New season of Call of Duty mobile postponed

New season of Call of Duty mobile delayedNew season of Call of Duty mobile delayed

Activision has decided to postpone the new season of Call of Duty on mobile. Initially scheduled for June 4th, it will be released at a later date, unknown at this time. Thus, players will have to wait before discovering season 7. An almost anecdotal setback considering the recent events across the Atlantic.

A deliberate choice to support the protest movement

The company is not making this choice at random. The delay in the release of Call of Duty Season 7 is not due to a delay in the game's development. It is, on the contrary, a deliberate choice to support the massive popular protest movement that is currently taking place in the United States.

New season of Call of Duty mobile postponed
The message of support for the movement on Twitter.

On 25 May this year, an American citizen, George Floyd, died during a police stop. A video showing the arrest of this African-American quickly went viral. Many questions are being asked about the cause of death. While waiting for the outcome, the American justice system has placed the police officer in question under investigation.

Since then, many Americans have been holding demonstrations and riots, some ending in violence and looting. While the situation in the US is extremely tense, Activision feels that this is not the right time to launch season 7 of its game.

Tense climate in the USA
The climate in the US is extremely tense at the moment.

As a sign of support for those "fighting for equality, justice and change", the company wished to give up the media space. A gesture that is not insignificant, and which shows that the world of video games is not impervious to what is happening in the outside world.

A global support movement in the video game world

This heartbreaking story reflects a real concern in the United States. It has touched a large part of the world's population. The popular movement has received a huge wave of support. The world of video games was no exception. Sony and Electronic Arts postponed some events. Major studios like Zynga or Jam City have also expressed their support on social networks. The watchword is the same for all: the defence of diversity, inclusion and equal rights.

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