Tintin gets a Match 3 mobile game

Tintin match 3 mobile game

After Harry Potteranother well-known work of art has the right to its own Match 3 game: Tintin! The cartoonist Hergé (whose real name is Georges Remi) had certainly not imagined that he would find the reporter in a mobile adventure. It must be said that Tintin is not very young, since he was created in 1929 ! However, this is a good opportunity for him to have a second life. It is also a chance to discover new horizons for this great traveller.

Available on Android and on iOS Tintin Match will be developed by 5th Planet Games (Dawn of the Dragons) and contributed by Moulinsart. The Hergé Foundation manages and protects the works of the Belgian cartoonist who died in 1983.

The trailer of the game made simple.

A classic Match 3 game for the Tintin classic

Match-3 games are based on very simple game mechanics. The genre has been popularised by iconic games such as Candy Crush Saga (over 200 million monthly users) and Bejeweled (over 150 million downloads). The aim is to collect 3 items of the same kind in a puzzle to get rid of them, earn points and create chain reactions. Once enough points have been accumulated, you move on to the next puzzle. Particularly relaxing, this type of game appeals to a wide audience and allows you to pass the time without having to think about it.

This is exactly what this game is about. Tintin Match will therefore take up the principles of Match 3 without too many surprises, where players will have to collect objects of the same colour. However, there will be boosts to be picked up for free as gifts or to be bought in the shop. If they are not compulsory, they can be useful when you get stuck on a level or when you can't complete all the secondary objectives.

Gameplay of Tintin Match, the Match 3 game.

Discover or rediscover the Golden Claw Crab

Henrik Nielsen, CEO of 5th Planet Games , is convinced that Tintin Match is the best game ever developed by his studio. For its part, Moulinsart is also very satisfied with the game. It is a great opportunity to make people discover or rediscover Tintin with this Match 3 game.

The Karaboudjan will be in the match 3 Tintin game.
Embark at your own risk on the Karaboudjan...

Behind this Match 3 Tintin game is the story of the Crab with the Golden Claws. Released in 1941, this title is particularly well known as it introduces the character of Captain Haddock. By completing the successive puzzles, the game takes up the story of the original book step by step. Investigation, drug trafficking, mutiny and chase are on the agenda!

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