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Blade Ball Ability Tier List : the best abilities in 2024

Blade Ball ability tier list

Skills play an essential role in Blade Ball combat. This Blade Ball ability tier list will help you choose the best combinations to use in battle. The aim of this Roblox game is to eliminate other players using a heat-seeking ball that you can deflect. If you're hit by the ball once it's red, you're out and the player who sent it towards you will steal your coins. We can't help but draw a parallel with Dodgeball, if you're familiar with the sport! What are the best Blade Ball skills? Let's find out!

Blade Ball ability tier list - the best ranked abilities

Abilities are the key to victory in the Blade Ball strategy game. If you don't already know all these skills, we can only advise you to try them out straight away by playing Blade Ball on Roblox. Concentration, timing and skill are essential to dodge a ball that is chasing you with increasing speed. Acquiring new abilities allows you to fine-tune your style of play and hold your own against enemies.

To show you the rank of the best abilities, we've chosen to classify this Blade Ball ability tier list according to the usual standards of all Roblox Tier Lists:

  • Tier S : the highest rank

  • Tier A: the good Blade Ball abilities

  • Tier B: playable abilities

  • Tier C: the least interesting abilities in Blade Ball

We'll show you the effects of these abilities and the cost of upgrading them. This will help you to anticipate and choose your abilities according to your style of play.

Blade Ball skills tier list

Tier S: the best abilities from Blade Ball ability tier list

All the most useful and powerful abilities can be found in this Tier S list. Depending on your playing style, you'll quickly see which ability suits you best. We're going to rank the abilities from our point of view, but the order may differ depending on what you're looking for. Find out which ability is best in the Blade Ball ability tier list.


Associated power



Appearance of an aura that blocks the ball if it hits you

Cannot be upgraded.

(Can be obtained by spinning the wheel on Effect Bundle)

Dragon Spirit

Summon a Dragon spirit that retargets the bullet

Upgrade1: Shorter cooldown and longer use time

Absolute Confidence

Attack several enemies by attracting all bullets aimed at you for a certain period of time

Upgrade1: Increased speed and power, reduced cooldown

Upgrade2: Improved upgrade 1 + increased provocation duration

Time hole

Creates a zone around you that increases speed, slows enemies by disabling their abilities and temporarily stops the bullet

Upgrade1: Longer activity duration and shorter cooldown

Hell Hook

Lure a player to you with a hook

Level Up 1: Reduced cooldown

Level upgrade2: Increased stun time


The speed of the bullet increases with each enemy you kill, up to 5.

Level Up 1: Increased speed

Level Up 2: Additional speed bonus


Dribble with the ball and accelerate before hitting your opponents.

Upgradeto level 1: Adds an extra dribble and lures opponents.

Calming Deflection

Slows the ball down thanks to a weaker deflection.

Cannot be upgraded.

Quantum Arena

Creates a quantum vacuum that disables abilities. In addition to Thunderbolt

Cannot be upgraded.

Some abilities are more suited to certain gameplay than others. For example, Soothing Deflection is recommended for support players, while Dribble is better suited to highly offensive gameplay.

Blade Ball combat skills

Tier A: the good Blade Ball abilities

In this Blade Ball ability tier list, let's move on to the A-rated abilities. They're not as powerful as those in Tier S, but they can make all the difference in combat. Once again, abilities are more or less effective depending on your style of play.


Associated power


Titan Blade

Increased parry hitbox. The ball is faster after each hit.

Cannot be upgraded.

Continuity Zero

Generates a portal that can only be seen by you. The second time the skill is used, the ball is drawn towards the portal.

Upgrade1: Faster teleportation, reduced cooldown.

Upgrade2: increase in previous benefits


Releases three consecutive shockwaves, knocking nearby players off their feet

Level Up 1: Enlarged Strength field, reduced cooldown, increased wave power

Upgrade2: Increased effects from upgrade 1


Gives the ball more effect when thrown

Cannot be upgraded.


Forces the ball to target you

Upgrade1: Reduced Cooldown

Upgrade2 : Increased Cooldown reduction


Triggers a slash that affects the bullet's trajectory and Strength

Cannot be upgraded.


Creates a force field that automatically deflects the bullet

Upgrade1: Action duration extended, cooldown reduced

Tier 2: Increased benefits from Tier 1

Tier B: Playable abilities from the Blade Ball ability tier list

Average abilities from this Blade Ball ability tier list, they are not the most powerful. If you have a higher solution, we advise you to choose this one. If you're just starting out in combat, however, these abilities can help you get to grips with the mechanics... Until you can acquire better skills.


Associated power


Shadow Step

Move quickly for a few seconds, generating shadow-like images that follow your character.

Upgrade1: Skill duration extended, cooldown reduced

Level Up2: Increased benefits from Level Up 1

Wind Cloak

Generates an aura of wind that increases speed and boosts jumps

Upgradeto level 1: Reduced cooldown

Level Up 2: Increased Level 1 benefits


Become invisible for a period of time, preventing the bullet from targeting you

Level 1: Skill duration extended, cooldown reduced

Upgrade2: Increases the benefits of upgrade 1


Releases an impulse that blocks all abilities for a set period of time

Upgrade1: Skill duration extended

Upgrade2: Electro Pulse ability, extended skill duration


Freezes the ball until it's parried or within 5 seconds.

Level Up1: Reduced Cooldown

Upgrade2: Reduced cooldown

Blade Ball attack skill

Tier C: Blade Ball's worst abilities

Tier C of this Blade Ball ability tier list doesn't show you the most useful abilities in combat. Nevertheless, it's important to mention them so that you can combine them with more powerful abilities. This gives you better control of the ball, and more offense.


Associated power



Explosion of lethal energy that forces the bullet to reach and weaken an enemy.

Upgrade1: Increased speed and power, reduced cooldown

Upgrade2: Improvement on upgrade 1


Stops the bullet in its tracks and changes target, increasing bullet speed

Level 1 : More bullet speed, reduced cooldown

Upgrade2: More bullet speed, reduced cooldown

Super Jump

Performs a very high jump

Level1 : Higher jump, reduced cooldown

Level up 2: Jump higher, reduced cooldown


Creates a platform to place yourself high in the sky

Level 1: Skill duration extended, platform raised, cooldown reduced

Level up 2 : Moves further, higher platform, reduced cooldown


Swap places with another player

Level 1: Cooldown greatly reduced

Level 2: Cooldown greatly reduced

In our opinion, the best ability in this Blade Ball ability tier list is Infinite for defence and Absolute Confidence for attack. Don't hesitate to tell us your favourites! If you're an avid Blade Ball player, you'll probably like our regularly updated Blade Ball codes to get coins.

If our Blade Ball ability tier list has helped you, we'd also recommend checking out the Blox Fruits Tier List, which lists the best fruits from the famous Roblox game.

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