next tier A fruits in our Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List.

IceV2, One of the Most Mobile Fruits in Fruit Battlegrounds

IceV2 in Fruit Battlegrounds

Rarity: Legendary

IceV2 is an extremely strong fruit because it has great mobility and also lets you stall transformation. As you’ve noticed, a lot of these fruits that are in the higher tiers rely on their transformations before they can start doing massive damage.

And, with IceV2, you are able to effectively delay their power spikes while still having a very reasonable fighting chance. You’ll also be able to stun enemies and Absolute Zero. Your coup de grâce deals immense damage at quite a large range. 

Since Fruit Battlegrounds shares a resemblance to Blox Fruits, you’ll see a lot of similar fruits like the IceV2 across both games. You can also check our Blox Fruits Tier List.

Dough, The Fruit with the Best Combo Potential in the Game

Dough Fruit Battlegrounds Roblox

Rarity: Mythical

Dough of the Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List has an extra high combo potential and can be used to fight enemies in the air. But, where it lacks is in its overall variety. Most moves like Buzzcut can be countered by just being airborne, and initial starter combos are prone to be blocked.

Plus, if you are on a lower level (generally below level 45), you’ll have a very hard time trying to use the fruit since it demands a lot of stamina to be effective. All in all, it is a great fruit and deserves A-Tier, but has some drawbacks, particularly in its move set, which makes it sub-optimal in some situations. 

Dragon, tier A fruit of the Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List

Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List : Dragon

Rarity: Legendary

The DragonV1, or the base Dragon, is still a very strong fruit. If you are able to hit your Dragonclaw early, you’ll be able to take out your foe quite fast. However, that is also contingent on you being able to follow up with another Dragonclaw to truly finish them off, which some fruits like Dough, which is also in the A-Tier can zone out.

But still, the Dragon has high AoE, is very beginner-friendly even though it deals massive damage, and has a lot of moves that bypass block. It doesn’t fare well against fruits that have a high level of mobility, and you can’t truly punish enemies before you transform. 

Paw, the Best PvP Fruit in the Game

Paw in Fruit Battlegrounds

Rarity: Epic

Paw is an extremely strong fruit, particularly for PvP, if you are able to consistently land your combos, as your enemy won’t be able to escape. If you aren’t able to get your hands on a Legendary or Mythical, Paw is a great choice.

Plus, Torture has one of the largest hitboxes in the game, with moves like Ursus Shock also being quite easy to land, even from a longer range.

Phoenix, A Counterable But Great Fruit

Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List : the Phoenix Fruit

Rarity: Legendary

Phoenix is a great fruit to play given that you aren’t countered by fruits like Lightning. The reason why it ranked so high in the list is that even some S-Tier fruits like the DragonV2 can’t do much against your M1, Fujiazami. However, it can still be blocked, which can ultimately lead to your demise.

You ironically have only one ranged move and need your transformation before you can do much, which is why Phoenix is stuck in the A-Tier for now. However, if it gets even slightly buffed to feel more viable pre-transformation, the fruit will definitely shoot up to the S-Tier. 

Leopard, One of the Highest DPS Fruits

The Leopard Fruit in Fruit Battlegrounds

Rarity: Mythical

Leopard has one of the highest damage numbers in this Fruit Battlegrounds tier list. Most of its moves are block breaks or just downright bypass blocks. Unlike fruits like Venom or Phoenix, you aren’t reliant on your transformation before you start dishing out damage.

The only issue with this fruit when it comes to PvP is its extremely high cooldowns and slightly clunky moveset. When you move to higher levels, you’ll immediately start feeling the lack of follow-up this fruit has compared to other A-Tier and S-Tier fruit. However, its only con is its extremely high cooldowns, which can get quite annoying against more mobile fruits.

TSRubber, Best Combo Starter Fruits

TSRubber : Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List

Rarity: Legendary

TSRubber doesn’t do well against airborne targets. But besides that, the fruit has two excellent combo starters, very low cooldowns, and a transformation that can be extremely brutal if your opponent can’t block that well.

Plus, moves like the Jet Pistol have almost no buildup, and can be a huge nuisance to play against, thanks to its spammy nature. You can also use the Kong Gatling to evade attacks, increasing your mobility.

Barrier, A Balanced Fruit of the Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List

Barrier : Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List

Rarity: Common

The Barrier is a mediocre fruit in terms of its overall moveset. It has decent cooldowns, doesn’t require tons of levels, and is quite fun to play. However, it doesn’t excel in its stuns, combo potential, range, or overall moveset. Because of this, while it is in the A-Tier, you won’t see a lot of players using it as it doesn’t really counter any fruit above or below its tier.

Magnet, A Fruit With One of the Best Ultimates in the Game

Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List - Magnet

Rarity: Legendary

Magnet has one of the best ultimates in the game. Its Punk Cannon is not blockable and is also quite hard to dodge. So, even if your opponent sees you ulting, there’s not much they can do about it. 

