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Black Clover M Beginner's guide: tips and advice

Black Clover M Rise of The Wizard King Beginner's guide

One of the popular anime series, Black Clover, has officially made its way to our mobile devices. Developed by Vic Game Studios, Black Clover M: Rise of the Wizard King is a turn-based gacha mobile game that was launched in 2023. If you're new to the game or unfamiliar with the genre but eager to get ahead, we've compiled everything you need to know as a beginner in Black Clover M in this article. From the basics of the combat system to character progression, gears, beginner tips and tricks, and more, we've got you covered.

Black Clover M Beginner’s Guide : Gameplay Basics

Black Clover mobile employs a turn-based combat system, where all units must patiently await their turn to unleash attacks or abilities. In this game, the Speed stat determines the order of actions, with higher speed granting a greater chance of attacking first.

Black Clover M gameplay

Prior to delving into the intricacies of the combat system, it's crucial to comprehend the classifications of each mage. Knowing which mages to deploy can significantly impact the outcome of a match. Although it may seem challenging initially, familiarizing yourself with these classifications will become easy as you engage in gameplay and refer to this Black Clover M Beginner's guide.

Mages in Black Clover M

Each character, or rather mage, has a distinct set of talents that are tied to their roles.

Black Clover M Lotus Whomalt mage

  • Skill I

  • Skill II

  • Special Skill

  • Combined Attack

  • Passive

Mages in Black Clover M are categorized based on their rarity, class, and type. Initially, mages come in three base rarities: R (Rare), SR (Super Rare), and SSR (Super Super Rare). However, investing resources allows you to rank them up to UR (Ultra Rare) and LR (Legendary Rare) ranks. Generally, higher ranks boast superior stats, enhancing their overall usefulness.

The classification extends to different classes, including Attacker, Defender, Debuffer, Healer, and Support. Each class plays a crucial role in a team, enabling players to shape their strategy. Whether opting for an aggressive team with more attackers, a defensive approach with defenders and supports, or a balanced combination, the player has the flexibility to craft their preferred team composition.

Furthermore, mages belong to different types: Technique, Power, and Sense. These types function similarly to elements, forming a system where one type is both strong and weak against others, which could probably remind you of the rock-paper-scissors mechanic. In Black Clover M, Power beats Sense, Sense beats Technique, and Technique beats Power.

How does the combat system work in Black Clover M?

Black Clover M requires the player to build and deploy four mages from the team. In some cases, you may also seek help from other players using the assisting mage feature in select game modes allowing you to borrow one character. Each match will spawn enemies of varying numbers, which means that you could fight against a group of opponents or a single boss. And in this battle, there are several elements that you should look into to swiftly gain triumph over them.

Black Clover M combat

Mobility Gauge

In the turn-based gameplay of Black Clover M, each match introduces a specific turn order displayed on the right side of your screen or the Turn gauge. This sequence is represented by a line of icons indicating the order in which units will attack.

This order is dictated by the action gauge of each character that is displayed by the yellow bar below your HP. The speed stats of mages influence the rate at which this bar fills up. After filling up this bar, that particular character will be able to cast their ability. In cases where two or more characters fill the bar at the very same time, the system will randomly pick among them.

Especially for attackers, stacking up speed stats is vital as it allows you to quickly react to each of your enemies’ attacks and allows your characters to take the spotlight more often.


Similar to your mages, enemies can also either be a Technique, Sense and Power type. As mentioned above, the type plays a significant role in the battle. Take advantage of your knowledge of how these types work, and deploy mages to counter these enemies. For instance, you can use a Sense mage to cast an attack on a technique-type enemy to deal a bonus effect.

If you're still getting the hang of it, don't worry. There's an indicator above your enemies that informs you whether you have a type advantage or not.

Character Progression in Black Clover M Beginner’s guide

After learning the mechanics of the game, let’s dive right into the character progression. Upgrading characters is a huge part of every RPG, and they do take up plenty of resources. In Black Clover M, there are several ways you can enhance your mages and increase their Combat Power. This list entails all of the upgrades that you can do, which will reward your character some powerful stats or unlock several passive talents.

Black Clover M skill pages

  • Level: Feeding mages Mage EXP materials raises their level and boosts their base stats. Upon reaching a certain level, ranking them up becomes necessary for further progression.

  • Bond: Deploying mages in missions and gifting them allows players to increase their bond levels, up to a maximum of 15. Improving bond levels yields rewards such as potions, black crystals, mage pieces, costumes, and the ability to promote them to higher grades.

