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Pokémon GO December Events - the full callendar

December events in Pokémon Go

Like every month, the game offers us its share of surprises. Here is a summary of the Pokémon GO December Events to end the year in style. Let's take a look at the key dates and times for the raids, mega-raids and winter parties in this year-end calendar.

December events calendar for Pokémon GO, major dates

To end the year on a high note, there are several opportunities and game mechanics to capture rare Pokémon and valuable to add to your awesome Pokédex collection. From the most legendary to shiny, here's a rundown of the capture opportunities during these December Events.

Pokémon GO Legendary Raids

It's the great return of the legendary Pokémon from the Black and White versions! Reshiram, Zekrom and Kyurem will therefore be present in the Legendary 5 Star Raids and for the first time potentially in the shiny version.

We recommend a minimum of 5 people to fight them as well as Pokémon of Fairy type to counter their Dragon type or even the Rock type which will be effective against each of their respective types.

  • Wednesday, December 1st to Thursday, December 16: Reshiram and Zekrom
  • Thursday, December 16 to Friday, December 31st: Kyurem
Reshiram Pokémon  Go


Zekrom Pokémon  Go


Kyurem Pokémon  Go


Pokémon GO December Mega-raids

Mega Steelix will make its first appearance in Pokémon GO and will be followed by MegaAbomasnow. You will have to fight them in mega-raids events in order to get mega-energy and to be able to make them mega-evolve.

  • Wednesday, December 1 to Thursday, December 23: Mega Steelix
  • Thursday 23 December to Friday 7 January: MegaAbomasnow

The Pokémon Hours

Every Tuesday from 6pm to 7pm, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a highlighted Pokémon and available in its shiny form as well as a temporary bonus.

  • Tuesday 7 December 2021 : Electabuzz + Transfer Sweets ×2
  • Tuesday 14 December 2021: Magmar + Evolution PX ×2
  • Tuesday 21 December 2021: Snover + Capture PX ×2
  • Tuesday 28 December 2021 : Cubchoo + Capture Candy ×2

Deino's field study

This month it is the much loved Deino which will be used as a prize after completing your 7 daily stamps. This way, you will have a better chance of acquiring its shiny version.

Deino Pokémon  GO


Deino Shiny  Pokémon  Go

Deino Shiny

December's Community Day

The big Community Day in December 2021, which brings together all the Pokémon from previous editions from this year and the past one, gives you the opportunity to fill up your Pokédex and catch up on previous events you might have missed!

Pokémon Go Community Day December 2021

We encourage you to follow our December Community Day guide to make the most of it.

Other Pokémon GO Events in December

The Dragospire Descent event, not yet detailed and inspired by the Unys Dragospire Tower, is scheduled for Tuesday, December 7 through Sunday, December 12. Be prepared!

The winter festivities are back from Thursday, December 16 to Friday, December 31st with the appearance of costumed Pokémon, such as Santa Claus Delibird and much more. A box containing a Remote Raid Pass and other items will be available in the Shop for 1 PokéCoin.

The various Pokémon GO December Events in 2021 will once again offer you plenty of opportunities to capture new creatures, both normal and shiny, for your collection. Enjoy and have fun! Also, be sure to check out the mysterious Pokémon GO Season of Heritage event.

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