Tom Clancy's The Division: New mobile game from Ubisoft!


The giant Ubisoft has announced the arrival of a newcomer in the world of mobile games. After the success of Tom Clancy's The Division on PC and consoles, here comes Tom Clancy's The Division on Android and iOS! Here is the latest information on this new game from Ubisoft.

New from Ubisoft
New from Ubisoft

A new game in the universe of The Division, but on mobile!

The first The Division game was released in 2016 on consoles and PC. It was a huge success for Ubisoft. This game is part of a large series of games integrated into the Tom Clancy universe. The universe also includes other well-known game series such as Rainbow Six and Splinter Cell.

The Division 2 was released in 2019. It too had received a huge positive response. This is why Ubisoft had already announced the arrival of a new expansion for The Division 2 for the end of 2021. In the meantime, the franchise is finally releasing a free PC spin-off called The Division Heartland, but also a game available on iOS and Android mobile phones!

For the moment, no details have been revealed about this new mobile game in Tom Clancy's The Division universe. Now the Division universe will truly expand to a very large player base. With more games to come, there's no stopping the Division world. Working on these new features can allow developers to open up new horizons in terms of game platforms such as the Cloud for example. The Division will also get a book for the reading enthusiasts!

Here is the tweet from Ubisoft announcing these new features:

"The Division will also arrive on mobile platforms for the first time ever, sharing the universe with an even wider audience. We will provide more details on this exciting project at a later date," say Ubisoft developers.

The game, a mobile free-to-play, will help bring Ubisoft's Tom Clancy games to a wider audience. Can't wait?

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