The Eminence in Shadow RPG released on Android and iOS

The Eminence in Shadow RPG released on Android and iOS

Step into the shadows and build your team of female fighters with the The Eminence in Shadow RPG release on mobile worldwide. We reveal you our first impressions on this gacha RPG published by Crunchyroll and based on the eponymous anime which has just made its debut.

The Eminence in Shadow RPG release, the gacha from the anime

Before we talk about The Eminence in Shadow RPG Release on iOS and Android, let's quickly go back to the origin of the franchise. The Eminence in Shadow is a series of light novels by Daisuke Aizawa, published in 2018 and quickly adapted into a manga with drawings by Anri Sakano.

Since October 2022, the fans of the license can enjoy the beginnings of the anime with about ten episodes already broadcasted. It is therefore in parallel with the launch of the anime that The Eminence in Shadow worldwide release on mobile arrives, with the exception of Belgium, the Netherlands and East Asia.

The title has a script supervised by the original author and will be updated regularly, as new characters will be added after the broadcast of each new episode of the anime.

Beautiful, resource-intensive graphics

Let's move on to our first impressions of The Eminence in Shadow RPG release. The fighting gameplay is rather classical, but we can notice the dynamism of the side view which emphasizes the animations of the moves more than the more distant views that we usually find in gacha.

There are also many quality cinematics to develop the story or during the special skills of your heroes.

However, the graphic quality of the anime visuals has a blow that translates into a 4GB download when launching the game, as well as in-game slowdowns that make the game lose fluidity, unless you lower the graphic settings and risk degrading the visual rendering.

The Eminence in Shadow RPG release: gameplay

Like many gacha RPGs, The Eminence in Shadow RPG is synonymous with rewards launch gifts. Among these welcome gifts are 4,000 gems thanks to the 400,000 pre-registrations.

You can also collect by completing the Challenge missions or in the login bonuses. Finally, completing the beginner's missions will allow you to win 10 summoning tickets as well as an SS Rose character.

So much for our first impressions of The Eminence in Shadow RPG release on Android and iOS. PC gamers will have to wait a little longer to enjoy Crunchyroll's title, which should arrive sometime next year. To stay informed about the latest releases, I refer you to our new mobile games page.

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