Tower of God: Great Journey released on Android and iOS

Release of Tower of God: Great Journey on Android and iOS mobiles

The South Korean webtoon imagined by SIU gets a new mobile adaptation with the release of Tower of God: Great Journey. Available on iOS and Android from mid-February, this colorful gacha RPG will take you on the adventure of Bam, his friends and enemies through all the floors of the Tower and their challenges. Let's find out together what's in store for you when pre-registration for Tower of God: Great Journey ends.

ToG Great Journey gameplay on mobile

Adaptations of anime and webtoon licenses are legion on our phones. Among the upcoming releases, HunterxHunter mobile is in the pre-registration phase internationally, Full Metal Alchemist is out in China, Solo Leveling: Arise is preparing its release for 2023 and Black Clover mobile: Rise of the Wizard is still waiting. But the mobile game adaptation we're interested in today is Tower of God: Great Journey from studio NGEL Games.

Tower of God Great Journey released on mobile

In-game, the famous manwah offers you to discover the backstage of the Tower and its emblematic characters. On the gameplay side , Tower of God: Great Journey focuses on collecting heroes to create your team. In PvP and PvE, explore the dungeons and prove your worth. Build your team with the best characters in the game and hope to discover their history and combo power.

Release date of Tower of God: Great Journey

The release date for Tower of God: Great Journey is February 14, 2023. Available on the same date on Android and iOS, this mobile game adaptation of the webtoon will let players access the Tower all together, worldwide. This Valentine's Day, let your heart open up to Bam's encounters.

Pre-registration to ToG Great Journey

While waiting for the release date of the game, don't forget to pre-register for Tower of God: Great Journey on Playstore and Appstore.

Moreover, another game in the same universe, Tower of God: New World, is also in preparation. However, for this other title, it is Netmarble that will publish it on mobile in 2023. New World will also be a gacha RPG in which you will collect adventurers, or Regulars, to progress in the game.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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