Marvel Realm of Champions release date announced

Marvel Realm of Champions release date

A hero always arrives on time! The Marvel Realm of Champions mobile game has been announced for a long time but fans are still waiting. To wait, the game studio has released gameplay videos and trailersbut the community wants something concrete. The official release date for Marvel Realm of Champions has now been announced. The RPG will be released on Android and iOS on December 16th. As an early Christmas present, get ready to assemble your best team before embarking on an epic and indecisive territorial battle.

Don't forget to pre-register now on the official website. In addition to being kept informed of all the new features, the most loyal players will be rewarded. The pre-registration process is well known in the world of mobile games. In fact, don't hesitate to take a quick look at all the mobile games currently in pre-registration so as not to miss out on any rewards. At the moment, not only equipment, but also gold and units are available for collection!

Before the official release, remember to pre-register!

Official release expected for Marvel Realm of Champions

The game has been tested in regional closed beta, so it should be ready for its official release on December 16th. As a reminder, Marvel Realm of Champions will allow you to join a faction (House of Iron, Spider Guild, Asgard Republic, etc.) by building a customizable team of characters. The most emblematic heroes of the Marvel universe will be present (Tony Stark, Steven Strange, Shuri, etc.). But you'll also be able to recruit super villains like Thanos. As the saying goes, the more the merrier!

As the game is free-to-play, Marvel fans have no real excuse not to try Marvel Realm of Champions. If the coherence of the universe will certainly not be there, the game will give the opportunity to participate in some good big fights.

Marvel Realm of Champions map at release
Have you already chosen your faction?

Fully customisable heroes

You'll have control over the composition of your team when Marvel Realm of Champions is released. But beyond the members, players will also be able to enjoy extensive customisation of their characters. Each hero will have an arsenal of equipment. These will be as important for combat as they are for class. The latest video released by the game's official YouTube channel allows players to admire some of the aesthetic variations that await them.

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