Sony news: PlayStation games on mobile soon?


The giant of the video game world, Sony, seems to have some ambitions on mobile. Indeed, for the past few days, rumours have been circulating about possible adaptations of PlayStation titles on Android and iOS. Here's the latest information we have on the subject! 😊

PlayStation Now by Sony
PlayStation Now by Sony

Sony Interactive Entertainment is hiring!

Sony has been recruiting for some time now, and the job advert is a hint that Sony is preparing for a mobile launch! A novelty suggested by this recruitment announcement. Being developed on console, the franchise seems to want to create its own mobile structures and interfaces through this offer. In particular, they are looking for a Mobile Manager linked to PlayStation Studios.

In concrete terms, the announcement states that the person sought will work on mobile games for PlayStation, in order to contribute to the future of the Sony company. The announcement even refers to another mission. That of adapting the most popular PlayStation franchises to mobile platforms! A way for Sony to increase its turnover and expand its empire.

It is believed that the games will be available as a subscription. A real plus for PlayStation, a real competitor to Xbox's Game Pass. There's no guarantee that the games will be free, as they are for Nintendo. Licences such as The Last of Us, Horizon or God of War could therefore be released on our phones!

Sony extends its services between console, PC, mobile and CloudGaming!

Sony is beginning to make more and more inroads into the video game market. Its direct competitor, Microsoft's Xbox, has already exploited subscription gaming services with its famous Xbox Game Pass, and more recently with its CloudGaming service, xCloud. The xCloud is, for the moment, only available on mobile and not on PC through Game Pass.

PlayStation is following the lead of Xbox, Nintendo and Apple with theApple Arcade and is launching a mobile presence on all gaming platforms. It must be said that PlayStation is getting ahead of Xbox thanks to its CloudGaming service, already perfectly developed, PlayStation Now.

Apparently, in addition to releasing games on mobile, Sony is strongly considering a subscription similar to Microsoft's Game Pass for its PS5. David Jaffe, creator of God of War, has confirmed this rumour! This subscription system could offer exclusive games to subscribers.

Here is the video where David Jaffe confirms the news, at 1:05:47:

You've got to admit, it's a good feeling! PlayStation games on a smartphone! We love the idea! What do you think? Tell us what you think in the comments. Which PlayStation games would you like to see released on mobile? Tell us all about it! 😁

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