Play Store adds search filters

google play store search filters

The Play Store is getting a makeover with new filters. The app shop for Android users was in need of a makeover!
Although it was relatively easy to find the big apps(Messenger, WhatsApp, Discord, etc.), finding the right app when looking for a specific feature or features was not easy.
To avoid frustrating searches that didn't turn up, the new Play Store design filters should greatly improve the user experience. One wonders why it took so long to make this improvement... Google is still the reference for internet search! 😉

Examples of filters on the Play Store.
Examples of filters on the Playstore.

Blind fishing on the Play Store

Finding the right application when searching in the shop can be a real obstacle course. Especially as some developers are very imaginative in copying the names of other applications.
This can lead to very confusing results that are very poorly ranked. It has to be said that naturally the applications that appear at the bottom of the list do not always have the chance to seduce us.

Filters make it easier to search the Play Store.
Searching the Play Store can sometimes be tedious!

While Google is well aware of its relatively unsatisfactory efficiency, the company has long been looking for solutions for its users. One recurring lead, the introduction of contextual filters on the Play Store, is on its way. Simple but effective, they offer options to go directly to what suits you.

Filters in the form of smart buttons

Filters in the Google Store will be in the form of buttons. These will include top rated apps (with a minimum rating), favorite apps, new apps, etc.
We don't know all the options yet, but they will make your life much easier. It should also be noted that the filters will only apply to general searches. As soon as you type in the specific name of an application, the search platform will be quite smart. It will not offer you unnecessary filters.

google play store logo

In addition, the Google Store will add these filters via a component on their server. So they will come by themselves, no need to update your Google Store. It seems that these filters will appear progressively on the different devices, as long as they have at least the v21.0.17 version of the store (today the last version is v21.0.29).

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