Warframe Mobile beta on iOS: how to register?

Warframe Mobile beta on iOS: how to register?

After the announcement of the game last year, Digital Extreme has just deployed a new Warframe Mobile beta on iOS. Let's find out together how to sign up to participate in this phase of test of this adaptation planned for Android and iOS of the cooperative shooter Warframe, which will soon celebrate its 10th anniversary.

How to participate in the Warframe Mobile beta on iOS?

It is through a developer FAQ that we got information about the Warframe Mobile beta on iOS. Open since December 6, this new phase of test is reserved for Apple users. You can always pre-register on TapTap to be informed of the next phases of test on Android.

To participate, simply register on the official website of the game. If you are selected, you will receive your invitation email on the TestFlight application to download Warframe Mobile. You will also find the list of more than 100 countries eligible for the test phase, as well as the list of compatible devices.

Warframe Mobile visual

As a reminder, Warframe is a third-person shooter released in 2013. Developed by the studio Digital Extremes, it places the player in the shoes of a warrior called Tenno, who uses a high-tech armor called Warframe to fight alien enemies.

The gameplay of the mobile port

The gameplay in the Warframe Mobile beta on iOS builds on that of the original version, with fast-paced, dynamic combat that emphasizes cooperation and strategy. The game features a wide variety of Warframes and unique skills to unlock, as well as a multitude of missions and game modes to appeal to all styles of players.

There are a few notable differences in the Warframe Mobile beta on iOS compared to the 2013 game, however. First of all, the game has been optimized for a smooth gameplay experience, with controls adapted to work optimally on the touch screens of our smartphones.

Warframe Mobile Beta on iOS

Secondly, the mobile port of Warframe includes microtransactions, which means that players can purchase game elements with real money to enhance their gaming experience.

Finally, the Warframe Mobile beta on iOS offers an interesting experience that will appeal to shooter fans who want action and cooperation on mobile. And if you're not lucky enough to be chosen to participate in the test phases, I refer you to our top 10 best mobile FPS to quench your thirst for gunfights.

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