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Summoners War: Preliminary stages of SWC 2020 end

Preliminary qualifying stages completed SWC 2020

The race for the title is well underway in this Sumonners War Championship(SWC 2020) and the preliminary stages are now over. Before thinking about the world final , which will bring together the 8 best competitors from all over the world and will offer $210, 000 in cash-prizes, there are several compulsory steps.
No pass is granted, all players must go through the preliminary qualification phases. No one is immune to surprises and the list of competitors has already been narrowed down. The Sumonners War fields have never been so competitive! At the end of the day, there's only one place on top of the world 😉

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After our guide to the competition, where you can find the schedule, format and rules, we take a look at the qualifying rounds of the SWC 2020. They were held online and without any spectators. The entire competition will follow the same route due to the current health situation.

Results of the European preliminary stages

8 European players qualified for the 2020 SWC European Cup. In a double elimination system where each player had the right to a joker, the French Rosith and Chene managed to win their ticket. Together withGermany, France is the country that sends the most representatives to the next stage. Of course, the counters will be reset to zero and everyone will start on an equal footing.

  • Winner bracket qualifiers: XNIGHTX96 (Germany), Chene (France), Zerpolita (Spain) and Obabo (Sweden).
  • Looser bracket qualifiers: Ismoo (Germany), Seiishizo (Netherlands), Rosith (France) and Viilipytty (Finland).
Preliminary phases SWC 2020 Europe
2 Frenchmen are still in the running to go to the World Championships.

Rosith was particularly hot. He was already at the world championships last year. While he reached the semi-finals, this year his adventure almost ended early. He lost his first match against Seiishizo and had to go back up the entire loser bracket. In doing so, he eliminated two other French players from the competition. Sapyn and UN4RM3ED fought well but will have to try again next year.

Chene, on the other hand, had a clean sweep. Thanks to two narrow 2-1 victories in the winner's bracket, he has qualified directly for the 2020 SWC European Cup. Until then, players and fans alike will have to wait. The Europe Cup does not start until 7 November. The wait will be long, but our French players will have the opportunity to train. In this respect, Obabo is one of the players to watch out for. For many observers, the Swede is the man to beat. He has a very good ranking in the ladder and has a larger than average fan base. He is also one of the only regular streamers at Sumonners War.

Results of the preliminary phases America

  • Winner Bracket: Kenballer (USA) Raigeki (Canada), Heves (Canada), Trokamoo (USA).
  • Looser Bracket: DRMZJOSEPH (Canada), Popopanda (USA), Jmak (Canada) and Tree (USA).
Preliminary phases SWC 2020 America.
The 8 qualifiers for the Americas Cup.

The American region will be represented by 4 Americans and 4 Canadians. Igores, the only Brazilian representative, did not manage to create a surprise. However, there was a big one. The reigning world champion, Thompsin , will not be there to defend his title.
Indeed, he stops in these preliminary phases and leaves the place to some less known players. Kenballer is the story of this region. He goes from being an almost anonymous player to a qualified player for the regional cup. It will take place on October 24th and the American will try to continue to write his history.

Results of the Asian preliminary phases

The Asian region is a bit special. For these preliminary stages of the SWC 2020, the continent is divided into several small sub-regions. This makes the competition even more dense, with 8 competitors each. This is not surprising, as mobile gaming is very popular in this part of the world.

  • Korea: Charmi and Skit;
  • Japan: Shiki and Tanaka Tsubasa;
  • SEA and AU: 02Loveo (Thailand) and Xere (Vietnam);
  • Taiwan and Hong Kong: Mr.Chung (Hong Kong) and Gaia (Taiwan).
SWC 2020 SEA and AU preliminary phase qualifications
In the SEA-AU catch-all region, many nationalities were represented.

As a reminder, China will also have a representative at the SWC 2020, but they have their own qualifying tournament. This only starts on 23 October, so we will have to wait and see.

The best monsters/compositions from the preliminary stages of the 2020 SWC

These preliminary phases have given us many surprises concerning the monsters used and the compositions chosen by the players. Indeed, some monsters came out of the shadows and revealed their talents to everyone.

Let's take a look at the most used monsters and their runage. Several players were surprised during these preliminary phases of the SWC 2020!

Josephine SWCJoséphineJosephine is one of the MVP's of these SWC 2020 preliminaries thanks to the various skills she has. It is mainly her skill 3 that made the difference by making her play fast to provoke all the enemies.

She rune in Violent / Vengeance in ITV/PV%/PV%.
Ganymde SWCGanymedeA popular monster among Summoners War players, Ganymede has skills that can sometimes be surprising in competition.

For example, it allows you to set the target's skill pause time to maximum and lowers the attack gauge of all enemies to zero.

It runes to Violent / Energy in VIT/PV%/PV%.
Hathor SWCHatorHator is very strong to support the allied team. It reduces the attack gauge and puts enemies to sleep.

It is rune in Violent / Focus in VIT/PV%/PV%.
Vigor SWCVigor Vigor is extremely strong in his second awakening form as he acts as a big nuker. Indeed, it reduces defence and inflicts heavy damage.

It rune in Violent / Blade in ITV/DCC/PV%.
Anavel-SWAnavelAnavel is a monster that plays the role of support to perfection. It reduces the defence of allies as well as their attack speed.

It is rune in Violent / Will in ITV/PV%/ATK%.
Artamiel SWCArtamiel Artamiel is an excellent healer with a proven track record in these 2020 SWCs.

He rune in Despair/Guardian in VIT/DCC/DEF%.
Chiwu SWCChiwuChiwu removes the beneficial effects of all enemies and their attack gauge.

It rune in Despair / Focus in VIT/PV%/PV%.
Vivachel SWCVivachel Extremely rare monster, it is common to see it in SWC, it plays the role of support and healer.

It is one in Violent / Will in VIT/PV%/PV%.
Molly SWC MollyMolly is certainly the revelation of this SWC 2020, thanks to her skills. She can remove the harmful effects of an allied target and apply a shield. Molly restores HP each turn to the player with the lowest ratio.

She rune in Violent / Will in ITV/PV%/PV%.

That's it, the preliminary stages of the SWC 2020 are now over and there have been some nice surprises. We will continue to cover the event to keep you informed about the rest of the competition!

Tipsalewo A cocktail of mobile gaming,esport and K-PoP. Not tryhard enough to become a pro player, I am content with being the minstrel who tells the stories.

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