Most of the fruit’s moves break block and guard as well. However, the fruit does take up a lot of stamina, and your knockback feels like a double-edged sword at times because you end up flinging enemies too far, ruining your combos.

String, A Fruit with Great Damage and a Balanced Moveset

The Fruit String in Fruit Battlegrounds

Rarity: Epic

String has great damage, and its moveset is also pretty easy to land, given that you are semi-close to your opponent. It also bodes well against most other A-tier fruit, particularly Lightning and Paw, thanks to its moveset acting as an immediate counter to most airborne fruit.

String’s biggest con is its short range on its abilities, like Sixteen Bullets, and the fact that you’ll often be exposed to counter-attack because you have to get very up close and personal to actually dish out damage. 

Lightning / Goro, An Excellent Fruit with a Bad Move

Lightning in the Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List

Rarity: Mythical

Lightning is a great fruit, don’t get us wrong. But you still can’t confirm the position of where to land your Ragio. Because of this, Lightning is currently the only Mythical fruit in Fruit Battlegrounds that you can’t combo into.

The point is, you can’t consistently hit Lightning’s ult. If you could, this fruit would’ve been S-Tier material. But, because of that, even though Lightning has great damage and one of the best AoE figures in the game, it falls in the A-Tier.

Gravity, A High Damage Fruit with Very Long Cooldowns

The Gravity Fruit

Rarity: Legendary

Gravity will get taken off the A-Tier even if it gets slightly nerfed. But, for now, it retains its viability. While it is better than Darkness because its moves don’t punish you, the fruit is plagued with high cooldowns and a lack of mobility overall.

So, while Gravity isn’t that fantastic compared to an S-Tier fruit, you can at least count on it to dish out reliable damage and not be easily countered, thanks to its spammable moveset.

Magma, Great Combo Potential, But Only Beat by the MagmaV2 Fruit

Magma in Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List

Rarity: Epic

Base Magma has great damage, thanks to most moves having burned. Just like MagmaV2, the fruit has excellent combo potential if you are able to get the animations just right. However, almost all of its attacks are extremely slow and, just like the V2, are quite horrendous against most mobile fruits.

Magma ranks in the lower A-Tier because V2 is an upgrade over it in every single way, according to our Fruit Battlegrounds tier list, which is why the base fruit can feel a bit redundant in most encounters at higher skill levels.

Quake, A Recently Nerfed Fruit

Fruit Battlegrounds - Quake

Rarity: Legendary

Recent updates have nerfed Quake pretty hard, especially its ultimate, Sequake. Now, your opponent can just double-jump away from your tsunami at the very last second, causing them to entirely dodge your ultimate. Considering the fruit’s entire shtick is causing quakes, your opponent really shouldn’t be able to double jump and dodge them so easily.

If you are playing someone who isn’t aware of how easy your moves are to dodge, you’ll absolutely decimate them. The fruit has great cooldowns awesome AoE, and Slam can be used for mobility’s sake and also offensively when needed.

Light / Pika, Fruit with the Fastest Flight in Fruit Battlegrounds

Light / Pika in the Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List

Rarity: Epic

Paw and Light are often compared to one another when it comes to PvP. While the fight would last quite long due to both the fruits having a lot of mobility, it’ll almost always end up in Paw’s favor since the fruit’s entire premise is based on countering airborne attacks.

The fruit has the fastest flight in the game, has extremely long range, and feels quite quick to play as well. It is a great fruit to stall for time, but ultimately, you’ll end up losing most encounters against other A and S-Tier fruit.

B-Tier Fruits in Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List

B-Tier fruits can be considered situational at best in this Fruit Battlegrounds tier list. This means that they aren’t great picks for every situation but can excel against certain fruits. 

Flame, A Buffed Fruit of the Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List

Fruit Battlegrounds - Flame

Rarity: Epic

Flame has recently gotten buffed, taking it right out of the C-Tier and into the more hopeful lands of B-Tier. With the buff, you have very low cooldowns, allowing you to spam your moves quite quickly. Consequently, though, you also deplete your stamina at the same rate.

The fruit still only has a few good moves, like Beam and Fire Fist. Besides that, almost all of Flame’s moves can feel quite hard to hit, and you will feel like a sitting duck when casting a move like Beam, thanks to its buildup.

Darkness, Excellent Fruit for Close-Ranged Battle

Darkness - Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List

Rarity: Rare

Darkness is a great fruit for close-ranged battles. But, it isn’t great for any other situation. All of its moves have an extremely low range, and every move except Black Hole is also blockable. The infamous infinite combo, while true against certain move sets, can immediately be countered by a block.

Couple that with the fruit’s low mobility, and Darkness really deserves B tier in our Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List, rendering it situational at best.

Falcon, An Extremely Mobile Fruit

The Falcon Fruit in Fruit Battlegrounds

Rarity: Uncommon

Falcon is an absolute boss at 1v1’ing at close range. It is quite a mobile fruit and has insane combo potential, as its moveset allows it to chain combo a fruit for multiple skills at a time. 

