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TFT patch 12.12b: a very welcome fix

TFT patch 12.12b

Only one week after the last patch, Riot Games has announced TFT patch 12.12b release. Intermediate patches are usually minor and aim at fixing bugs and adjusting some statistics. This time, we have a patch that is just as important as the main one, if not more. Let's take a look at the changes to champions, traits and items in this update.

TFT patch 12.12b: a larger than usual intermediate patch

Despite an impressive patch 12.12, its impact did not have the desired effect. Indeed, the best compositions TFTs of set 7 have not really changed. Less than a dozen compositions are actually playable and the gap between them and all the others is far too big. That's why TFT patch 12.12b is more important than the usual intermediate patches with the letter b. Let's find out the details of these changes.

TFT patch 12.12b: Lee Sin

TFT patch 12.12b: traits changes

The most significant changes are to Assassins with the change to the way the jump works and the Diana nerf. Dracomancers also get a trait nerf and some units, like Lee Sin and Swain, to reduce the impact of compositions TFT with 6 Dracomancers. With Cannoneers buff, it is Corki who will make a comeback among the most contested units. For their part, Astrals had suffered from the recent patches. To compensate, this 12.12b patch makes them easier to find in the shop, and thus to upgrade to 3 stars.

Traits buffs

TraitsTFT patch 12.12b buffs
Cannoneer Icon TFT Trait
Area damage bonus increases from 150/200/250/300% to 150/210/280/350%.
Astral Icon TFT Trait
The bonus that appears every 5 refreshes in the shop now provides 3 Astral units instead of 2.
Icon Whispers TFT Traits
Attack damage and ability power per hit increase from 1/2/4/6 to 1/3/5/8.

Traits nerfs

TraitsTFT nerfs patch 12.12b
Assassin Icon TFT trait
Assassins jump before units start moving.
Dragonmancer Icon TFT Trait
The HP and ability power bonus is increased from 10% to 20%, but base HP is reduced from 450/1350/2250 to 300/750/1400 and base ability power from 20/60/100 to 15/35/60.

Traits adjustments

TraitsTFT adjustments patch 12.12b

Scalescorn Icon TFT Trait
Magic damage bonus is reduced from 20/50/80% to 15/50/100%.
Revel Icon TFT Feature
Firecracker damage is reduced from 150/175 to 140/170 for 2 and 3 Gunners, but increases from 275 to 300 for 4 champions.

TFT patch 12.12b: Champions changes

The most impacted champions in the TFT meta with patch 12.12b are Xayah, Swain and Ornn, who are overused. Corki also suffers a nerf, but this is offset by Cannoneers buff and Revel trait changes. After suffering a huge nerf, Sylas ' shield has been adjusted and Sy'Fen benefits from a buff, which may make composition Whispers more effective.

Champion buffs

ChampionsTFT patch 12.12b buffs
Skarner Champion TFT icon
The shield provided by his spell increases from 275/325/375 to 300/360/420.
Sona Champion TFT icon
Spell damage increases from 190/275/1000 to 200/300/1000.
Sy'fen Champion TFT icon
Its mana increases from 120/200 to 120/175, its attack damage from 100 to 110 and its bite damage from 450/500/2500% to 500/525/2500% of attack damage.
Sylas Champion TFT icon
Spell damage is increased from 100/150/200 to 110/170/240 and the shield generated by the spell from 300/350/400 to 365/415/475.
Vladimir Champion TFT icon
His armor and magic resist increase from 40 to 45, his HP from 650 to 700 and his spell healing from 200/250/300 to 270/300/330.

Champions Nerfs

ChampionsTFT nerfs patch 12.12b
Corki Champion TFT icon
Big One damage is increased from 125/200/500 to 110/170/600 and her mana from 0/70 to 20/80.
Diana Champion TFT icon
The spell orbs are reduced from 6/7/8 to 5/6/7.
Icon Ezreal Champion TFT
Spell damage is increased from 150/225/300 to 155/215/285.
Idas Champion TFT icon
The damage reduction of his spell is reduced from 50/75/300 to 35/50/300 and the shield is reduced from 40% to 30% of the attack speed. The shield generated by the spell for allies from 200/300/2000 to 180/275/2000.
Lee Sin Champion TFT icon
Lee Sin
Spell damage is reduced from 300/375/500 to 280/360/480.
Ornn Champion TFT icon
The spell's stun duration is reduced from 1.5/2/8 to 1.25/1.75/8 and the attack speed reduction duration from 3 to 2 seconds.
Qiyana Champion TFT Icon
His mana increases from 30/90 to 40/100.
Icon Swain Champion TFT
Spell damage is reduced from 75/115/175 to 65/105/165.
Icon Tahm Kench Champion TFT
Tahm Kench
The shield provided by his spell is reduced from 250/300/350 to 240/250/275 and his HP is reduced from 700 to 650.
Xayah Champion TFT Icon
Feather base damage is reduced from 15/20/50 to 12/20/40 and attack damage percentage from 25% to 20%.

Champion adjustments

ChampionsTFT adjustments patch 12.12b
Lillia Champion TFT icon
His spell's base damage is reduced from 175/250/350 to 150/225/350, but his area damage increases from 175/250/350 to 215/275/350. His mana is reduced from 0/60 to 0/50.

TFT patch 12.12b: items changes

Only two items have changed in this patch. Giant Slayer does less damage, while Sunfire Cape provides slightly less HP.

The nerves of objects

ItemsTFT nerfs patch 12.12b
Giant Slayer TFT Icon Items
Giant Slayer
Additional damage is reduced from 25% to 20% and damage to targets over 2200 HP from 50% to 45%.
Sunfire Cape TFT Icon Item
Sunfire Cape
HP bonus is reduced from 400 to 300.

That's it for the TFT patch 12.12b changes. Hopefully this patch will have more impact than the previous one and more compositions will be playable. The next update, patch 12.13, will be available on July 13th. In the meantime, to boost your rank, I redirect you to our best comps TFT set 7 tier list.

Alco A fan of video games, SF, comics, cinema and new technologies, he is a bit of a geek cliché, but he assumes it.

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