  • Gears: Equipping gears enhances mages' stats and overall combat power. Gears provide various stats, including Accuracy, Attack, Critical Damage, Critical Rate, Critical Resistance, Defense, HP, Penetration and Speed. Utilizing 2 or 4 gears of the same type also unlocks bonus effects.

  • Enhancement: Using a Selected Mage’s Exclusive Piece or a Versatile Mage Piece for enhancement increases a mage’s stats and unlocks passive skills.

  • Skill Page: There are two types of Skill Pages - Normal and Mage. Equipping a mage skill page is recommended, as it grants upgraded skills. However, certain requirements must be met before applying them.

Black Clover M Beginner’s Guide : Team Building

As a beginner, it's advised to hone in on one team first. Focusing on one team first allows you to allocate most of your resources to them, which could streamline your progression in the game. It all depends on your playstyle and preference on which units you should select. Ideally, you should run a balanced team composition consisting of DPS characters, alongside defenders, supports and debuffers. For swift clears, two attackers can be a winning formula.

Black Clover M teams

In team building, synergy is key. You can slot in mages that can greatly support your attacker and increase their damage, or include Combined attack partners who are capable of landing combined attacks when deployed in the same team. Last thing to consider in building a team is your enemy. For instance, if the enemy team is dominated by Technique-type units, it might be best to have a mono Sense team composition.

Summoning Strategy in Black Clover M

Black Clover M boasts a large mage roster, catering to players with diverse preferences when it comes to playstyles. Although free mages are provided at the beginning, the stronger ones with higher rarities are typically acquired through the gacha banner.

In Black Clover M, players use Black Crystals or Bond Summon Ticket for summoning. The game offers multiple summoning banners, providing players the flexibility to choose a mage that aligns with their preferences. With various banners available, players are encouraged to make thoughtful decisions before investing their crystals or tickets, ensuring a strategic approach to building their mage lineup.

Black Clover M summon probability

  • Rate-up summons: The rate-up summon provides a slim chance to receive newly arrived SSR mages and skill pages, but is only available for a limited-time period.

  • Standard summon: If you’re a player who indulges in the game daily, you’re in for a treat. Standard summon rewards players with a daily free summon. Players receive a daily free summon, and this banner features all SSR characters, including Seasonal SSR mages.

  • Friendship summon: You can utilize your friendship points to summon skill pages on this banner.

As with other gacha games, you may check on the previous testing phases to see mages that will soon be available. That way, you can decide whether you should pull for the current banner and save for them. Additionally, it might not be recommended to use crystals and tickets on the standard banner as it features seasonal SSR mages which you can obtain through the Gateway of Reunion.

Tips and Tricks for Black Clover M Beginners

Finally, we have also gathered a handful of tips in this Black Clover M beginner’s guide that can help you kickstart your journey in the game.

Black Clover M talents

  • Do not let your stamina overflow: This tip applies to almost every RPG that needs stamina. Stamina is of great importance in the game which enables you to unlock content and advance more quickly.

  • Explore the overworld: As you unlock areas and regions, you will sometimes run into glowing chests and barrels. Break these to obtain several rewards and goodies.

  • Farm regularly and upgrade your character: During the earlier stages of the game, you may find it easy to complete. However, this won’t be the case as soon as you reach several chapters and unlock harder challenges. That said, it is optimal that you spend your time finishing challenges and upgrade your characters occasionally each time you level up.

  • Find the best characters in the game: Obtaining meta characters has proven to be an effective way to conquer the dungeons and challenges in the PVE mode and opponents in the PVP as well easily. Follow our tier list to know which characters are reigning supreme in the current meta.

  • Claim daily rewards and finish daily missions: By doing this everyday, rewards that you receive can save you so much time in farming.

  • Do not hesitate to use the assisting mages feature: In some parts of the game, especially in the campaign or story mode, you may find that some of the enemies are hard to defeat. In situations like this, request some aid from your friends and use one of their mages for your team.

  • Claim codes: Whether you are a beginner or experienced, you can never go wrong with codes. Black Clover M codes provide necessary resources such as Black Crystals, Yul, EXP potions and more.

  • Consider rerolling: Rerolling black clover accounts is suggested if you find yourself suffering from an unlucky pull. To learn more about it, check out this Black Clover M rerolling guide.

There you have it, our complete Black Clover M beginner's guide. In this guide, we’ve covered all of the basics and fundamentals of the game, and these insights will undoubtedly serve as a solid foundation for your adventure. For more guides like this, check out the rest of our Black Clover M tips and tricks.

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