However, you’ll feel very inconsistent with the Falcon as it's great against certain fruits that you can pull towards yourself. But you’ll feel like a sitting duck against fruits who can take you out with their superior range as you have no effective counter against them. 

Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List: C-Tier 

The C-Tier has fruits that you shouldn’t pick unless you are trying out a certain strategy or are specifically countering a particular fruit.

Gas, Longest Tick Damage Fruit in Fruit Battlegrounds

Gas in Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List

Rarity: Uncommon

Gas is an extremely easy-to-obtain fruit that retains its utility for quite a long while. The fruit has one of the longest-lasting continuous ticks in the game and also has two combo extenders. But, like most fruit obtained in the early game, it requires a lot of stamina to be utilized properly.

Moreover, while the extenders are great, the actual combo initations aren’t. Couple that with the fruit’s bad mobility, and you start to get an idea of why not a lot of people use Gas, unless they’re really into the Suffocation stun that the fruit has.

Smoke, A Fruit Which Breaks A Lot of Block Moves

Smoke in Fruit Battlegrounds

Rarity: Uncommon

Smoke is extremely easy to get, and all of your moves also break block. If that’s the case, why is the fruit in C-Tier? Well, almost all your moves have extremely low range, and your Typhoon and Firework are quite easy to dodge.

In essence, while you do have quite killer moves, you won’t be able to dish out damage because your DPS values aren’t that high. Moreover, the fact that two of your moves can be dodged so easily leaves you very vulnerable to counterattack almost constantly.

Bomb, A Great Troll Fruit

The Fruit Bomb

Rarity: Rare

Bomb isn’t really a fruit you want to be using for serious PvP. It is a good troll fruit, but has very bad mobility and is absolutely horrendous in long-range battles since even your ultimate, Howtizer Impact, requires players to be near you.

However, it is an excellent fruit for beginners if you are getting into the game and want an easy-to-understand moveset that doesn’t seem too daunting while also letting you deal decent damage. 

D-Tier Fruits in Our Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List

Ah, the D-Tier. While not the worst fruits in the game, they do come pretty close. These fruits usually are ones that were great at release but were shadowed over by other entries that are simply better than them in every single way.

Ice, One of the Best Beginner Fruits in Fruit Battlegrounds

The Ice Fruit in Fruit Battlegrounds

Rarity: Rare

The Ice Fruit has been a part of the game since its release. It is one of the only Rare fruits in the game and was in the S / A tier for a long while. However, like most fruits that were released at the start, it hasn’t really scaled that well compared to newer fruits like the DragonV2. 

It is easy to level up and also is one of the best beginner fruits in the game, thanks to it being quite forgiving when it comes to combos and mobility. But, once you climb up the ranks, it quickly starts losing its charm.

Rubber, A Bad Fruit That is Also Hard to Play

Rubber in Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List

Rarity: Uncommon

Rubber usually waddles around the D and F-Tier and generally hasn’t even gone to C-Tier since the past few updates. The fruit is plagued with a number of issues. Firstly, its moves are extremely easy to block, most of them very low range, and it is quite difficult to hit enemies with your pistol or bazooka if you haven’t transformed yet.

For a beginner fruit, Rubber is quite hard to play. Plus, the fruit doesn’t have any reliable combos besides your bazooka and pistol. The only reason why this fruit isn’t in F-Tier is because it can dish out some damage if in the right hands.

Sand, The Fruit with the Most Blockable Moves in the Game

The Sand Fruit

Rarity: Common

If your opponent knows how to use their F key, aka knows how to block, you won’t be having a great time with Sand. Every single move except Spada is blockable, which means you won’t be able to do much against a semi-decent player.

Plus, some of your moves can also be dodged by a dash, which means that your effective DPS numbers are quite low, rendering you immune to counterattack. Sand is only a viable pick if you know you are going to be against extremely new players.

Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List: F-Tier Fruits

Consisting of the worst fruit(s) in the game, the F-Tier is the bottom of the barrel in our Fruit Battlegrounds tier list. You shouldn’t really be trying anything in this tier if you are serious about winning. 

Chop, the worst fruit of the Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List

Chop - Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List

Rarity: Common

Chop is one of the worst fruits in Fruit Battlegrounds, and for good reasons. It doesn’t have high DPS numbers, its moveset is pitiful, and combos require you to have good aim for them to even chain properly. Compared to other fruits, Chop provides no real advantage, which is why you won’t see it picked much.

While we can anticipate a future update taking the fruit up from its ashes - for now, you probably won’t see Chop being used in higher-skill lobbies, either.

Now you know everything you need to know about the fruits, thanks to our Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List. You now have all the tools you need to optimize the use of your items. To make the most of your experience on Fruit Battlegrounds, and more generally, on all the games on the platform, don't hesitate to consult all our Roblox tips.

Saad An enthusiast of MOBAs and strategy games, he finds joy in the competitive rush and the cerebral tactics they demand. Off-screen, you'll catch him riding motorcycles or backseat coaching his friends on Discord.
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