Tencent's TiMi Studios joins forces with Xbox

Partnership between XBOX and Tencent's TiMi

Here's a big news that may well shake up the mobile gaming world! TiMi Studios, a subsidiary of mobile gaming giant Tencent, has decided to partner with Xbox. This partnership was disclosed by TiMi in a press release, announcing a "strategic partnership" between the two video game giants. Here's the latest information on the subject!

After the xCloud, Xbox launches into mobile gaming with TiMi Studios (Tencent)

The Xbox Cloud Gaming project arrived only a few months ago at Microsoft. Cloud Gaming games available on PC, but also on mobile, for Xbox Game Pass members. Today, as the mobile gaming market is booming, Microsoft is slowly starting to get closer to Tencent, one of the best mobile game publishers. Developers at TiMi Studios are already reportedly working closely with Xbox, according to a statement released yesterday: "Through this strategic cooperation, Tianmei Studio Group will conduct in-depth, multi-dimensional cooperation and communication with Xbox Game Studios, to jointly create great game content and bring a whole new sensory gaming experience to the majority of gamers."

We already know Tencent for its mobile games such as Call of Duty Mobile. A game that is a great success! This collaboration could allow TiMi Studios to make a name for itself in our country, other than CoD Mobile! Indeed, the developers at TiMi have developed numerous games such as Honor of Kings, a game inspired by League of Legends. They are part of the Tencent subsidiary, which also developed the famous PUBG Mobile game, soon to be joined by the new mobile Battle Royale game, PUBG: New State.

Visual from XBOX Game Studios

Alliances and new mobile games?

Moreover, Tencent is the company that employs TiMi, it is the main shareholder of Riot Games (LoL) and Epic Games (Fortnite)! In short, TiMi Studios seems to want to ally itself with Xbox, after having concluded an alliance with Nintendo. They will also release Pokémon UNITE on Switch, Android and iOS.

So we can ask: But, will they make mobile versions for Xbox exclusive games? Actually, we don't know yet if a Halo mobile game or a Gears of War will be released on App Store and Google Play. In fact, this partnership has not yet been officially announced to all fans of the franchises! We are already looking forward to the announcement of this collaboration between TiMi and Xbox as well as the details of this new project!

Tell us what you think about this partnership between TiMi (Tencent) and Xbox? Have you already tested Xbox Cloud Gaming on mobile? We can't wait to find out more about this alliance between two video game giants! We'll keep you posted, we promise!

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