StoneAge World is now available!

Stoneage world mobile

The wait is over: StoneAge World is out! The new game from the studio NetMarble will not make anyone jealous. It is, in fact, available in 172 countries. That covers almost the entire globe.
Downloadable on Android and iOS, you have no excuse not to try this new pre-historic adventure! There's something for everyone - it's a game for the masses that will delight young and old alike!
An overview of the game and its style.

StoneAge World: prehistory on your mobile

In StoneAge World, you take on the role of a prehistoric coach. In charge of defending the lands of Tecktonika against the modern invaders, you can only rely on yourself to defend your stronghold. However, you will still have the support of your animals. By capturing, training and advancing them, you will have living proof that a prehistoric dinosaur or mammoth can compete with machines.

stoneage world release
Don't let it happen and defend your territory!

The game is a cross between a simulation game (dressage) and an RPG. It is well thought out by NetMarble , which stands out for offering a unique gaming experience.

A series of mobile events

To celebrate the release of the game, the studio has announced several special mobile events . This is a great way to launch the game and to please the community. All the information is on the official website.

  • Catch OperationEvent (18 June - 2 July): daily missions offer points which, when accumulated, give access to special rewards ;
  • Power Reward Event: A special reward when the player and his beasts get strong enough. A specific power threshold must be exceeded;
  • Level RewardEvent: a reward that grows with the player's level. From level 10 onwards, it improves to level 90 ;
  • Moga Growth Event (18 June - 1 July): rewards related to the growth of the legendary beast;
  • 15-days-check-in-reward Event: a simple but effective connection reward.
Recruit the best wild beasts into your team.

We've already told you about Netmarble and how well the company is doing, will this new mobile game be as successful as their other games?

In any case, NetMarble CEO Joon Sun Chang has announced his desire to make this game known to the whole world. He doesn't want to limit himself to an exclusively Asian audience. Good news for us! 👍

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