Summoners War News

update skins  halloween 2020 summoners war

Summoners War update: Halloween and other improvements

Com2us has just added a new update for its flagship game Summoners War in which you can find new and interesting skins for Halloween and improvem...

Com2uS would be following in the footsteps of Riot Games for the 2020 SWC?

Com2uS has just released a new trailer concerning the new phases of the SWC that will take place in a short time. Let's take a closer look at thi...

Preliminary qualifying stages completed SWC 2020

Summoners War: Preliminary stages of SWC 2020 end

The race for the title is well underway in this Sumonners War Championship(SWC 2020) and the preliminary stages are now over. Before thinking abo...

SWC 2020 guide

Summoners War: Guide to the 2020 SWC | Timetable, Rules and Format

Despite the global pandemic, the Summoners War Championship(SWC 2020) will take place! This guide contains all the important information you need...

MAJ Summoners War : repeat battle

Update: repeat battle are coming to Summoners War!

The developers of Summoners War have announced a new update that could either delight fans or scare them away... This update is still in developm...

trailer summoners war chronicles

The trailer of Summoners War: Chronicles is finally available!

Com2us had announced the development of a new MMORPG game based on the universe of Summoners War, named Summoners War: Chronicles. Today, the pro...

Summoners War x Street Fighter collaboration

All monsters from the Summoners War x Street Fighter collaboration

The announcement came as a surprise to many: Summoners War has partnered with Street Fighter V. After days of speculation, we now know which Stre...

summoners war x street fighter

A partnership between Summoners War and Street Fighter V!

Yes, you're not dreaming, Com2us has announced a partnership between Summoners War and Street Fighter V! But what will this partnership bring and...

new record summoners war sky arena

Summoners War: Sky Arena breaks a new record!

Since its launch in 2014, Summoners War: Sky Arena has continued to be a hit with mobile gamers. Today, the studio unveils a new record with astr...

The Shift Summoners War

All about "The Shift", the big Summoners War update

Summoners War announced it, this Sunday July 26th at 6am (Paris time), we were entitled to a live update concerning the biggest update since the...

summoners war chronicles screenshot

Summoners War Chronicles, the new MMORPG from Com2us

Com2us' famous license unveils its new MMORPG: Summoners War Chronicles, which is expected to be released on IOS and Android in the second half o...

Sumonners War Legacy released in comics

Summoners War releases a comic book: Summoners War Legacy

Summoners War has made an announcement that will surely delight its entire community: a comic book is in preparation ! This news, which was not n...

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