Rust Mobile in the Works, Developers of PUBG Mobile Reportedly Behind Project

Rust Mobile under development

Rust Mobile is currently in development according to notable video game researcher, Kurakasis. Gaining notoriety over various leaks and rumours, they further go on to state that Level Infinite, the publisher behind PUBG Mobile, Assassin's Creed Jade and Honor of Kings, is working on the mobile release. What do we know about Rust Mobile so far? Has a release date already been announced? We give you the lowdown!

Rust Mobile: What to Expect?

Rust is an inherently difficult game to port. It has a very detailed open world and lobbies that go up to 500 concurrent players at times. It is, therefore, unlikely that we'll see a cross-play compatible port for Rust Mobile. Instead, it'll be a standalone title with its own controls and gameplay loop that may slightly deviate from the original PC title.

Rust PC gameplay.

The game is expected to be free-to-play with no pay-to-win elements. Rust on PC already has a thriving marketplace of cosmetics that don't affect actual gameplay. Therefore, it is quite natural for Rust Mobile to pivot towards this direction as well, given that it is a successful model on PC already.

Plus, Level Infinite has already tried the free-to-play model and was met with great success with PUBG Mobile.

Has a release date been announced for Rust Mobile?

There is no definitive release date for Rust Mobile as of yet. The game has not been officially announced. Plus, with Level Infinite taking on projects like Assassin's Creed Jade and Honor of Kings this year - it is clear that publishers, Level Infinite, are trying to aim for an impressive 2024 release window with Rust Mobile as well.

However, given that they're already handling so many games, only time will tell whether Rust Mobile will be announced this year. And, more importantly, whether it'll actually be any good given the massive scale of the project.

What Is Rust?

Developed by Facepunch Studios in 2013, Rust is a multiplayer RPG game that pits players against each other in the wilderness, using their strategy and wits to survive. Considered a more hardcore version of Minecraft, Rust is a PvE / PvP game that requires you to manage your resources, stamina, hunger, health, and thirst while also crafting weapons and building structures to keep yourself safe.

Rust PC gameplay

With the game achieving massive levels of success, with an all-time peak of around 200,000+ players on Steam, Rust still has a massively loyal fanbase. Facepunch Studios have also not held their punches (pun intended), delivering gameplay and visual updates at a massive scale at fairly regular intervals.

Rust is also wildly popular on streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube, with popular streamers like Shroud and xQc having regularly played the game on their multi-thousand-viewer streams. Over time, however, Rust has seen a slight decline in popularity thanks to titles like Fortnite and even indie-centric games like Valheim chucking away at the survival RPG player base.

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